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Snow: The Farewell Tour, 2015

11 Mar

Or, an excuse to post snow pictures ๐Ÿ™‚


Every year about this time I start to feel a little sad. Which, considering that everyone else is jumping up and down thrilled with the longer and warmer days, is just part of what makes me, me ๐Ÿ™‚

Once upon a time, I lived in Southern California. Where the weather is always Sunny and 75

Or at least it feels like it.

And, eventually, the sameness gets really…well…kinda boring! Mother Nature gave us four seasons. If you don’t like four seasons, there are plenty of places you can live where Mother Nature agrees with you.


But,ย it was a motivating factor in my move to the Northeast – I like seasons. I like all of them really! Each one seems to come at just the right time!

Like summer. I love summer! I love going to the beach or hanging out in my backyard in the hammock. I actually have even grown to love digging in the dirt and planting things, hoping they’ll actually bear fruit (or vegetables, whatever it is I planted!)

I love spring…the smell of the hyacinth and lilac…all the yellow daffodils! The mornings and evenings where it is cool enough for a sweater but warm enough to take the convertible to work, or touring around my little state!

Fall?! Don’t even get me started! The leaves! The crisp air. The apple picking and pumpkin carving. And…knowing that the holidays are on the way bringing along, hopefully, some snow!!

But winter. Winter holds a special place in my heart.


So when March rolls around and Spring starts to try to weasel her way in…I get a little sad. I watch the snow melt and think – every single year – that it might never snow again. And I won’t get the chance to do all the snow things I want to do, one day.

This week is that week. When the temperatures rise and the sun is out working its magic. And I know that it won’t be long before the grass is showing again. And I’ll enjoy it.


But I’ll be waiting for the snow to come back.


Meanwhile….I’ll always have my pictures. And memories ๐Ÿ™‚





And So it Continues….Singalong Saturday, The Winter Edition

28 Dec

Will recap my Christmas trip later today but, in case you thought that the music was ending…well, you thought wong!!


Last winter we got this snow in ONE DAY!!!

And, on this “warm” winter day in New England it would be nice to see some flakes!

Winter? Is that You?

24 Nov


While it isn’t “officially” winter yet, you’d never really know it from here! Morning temps in the 20s with a windchill in the teens and lower!!

The only thing missing is some snow. Some real snow that is…not the dusting that was on my grass last night.


This isn’t really from last night…it’s from last year..but the same thing really!

Fortunately, as far as the forecasts go, the weather shouldn’t interfere with my travel plans. At least not my going away plans…



I hope where ever you are, and whatever kind of weather you have today, you have a great Sunday!!!

happy sunday

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