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Expo Day!!!

12 Nov


Expo Day!!! It’s here! It’s here!

So, at my last runDisney half marathon, the expo was, well, kind of a disaster – for me at least! So I was prepared for the worst when I headed up to the Wide World of Sports center. In a car, not the bus! Missed a turn and was headed toward Tampa! Okay, actually we were headed towards the Animal Kingdom. An interesting note: Heading towards the park, there are really no places to make a U-Turn. Different story going away from the parks! I guess they don’t want to give you a chance to change your mind when you’re going TO the park but hope that you do change your mind when you’re leaving!!

Eventually made it to the expo, parked and – as is now my habit – hit the runDisney merchandise booth first. Grabbed the goodies I wanted (Magnet, wine glass and lanyards for my nephews’ runDisney vinylmations!).


The loot!

No problem at all! No line and the shelves still fully stocked!


What? Where’d all the people go??!

I was picking up 2 5K bibs and 3 Half Marathon bibs and 1 after party ticket/gift card so my first stop was the line-less 5K booths! Piece of cake – got the bibs and then headed towards the lines to pick up the half marathon bibs. And, I have to say that I have never waited in a line to pick up a bib. Luckily 2 numbers were right next to each other and the great kid handing out bibs let me pick them both up!!


A-ha! Here’s where all the people are. Buying stuff!!


And waiting in line for bibs!

Next up – the big line to pick up the after party gift card. It was a long line but it moved pretty quick! By the time we had picked up everything my friend Jennifer had arrived and we all walked back to the car. The plan was to drop Christine and the bags at the resort and then J and I would go to the Animal Kingdom and meet everyone else for lunch.


Tusker House Lunch with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy

We had a great lunch at Tusker House. It’s a buffet with loads of great food! And, well Mickey, Daisy, Donald and Goofy – four of my faves. (My absolute favorite Disney character is, of course, Winnie the Pooh!)


Daisy stopped by to say Hello!


Then Goofy came to hang out for a bit.


Finally, Mickey came by

Anyway, midway through lunch our waiter brought out a cupcake with a birthday candle and a card signed by all of the characters!



Jennifer and I decided to hit some more rides while everyone else was heading…wherever they were heading!! I think they were going to Downtown Disney for a little shopping and partying!

After Animal Kingdom we hopped in the car and headed to Hollywood Studios (brilliant idea by the way – no bus to resort to bus to park). Hit a couple of the rides and went to see the Osborne Dancing Lights – my most favorite thing in this park at this time of year.


By now I was starting to wind down so we headed back to the hotel to wait for the last two arrivals! Plus, tomorrow was an early day to get out to the Jingle Jungle 5K at Animal Kingdom. Christine, Jenn and I headed to the bar to grab something to eat and wait for Kathy. When she arrived we headed to back to the room to sort out where people were sleeping and wait for Cate, who showed up almost just as we got back!

After chatting a while and then making introductions when my sister-in-law and the other girls got back it was definitely time for bed – my alarm was going off at 3:45 so it was already going to be a short sleep! And tomorrow was a big, long day!!


It’s Heeere!!!

8 Nov

It’s finally here!!!

runDisney, Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend!!!

A little less than 11 months ago I was getting ready to run the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World.


Since then I have participated in, and finished!, 5 other running events for a total of 110.2 Magic Miles (that includes about 3 miles at the Princess Half Marathon Meet-Up – hey, they were nothing if not magical!!)

Saturday morning I’ll be running the Jingle Jungle 5K with my friend Jennifer (and lots of other runDisney friends!) and then later that night the Wine and Dine Half Marathon with Kathleen and Cate (and, yeah, all those other runDisney friends!)

I got to The World on Wednesday morning – after unintentionally pullling an all-nighter. The plan was to check in and then hit a water park. Unfortunately when I arrived it was pretty cloudy and even a little drizzly, drippy rain. So I just headed over to one of the resort pools to relax. My sister-in-law and three of our friends would be getting in later in the day and since I had all the Keys to the Kingdom AND the MagicBands I needed to hang around.


Once a few more girls arrived (girls? ladies? women? Eh…girls) and we grabbed a quick dinner before heading to the room. I was finally getting sleepy and really dropped off almost immediately!! After all, I had a big few days coming up!!

Thursday morning started early – breakfast at The Artist’s Palette, the quick service restaurant at Saratoga Springs

and then we were off to the Magic Kingdom! We headed straight for Space Mountain which was closed (sad face) but Carousel of Progress is ALWAYS ready!!

Made the rounds in the New Fantasyland and Storybook Circus – had to take a spin on Dumbo don’t ya know!! Then there was actually time to go back to Space Mountain and take a spin!

The other girls headed off to see more of the Magic Kingdom and I headed back to our resort to meet my friend Christine who was driving from Sanford airport.

We had early dinner plans at Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge (ps, would LOVE to stay here one time!) so took a quick stroll over to Downtown Disney and wandered a bit before jumping on a bus to Wilderness Lodge.

We ate the “family style” BBQ meal which was really good – so good that dessert had to come home with us!

We called it an early night and now today I am ready to hit the expo – picking up bibs for everyone and need to actually do some shopping – there better be wine glasses and magnets left when I get there!!! And I have some pre-puchased Sparkle Athletic goodies to pick up as well!!

And today, the REAL picture taking starts!!!

All-Nighters: Not Just for College Kids

6 Nov

So…yesterday afternoon I set my alarms for 2:15-ish so that I could shower and finish packing.  Then we watched a movie and had some wine and popcorn. And this must have somehow reacted with the cold medicine I’d taken earlier (can’t be getting sick NOW!!) because I was completely WIRED!

Figured if I got in bed and watched some tv I’d fall asleep pretty quick.

I am wrong a lot. I mean A. LOT.

I was REALLY WRONG this time!

And I’m still wide awake. Not wired feeling, but definitely not sleepy.

And the packing is pretty much done.  Gonna finish some coffee, swallow some energyBits, curl my hair and put on some face and hope for the best when I get to Orlando!!

Cause you know I gotta get my park on!! But which one….that’s the big question!!


Happy Hump Day people!!! Someone take a nap for me please!

OMG! I’m always Playing Catch-Up!! And some Truth!

5 Nov

Lots of good stuff from this past weekend…and, dude, Wine and Dine is HERE!!!


Thank you so much http:www.margaritasmilesandmouse.com
You rock!!

So, likely lots of posts tomorrow while I’m traveling down to Orlando to finish off my year of Disney! After all, it was NYC Marathon weekend! No, I didn’t run it but I was there! So lots to share. Sadly, no pictures cause A. Crappy camera and 2. Left my PHONE IN THE CAR at the train station on Sunday so no actual Marathon pictures!!

It was a HUGE weekend for some of my friends and it’s always an amazing time!!

And, in case you think I forgot… today’s truth is — I am TIRED. Tie. Erd. Got up super early the last few days to get down to NYC and do touristy things as well as cheering on some people in the Marathon.

And I have so much to do STILL! My flight tomorrow leaves at 6:05 and I will probably not be at my best!! But then I’ll be at Disney and really, Disney makes everything look much better 🙂

Looks like more packing awaits…and my bed…my soft cozy bed….

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