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It’s Tuesday!!

19 Nov

And you know what that means….

truth word

That’s right! Something True that you maybe don’t know about me 🙂


This dude has the right idea!

I’m actually pretty lazy.  “What? How can you be lazy and run half-marathons?” Hahaha…

Well, it takes a LOT of my effort to not give in to my innate laziness – I can only imagine what a mess my life would be if I didn’t force myself off of the couch!  I’m motivated to get up and run (or work out or do yoga or…) so that I don’t end up looking like my furry friend up there. Minus the furry of course. Unless I’m feeling super lazy!

In fact, one of my big motivators to clean and organize is so that I have more time to be lazy!! So far it isn’t working out too great but progress is being made!!


The Sad Sad Truth

24 Sep

Today’s truth is short and not at all sweet 🙂

itsfreshradio HAPPY-TUESDAY

Ain’t that the truth!!
From itsfreshradio.com

No, that’s not it! True, but not my truth today!

On my way home, less than a mile from the house in fact, I rear-ended someone. At a stoplight. In front of a cemetery.

Even though my back is feeling better (Long whiney post about my sore back omitted – not even written in fact!) it’s not 100% and I ended up getting a twinge and when I was re-adjusting myself in my seat, my foot came off of my brake pedal.

Even 3-4 miles an hour or less feels pretty fast when you’re stopped by a big pickup truck!

Luckily no one was hurt – except my car and her funky trailer hitch. Which was apparently some sort of horned animal. One of the horns ended up in my bumper, so now there’s a hole.

And my license plate got all mangled.

Her bumper had a scratch as well.

But no one was hurt. That’s good news

So already I’m having a SUPER fantastic week!

Hope you’re having a much better one!!

8 days til I leave for Disney – and I needs me some Disney!!

It’s Tuesday! You Know What That Means!

17 Sep

I’m in a weird mood this afternoon and the truths I’m thinking could make others feel bad.

So what is more important? Telling the truth or saving someone’s feelings? Does it depend on the truth?

I mean “That new haircut looks kind of, well, dorky” vs. “You really don’t know how to be a friend do you?”…

I was once told that I am a “bad friend” – it hurt because I always try to be a good friend, a thoughtful friend. But I won’t lie to you or be fake about something just to be a “good” friend. And I know that there are times that I haven’t been the best friend I could be, but hopefully I’ve still managed to let people that I’ve let down know how important they really are to me.

So, I guess today’s truth is that sometimes it’s more important to be kind than to be 100% honest. Sometimes it’s more important to weigh your words and decide how they will affect the person you’re talking to – will you lift them up or will you cut them down?

Tuesday’s Truth

20 Aug

truth word

It makes me sad that I’m becoming one of those people who hate Mondays. It makes it hard to wake up and be honestly thankful to have a job.

I believe I’m just frustrated that my work isn’t appreciated – not that I’m saving lives or doing anything significant to the outside world but I think I have made a difference in my little corner of the world.

You can tell me over and over what a great job I’m doing but sometimes I need a tangible ‘reward’ – I think we all do.

Thank goodness for Bikram and massage and running. I’d be a (bigger) mess without them!

Frustrated I may be, but it’s still another day to do some good things!

Enjoy your Tuesday! You don’t get another today!


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