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One Day (or a Few!) at a Time!

10 Dec

Lots of catching up to do…but first, because I love the random YouTube embed that gets a song stuck in your head 😉

So, we had Thanksgiving and I’ve started a new job –

Travel Day went okay – slight glitch when my flight out of Cleveland was canceled but United Airlines got me re-booked before I was even able to get to the gate to complain!! I had great baking and working plans for when I got to Dad’s house.

So I did get a decent day’s work in (I’m still waiting to be fully set up to work remotely so not a WHOLE lot  I can do!) and me and pop’s went out for dinner.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is always a day I go to my brother’s and do the baking for Thursday. Once upon a time my nephews helped out. Now they’re teenagers. Just kidding, my oldest boy was a great help to me this year!!

And then this happened — Yummmmmm!!!


Apple Pie – possibly the best I’ve ever made!


Pumpkin Pie — YUM!!


Chocolate ganache topping for the chocolate cheesecake…Super Yummy!!


Chocolate cheesecake – a first time recipe that turned out quite nice!


Tasty orange jello dessert – of course in the south we call it a Salad 😉

And then, unfortunately, THIS happened……


“What is the dog got to the apple pie, Alex?”

Which caused this to  happen……


He looks kind of remorseful, doesn’t he?

Turkey day went off without a hitch as usual. My brother makes a mean turkey – this year the brine was a new spicier version than usual and the stuffing was rice. I made home made rolls for the first time in MANY years..


It would probably have been good to take a picture of the BAKED rolls!!

All in all, it seemed like a much lighter meal than usual which left plenty of room for pie!!

It has recently become a tradition to go to the Texas Renaissance Faire on the Friday after Thanksgiving but this year I had to bow out – I was planning to go to a rosary for my oldest friend’s mom who passed away that week but ended up feeling kind of sick so slept instead.

Saturday I *did* feel better and went to Freddie’s funeral – it was the first one I’d been to since my own mom’s a few years ago and I handled it much better than I thought.

Afterwards, we were meeting at her house which is in the neighborhood where I grew up. So before heading over, I took a tour.


It’s hard to see behind the big tree, but this is the house I grew up in.


These are pictures of the parking lot where I first learned to avoid running in PE class 🙂


4 laps was a mile — and it would take me the whole class to get through it!!

Funny how things seem closer and smaller when we get bigger.

Eydie and I spent a few hours talking about a lot of stuff. Just a little bit of history here – we met in first grade and I can’t remember a time when we weren’t friends. And as hard as it is, I am so glad I was able to be there for her.

Thanksgiving this year really reminded me how much I have to be thankful for. I got to spend some great time with my dad and family and some really quality time with one of my dearest friends. Even when I get cranky, I’m still happy to be there!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and got to spend time with those who are most important to you!!

Thank you for Being a Friend :)

21 Nov


Today, I am thankful for my Internet Friends.

Years ago I discovered the world of internet forums (forae? Fori?) and over time have made some great friends. Most of them I’ve actually met in person and some that I still hope to meet.

Running opened a whole new world of friends to meet. Running at Disney even more. Love to bake? Yep! Crafty? I’m not but love reading about your stuff!

When I need advice, I tend to turn to you, my invisible friends, for a first cut at it. When I have good news to share, who hears it first? Well..usually my dad… THEN my internet friends 🙂 Bad news? Eh…I tend to keep that to myself!!

I love that I can run into you at Walt Disney World and you immediately know who I am! And, that I know who you are. Though, I feel a little like a stalker at some times…but don’t we all!! (At the Wine and Dine weekend my friends (also, actually, internet friends!) were surprised that there were people outside of our group who knew who I was!! And that I knew people well enough to hug them in public!!)

internet friends night out

I love that the internet makes the world a little smaller and opens so many doors. And I am thankful for that. I am thankful that I am able to hear different viewpoints and understand why you think that way. I am also thankful to hear people who share my viewpoint and know that I’m not alone.

Thanks to the interwebs, I’m not the only one who thinks that, or feels that, or wants that. I’m thankful for the people the internet has brought into my life, for whatever reason they’re there.

And, the internet has let me get back together with people from my past – family and friends. I am thankful that the internet keeps me up to date on what goes on in their lives. So, while technically they aren’t “Internet Friends” they are still friends I keep in touch with, or have gotten back in touch with, because of the internet.

So if you ever hear me talk about my invisible friends, or my friends in the computer now you know! They’re all my wonderful internet friends!!

internet friends love

November is a big month for giving thanks, but we should stop and think every day what we are thankful for. It makes life a lot nicer!

Thanksgiving Thursday!

1 Nov

**I was sure I had posted this yesterday but…here it was in my drafts so you get a special edition Thursday on Friday***



Whoa! Halloween and Thanksgiving in one day!??! You betcha!

Today I am Thankful that the job I wanted came through.


This means no more pinching pennies (though, if you know me, you know I still will/do!) and I am REALLY looking forward to my first post-payday trip to the grocery store!!


And it makes me happy to go on my last Disney trip of the year and not stress the whole time about spending too much (though, again, I still will!!)


But I will, most likely, treat myself to a special cupcake!! After all, it’s a special trip! And that’s a post for *next* Thursday!!


Thankful Thursday.

29 Aug

I most certainly did not forget that it’s Thankful Thursday. And even on a plane there’s TONS to be thankful for. And, okay, so today I just stole the title for this post


Today I’m most thankful that I am on my way to add more Magical Miles to my total for this year. I’m a lot slower this year than I’ve been in a long time but I know that as long as I keep working things will fall back into place and I’ll only be ‘not fast’ 🙂


I’m really thankful that I finished packing and got out of the house in time this morning!!

I’m thankful also for the social media outlets that have ‘introduced’ me to so many FANTASTIC people and I’m really thankful that I’ll get to meet some of them this weekend.

There’s a LOT more I’m thankful for today. Just know that if you’ve touched my life in any way at all, that I’m very thankful for you!!

Go out and tell a random Thank You. You’ll make someone’s day!!

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