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Sing! Sing A Song!!

17 Dec


And now you have THAT in your head don’t you? I mean, if you’re old enough to actually know that song πŸ˜‰

It’s another snowy day in New England and I’ve been sitting on a conference call for the last 4 hours wishing I could be out in the snow with Phred – it’s his favorite walks to do!!


My own personal Phred-Yeti

And even though I’m on mute, I have to be able to hear so there’s no music blasting as there usually would be.

Doesn’t mean I don’t have Christmas songs in my head!!

There are enough versions of this song out there to make anyone happy!

I do know that I’ve been an angel all year… πŸ™‚

Every Day has been Friday around here!

10 May

It’s Friday here around the homefront — well, it’s actually Friday in a lot of places!

This Friday is significant because it’s my last unemployed Friday for awhile – at least let’s hope so! I’ve been out of work since the end of last year when my contract wasn’t extended. Being unemployed came in handy during the big storm this winter since it took 3 days for the city to come plow the street – which I, of course, loved!

Snow Caves

Some deep deep snow! Dogs love this stuff!

This was my second longer stint of unemployment and I swore that I would not repeat my last performance – sitting around watching tv and thinking of all the things I was going to do!! And, now at the end of 4 months…I did get *some* things done. And hey! I still have 3 days!!

I’ve been practicing waking up early. In normal circumstances I’m an early EARLY riser so I am just trying to get back to that point. And once I know what sort of hours I’ll be expected to have (can I flex my time or do I have to be there 9-5 every day?) I’ll be able to plan my day to fit in some running and some Bikram and the occasional workout DVD. And, the most important question – will I ever be able to work from home? Or from a home-away-from-home? Or a beach in the Caribbean!

I liked the people I met in the interview so hopefully more people are like them – we managed to laugh about a few things which was important (for me! I cannot work with humorless peoples!) I’m not looking forward to the drive, at least at first. This will be my first time working downtown and I am going to have to find parking. And PAY for parking!! What the What?! I can expense my parking though so…Phew!

And I do enjoy getting dressed up in the morning – I’m definitely a dress girl! So there’s a plus. It should help me keep on my ironing too, right?

So before too much time gets away from me today it’s time to do 4 months worth of stuff!

Have a fantastic Friday and hope your outside is as gorgeous as mine is today!!

This is NOT what it looks like outside my window today!

This is NOT what it looks like outside my window today!

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