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OMG!!! Please Come Back!!!

22 Sep

I promise to be better. Really I do!!!

A couple of quick things I want to shoot out to ya’ll now with something bigger coming soon. Seriously.  **NOTE: This post contains Affiliate Links!! **

The fabulous ladies over at Skirt Sports have opened up their Sewing Room – this means if you have an idea for a new skirt-item you’ll be given the chance to post it and maybe have it made.

Round one is in the ‘funding’ stage – designs that meet the funding goal by October 4 will be produced and you can own it! IF, you help fund it!

The top 2 designs are the High Waist Happy Girl Skirt in black – the Original Happy Girl is a longer version skirt that I know a lot of ladies wear to work! How convenient right? Now a higher waist means less chance for “muffin top”, for those of us who are susceptible to such…


And, I know I have a lot of tri-friends who would love the biking skirt, right?! After all, Nicole DeBoom herself won her triathlon wearing a skirt! So go here to fund the Cruiser Bike Girl – this is a re-working of an older skirt, making a comeback!!

So if you want either one of these skirts, click those links and make it happen! All fully funded skirts are expected to ship next May! Good luck!!


I did it!!!!

Second, remember that Step Bet thing I told you about last month? Well, of course since I’ve actually been running lately (what?!?! Training? Crazy!) I ended up winning that first one…and was so full of myself, I joined another right away. I’m nearing the end of week 3 and still going strong-ish! Goals are a little higher, but so far so good!!

So, anyway ya’ll…I do plan to get back to some more regularly scheduled posting, now that I have some more regularly scheduled stuff going on!! And even when I don’t have stuff going on, I’m sure I can find something to say

Thanks for hanging in there!!! And keep coming back — bring your friends too!!!

Stepping Things Up!!

14 Aug

Since I last wrote, I’ve still been working on my motivation, but I have been able to step up my training game a bit – you know, actually doing the running part of it!

I missed a few runs, but figure I made up for it with my week at Walt Disney World.

That’s right – a week at Disney. With nary a half marathon or 10K insight! I took my nephews (14 and 17) and now I’m pretty sure they won’t fall for that again – there’s no sleeping in at Disney!

I’ve also joined a Step Bet – something like Diet Bet (which I’ve posted about in the past) but, ya know, with Steps 🙂 It’s an app that you download and connect to your FitBit (or other device) and then you walk. And walk. And walk.  The SB app uses past data from your device to determine your goals and each week if you can’t meet them, you get ELIMINATED! Kicked off the island. Voted out of the house. Which makes it different than DietBet.

My goals are pretty big – to me anyway. But, other than the warm-up week I’ve made it. Of course, I have only made it through 2 full weeks so far!


And, I know I promise every single time I post to get better at posting, so I won’t promise that anymore – I’ll just have to show you! And I’ve actually done ‘stuff’ so there’s actually lots to tell you!

Plus, I actually will be more accountable with all of my training and other health efforts (which have been kind of lacking as I’m sure my doctor will tell me this week!)

So if you’re a parent ready for Back-to-School or …ya know, a non-human parent I hope you had a relaxing weekend and plans for a great week ahead!

See you soon.



Yes 🙂


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