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It’s Like New Year’s Eve Up in Here!!!

2 Jul

Welcome to July!

The end of the first half of 2018 – and it’s almost like getting to make New Year’s Resolutions again! At least, that’s what I’m doing! There’s also an awesome sale going on at my favorite clothing site!!

First things first

In my last post I mentioned that my training for Marine Corps has not been going so great. I was tying out the Galloway plan which was really a limited running plan (in my opinion) and it wasn’t enough for me to get any kind of momentum going.

Running for wear blue:run to remember in 2015

Since I am running with wear blue:run to remember this year, I have switched over to the plan provided by that group. It has more of a Hal Higdon feel to me and will let me build up my long run mileage. Fingers crossed this one works for me and that I can stick to it!! (Encouragement accepted on a daily basis!!)

In other news – Skirt Sports is having it’s annual (semi-annual?) end of season sale and let me tell ya’ll….there’s some great deals! The usual caveats (no codes, certain patterns and styles excluded and Free Shipping if you spend $150)  apply.  So head on over (affiliate link) to the Skirt Sports Sale page and get shoppin’!!

Also another great July ‘tradition’ over on Instagram is #31daysofskirtsports – a chance to show off your expanding collection of skirts (and tanks, and visors and…!!) Make sure you tag #31daysofskirtsports and #SkirtSports in your post cause ya know that Nicole loves to give away prizes!! Below is a suggested list of topics but it’s not written in stone! Do what works for you!

Play along!!! And don’t forget your tags!!

Hopefully everyone is managing in this heat wave that seems to have hit the entire country!! Even Phred has given up on sitting on the porch!!

Have a great first week of July!!! And let me know how you plan to celebrate the Fourth!!

Back for Another Year!

10 Feb


I am, of course, late with this but…I am THRILLED to let you know that I was chosen again to be part of the Skirt Sports Ambassador Team as an Ambassador Captain for the third year!!


This was taken after last year’s 13er – in the fountain at the CU UMC – one of my college goals was to “jump in the fountain” after finals. I never made it them, but look at me now!!!!

I’m really looking forward to it – this is such an awesome group of women from all walks of life, involved in all kinds of different healthy stuff!  Nicole DeBoom started a company to make women athletes feel amazing no matter what level of fitness they are at and no matter what size they are. It’s a brand for Every Woman. For Real Women. The models on the site? Most of them are Ambassadors or work for the company – they aren’t actually professional models!


Ambassadors at last year’s retreat outside of Boulder

The aim of the company is to help every woman realize her potential. Through the Running Start program women are given the chance to overcome obstacles and start on the road to fitness  – training culminates in their running the 5k at the Skirt Sports 13er in June in Boulder Colorado

But it isn’t just that. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a back-of-the-packer (my peeps!) you can find your tribe over at Skirt Sports. And I’m telling ya’ll…the love is real! I’ve made some great friends and even got to meet one of my blogging idols last year (I’m looking it you Jenn from Scootadoot!)

Founder Nicole DeBoom has a podcast that is fantastic – Women Run the World. Look for it where you find your podcasts 🙂 She’s always talking with someone interesting and you’ll definitely learn something!

So, apart for getting to rep an amazing company I love, what’s in it for me? Well, I do get a pretty good discount on the clothes and with each new release of styles and patterns I get a gift certificate to spend. And I get to share with you, my friends, a 20% discount on nearly Every. Thing on the site (or in the store!) – use code 1SSCAPT20. This won’t work on clearance items, and it will expire on March 31 or sooner if we get personal codes before then! But, you will always get a new code!!

And, as an affiliate, if you click a Skirt Sports link in my blog, I get a few pennies from your purchase. If you don’t buy, I don’t get the pennies.

But, really. If you want to find some comfy clothes, either for running or hiking or some crazy Ultra running or triathlon thing, you should have a look! Give it a try…you’e got nothing to lose and an awesome tribe to gain!!




March Goals!

