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Dirty Dozen!

21 Sep


And, I’m ending week 12 on a low note 😦 So let’s make this fast, short and sweet (ish)

This week’s Higdon plan was:
Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 5 mile run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Saturday – 7 mile run
Sunday – cross-train

And let me tell you, things started out pretty darn good!  Well, except for my runs got pushed back a day unexpectedly. No biggie! I had plans to go to NYC on Saturday so would still get my rest day in with no problem!   (3.12, 5.75, 3.02)

So what ended up happening was:
Wednesday – 3.12
Thursday – 5.75 – hah! I thought I was shortening last week’s 5.5 but I did not. And, actually had a pretty decent pace!
Friday – 3.02

Then the rails came off — I went to NYC on Saturday! and had fun just wandering around! Came home and  watched some Breaking Bad, since I’m a late adopter and all that I am now having mini-BB Binges 🙂 I went to bed early, planning to get up and get in my 7 and then get to Bikram. I had a little low blood sugar problem in the middle of the night and was also feeling…well, not so great otherwise. This led to me over sleeping and still feeling crappy when I got up. I dressed to run and then went out and trimmed trees – didn’t realize we were also going to have thunderstorms today…

So, long story short,


And I’m kind of pissed off at myself about it…I’d like to get through ONE week where I don’t miss any of my runs. And, it’s all up to me really. I wish I didn’t know that I could finish the distance with inadequate training – but I want to finish a lot stronger than I usually do! I think the real test will be next Saturday’s Hogsback Half Marathon — I’m hoping to see some improvement (even with my missed runs) and have a new time to submit to runDisney for #Dopey15. I’m definitely feeling and seeing improvements in my mid-week runs so we shall see!!

Next week’s Higdon plan is:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 14 miles
My plan is to, obviously, do 13 on Saturday and then 5 on Sunday to get the mileage covered. And I will reward myself with a massage on Sunday afternoon.

Feel free to provide any motivation you can think of!! It’s probably much better than me beating myself up about things – Right??


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