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So Long Weekend, We Hardly Knew Ye…

22 Sep

Sundays are good.  No, Really they are…

icecreamsunday ocfoodies

No, sadly, not this kind of Sundae…

 Even if you aren’t looking forward to the Mondays…the Sundays are still not horrible.

I mean, unless you have a really long run on the schedule, you’ve had a couple of days to sleep in (which for me, means sleeping until at LEAST 6 am!). You probably got to hang out with friends. You did at least ONE fun thing, right?!

peasants roundhouseroundup

Sure, you have to get up to go to work tomorrow, and who wants that right? But…just think, in another 6 days we get another Sunday!

I have a pretty slow week ahead so hopefully that means that I’ll actually get everything done that I want to get done! I do have 2 half marathons next week (though the more I think about it, getting to that second one in time might be a push!) and I need to come up with a few costumes for my trip to Disney in a couple of weeks..or, rather, a week and a half!

Work is going to be interesting to say the least – I will be “on call” basically, sitting at my desk waiting to answer questions…

And I’ve got four Bikram classes on my calendar – let’s all see how many I make it to!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has lots of great things on tap for the upcoming week!!


Monday Eve

25 Aug


Not the Sunday I had planned…

Woke up late and missed my 10K this morning (that I’m now even not sure I was registered for!) but was ready to take on the day and Get. Things. Done!!

I got coffee done. Piece of cake! I sat on the couch to enjoy my first cup of coffee and when I stood up was really, honestly, unable to stand upright. REALLY?? Really body? THIS is how you pay me for taking you out this weekend??

Fortunately I had some muscle relaxers from my foot left over and took one. Which …didn’t help a whole lot AT ALL. But I did realize that if I kept moving (and not bending or lifting anything too heavy) things would loosen up and I’d feel fine.

So, needless to say, I did not accomplish nearly as much as I’d hoped today on the cleaning/packing/trip-prep front.

But I had a nice movie night and got a great present so it wasn’t a complete washout!

Now, it’s time to think about heading back into the office tomorrow and I DON’T WANNA GO!!!! Really I don’t. I don’t want to train my replacement, I don’t want to go to the office. I want my back to feel better (on account of that whole half marathon next weekend thingie I have going on!) and, if it does, I’ll go in. But having it not working right gives me a built in excuse to not drive in.

We’ll see…

Are you a Monday person? Are you super excited to see what adventure lies ahead this week?

Sunday, Sunday

18 Aug

sunday clouds

I love Sunday. Not really because it’s Monday-Eve so much, but just all by itself!

Most of the time, it’s a day to do things around the house – for me that usually means it’s a day to mow the lawn! Which I love doing, so that’s not bad at all!


Today is really no different. I have an 11 mile training run to get in first thing though, before doing anything else.

And, there’s the grocery shopping and the meal and workout planning for the week and the ironing for the week and the general overall getting ready for the week.

And when it’s all over there’s the hot shower, the clean jammies and maybe a glass of wine before bed.

In two weeks, I’ll be working my way through the #DumboDoubleDare (or, as I’ve grown to love calling it the #DumboDoubleDate – thank you typos!) The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend this year introduces a 10 K on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday! I’m starting to hit the peak of anticipatory excitement – this week will be spent beginning to pack and I can’t wait!


But first — I have some grass to cut and some miles to cover!!

happy sunday

Happy Sunday!! Make it a great one!

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