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Time to Take the Hill – Hospital Hill

26 May

Last weekend I returned to Fredericksburg, VA for the fourth time to run the Marine Corps Historic Half marathon.

Now, I LOVE the events that the Marines pull together because…well, they’re the US Marine Corps and kind of know what they’re doing!

My BRF Jen and I make a full weekend out of the trip. I headed over to Pennsylvania with Phred on Thursday. He is always excited to see his best little buddy B and go for walkies! Friday was a day to sit and hang with my dog and try to finish the library book I’ve been hauling around for a month and a half!!

One of Jen’s friends came over Friday evening and we went out for Mexican food before settling in for wine drinking, Tarot card reading and watching The Last Jedi.

Saturday was travel day to Fred.

Phred heading to Fred!!!

It was rainy but the forecast for Sunday’s race day was warm and sunny. The drive down was pretty easy compared to past years when traffic was awful! Once we got into town things backed up due to flooding in the Rappahannock (pictures)

River almost to the walking path….

The expo was small, as usual, so after grabbing our bibs and a couple of freebie items we headed over to the Wegmans next door for ‘supplies’ – bananas mainly but also possibly some wine. Dinner was at a tiny vegan-ish market and cafe called Kickshaws  They *do* serve meat so I had a turkey and bacon sandwich.

Gluten Free – that’s right!

We wandered downtown a bit before heading to the Hyatt Place (our new favorite place to stay for this race!)

After getting things ready for Sunday morning we headed to sleep early. The plan was to head out to the start around 6 to be sure to get parked and bags checked and all that other fun stuff!

Flat Me – Skirt Sports Lioness in Wave print and wear blue singlet.

Jen was running her first half marathon in quite a few years and she was ready! I was as ready as usual 😀 Well, possibly a bit more than usual.

Heading out, I felt pretty okay. My plan was to take it slow (haha) and hopefully get off of the road before it got *too* hot and sunny out. The first few miles went as I hoped but I started to notice that even using my usual fuel and stopping at all water stops my energy was really dropping. To make matters a little worse, my CGM wasn’t transmitting so I was guessing at my blood sugar based on how I felt. And I felt either VERY low or VERY high.

By mile 6.5-7 I was walking a lot more than running. After every run interval it was getting harder and harder to catch my breath. I was just holding on until I got past Hospital Hill (and then the mile 12 hill after!) It was around this point that I texted Jen that I wasn’t sure I was going to make it…but I kept pushing

Around Mile 9 I noticed that the course seemed to be different than in past years and when I headed UP a hill to Hospital Hill I was certain that things had changed! At this point, I was stopping every few minutes to get my breath and am thankful for every person who passed and checked on me.

I eventually made it up Hospital HIll, and headed down the other side where there was a tribute to the Marine Corps – this was something new and I wish I’d had the energy to get pictures so stay tuned for Next Year! When I hit mile 12 I texted Jen to let her know that I was a mile out and would hopefully be there soon!

I did make it to the finish but I had literally no energy to spare! Normally I’m all about the sweaty hug for the Marine who gives me my medal but…I could barely move my arms even.

This was how I looked for much of the last half of this half!!

After making the crazy decision to not hit the beer tent (WHAT???!?!?!)

First time I’ve ever made it home with an intact beer ticket….

I grabbed my checked bag to test my sugar (HIGH HIGH HIGH!) and change my shoes before heading to the car —> hotel —> shower —> breakfast —> PA!  Breakfast was at Legume and I had delicious Huevos Rancheros with a few bites of a gluten free waffle (delicious as well!) and a super spicy bloody Mary!

This was a delicious Bloody Mary! Coarse grated horseradish and seriously yummy olives!!!

TMI Note: At this point – 1 pm- I still hadn’t really pee’d. Which means since about 6:30 in the morning….nothing! It was another 3 hours or so before I had replenished my fluids enough….this explains the pounding heartbeat after each of my run intervals. The big D – Dehydration! Also explains the super high blood sugar.

We wrapped up our time in Fredericksburg and headed back to Jen’s house. I had planned to head home Monday which was probably one of the better decisions I made all weekend! After a dinner of pizza and super hot chicken wings there was time for more book reading before bed!

My big takeaway from this weekend — when you think you’re hydrated hydrate more, especially when the weather is going to be hotter than you’re used to. And, on a day-to-day basis, I drink a TON of water and when I’m running I add an electrolyte drink but this is the first time I have ever experienced such dehydration. Guess what folks — it’s not fun!! Otherwise the weekend was as expected – a great event with an awesome friend (who, by the way, kicked ASS for her half marathon comeback!)

Also, you’ll be happy to know that I finally finished my book and it is safely back at home at the library!!

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