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Thankful Thursday is Back!!

27 Mar

Not to say that I’m not always thankful — but it definitely helps to see all I have if I make an effort to publicly acknowledge what I’m thankful for!


This week I am once again thankful to have a job 🙂 Especially since *last* week I had heard that as of next Tuesday I would *not* have this job! Lucky for me the manager I’d be doing my actual work for – not the one who was paying me! – is moving me into her group. Which is NOT being absorbed into other groups at this time. So I’m “safe” until the end of June. On Paper. So far.

So now I can REALLY look forward to my first ever trip to Bermuda this weekend – and you know you can’t wait to hear about this one!!

Thank Goodness for Friends!!

26 Sep


Today, I am really thankful for my friends.

friendship-is-not-a-big-thing quotesvalley


All of them. The ones I’ve met and the ones I haven’t me. And the ones that are from inside my computer!

I have a friend that I met when I was 4 years old and I have a friend I met 2 weeks ago. I have friends I met in college. And I have friends that fall somewhere in between there.

I have friends I see pretty often, and I have friends I see a couple times a year. And I have friends that I see every couple of years. And I even have friends I’ve never met in person!

Like a lot of people, I know people who are no longer friends for one reason or another. I’m not a big social butterfly kind of person. Anymore 🙂 So I’m not bothered by not having a gazillion friends to hang with.

I hang with the people who mean something to me. People who matter to me. People who make me feel good.

Friendship really does make a day better – even if you don’t get to spend time with your friends, they’re really always there.

In your heart, where they belong.


From depositphotos.com

A Thursday Two-Fer

12 Sep

Cannot BELIEVE I forgot Truth on Tuesday! And I had a good one…but…now I can’t remember 🙂

truth word


Sometimes, it’s okay to be lazy. Yep. That’s the truth. Key word there is “SOMETIMES”!!! If lazy gets to be a habit, it’s a really tough one to break. I have been lazy the last week. Or so. Since I got home from Disneyland. But no more!!!



And this Thursday I am thankful for seasons. Four Seasons in the year. I moved to Connecticut from California, where there’s really one, maybe two, seasons a year.  They were “hot and sunny” and “cooler and sunny”. **I am now well aware that I have offended anyone from California who believes that “rain” is a season** 🙂



I like rain. I LOVE snow. I love “weather”… I even love warm sunny days, especially when I know that there are cold snowy days coming!! I only have a few friends who feel this way — we’re a special bunch!  Does that belong in Truth?


What is your favorite season? 

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