4 Mar

hello march

I am, once more, throwing my goals for the month out here – with the intention to be a lot more accountable. So please feel free to ask/nag me about them! I’ll tell you right now, the first 4 days have been a wash so let’s not talk about the past… 🙂

So, in March, I plan to

** Drop 7.5 pounds. Seems like a pretty big goal given the last few months, but if I put my mind to it things should be all good. Plus, I have all o’ ya’ll making sure I stick to it!!
** Run a minimum of 50 miles. I have a darn half marathon coming up in something like 45 days so…yeah…And I am so far behind on my 1000 miles for the year I need to really get to work!!  It helps that I’ve got my annual St. Patrick’s Day 5Ks coming up this month too – which is always motivating for me.
** Hit at least 20 Bikram classes and if I don’t start RIGHTNOW then there are going to have to be a couple of doubles weekends in there!!

This year, I’m once again a Skirt Sports ambassador so I am working to perk up my running wardrobe a bit with a couple of new prints that have come out!

Emerald City just might become my most favorite ever (as if I could choose a favorite!!) There isn’t a lot of non-neon green out there in the running apparel world!!

emerald city

And Free Love — yeah. Love it!

free love

Along with last season’s Tantrum, I’m really getting into the prints!

You can get into the new prints – and some old favorites too!! And, with my ambassador code, you get 20% off!! Use coupon code ORF20 when you check out!!

So, let’s all get to it and show March who’s boss!!



Aramco Houston Half Marathon – Race Recap

31 Jan

Last year around this time I decided that I was finally going to take on the Chevron Houston Marathon instead of doing the Aramco Half Marathon again.

And then MCM happened and I knew that there was no way I’d be prepared for a full in 3 months so I dropped down to the Half.

I’ve done this event a few times in the past….maybe 5? As you can imagine, I’m not one of those who keeps close count. Last year they changed the course a bit but it’s still just as much fun!

I headed down Thursday morning and got to Houston around 3:30 or so after a delay in Baltimore. My brother picked me up and took me to my dad’s house. I dropped off my things and Phred and I headed up to the hospital to visit with Pop.  Of course he was happy to see us  – I think especially his furry pal! After we left, made a stop to get some groceries, Phred Phud and some race supplies then settled in for the night. I had plans to try to get to the Expo fairly early to avoid traffic but wanted to stop by the hospital first

The Houston Marathon expo is held at the George R Brown Convention center in downtown Houston. This is also where the race starts and ends on Sunday. I mention this because it seems to me that this area has been under construction for a bazillion years — and still the Marathon manages to do an amazing job keeping things organized in the area!

Anyway, Friday mid-day, I hit the expo. The plan was to get my bibs/shirts and see what my friends at Skecher had to show me this year. I also thought I might want to find some short compression socks and maybe a Bondi Band. Other than that, given my current budget situation I wasn’t going to be spending much money

I love that expos are having these walls more and more these days…this one was in alphabetical order so it was easy!!


One of the nice things about Houston is that you get a cotton race shirt for each event….


And, spoiler alert — for the half and full you also get a tech finisher shirt….

I stopped by the Skecher booth and ended up talking to one of the corporate sales reps (Hi Casey!!) and she caught me looking at the new GoFlex Walk shoes – I needed some slip ons for airports and post-race and these have the new awesome memory-foam like insoles. Huge “squish” factor and super comfy! Of course it didn’t take much persuading to get a pair on my feet – hey, expo pricing plus 20% off!!


These are SO comfy!! And I got word that there may be flipflops coming this summer….!!!

I made another loop around the convention center and decided to head back to the house- I planned to visit dad and it would be a sort of early day on Saturday.  On my way out, I grabbed my usual shot of the ground floor…where all of the action is on Sunday morning!!


A peek at the set-up for the runners’ area for Sunday morning!

And of course a big part of any race, no matter how long, is outfit planning 🙂


Skirt Sports, Skechers and Fellow Flowers — It’s gonna be a great day!!

I headed back down to the convention center for the 5K and had plenty of time to park and get to the start at Discovery Green. It was a gorgeous morning! A little chilly but….



The 5K is a flat out and back-ish route – not a lot of support on the route but the start and finish line are full of excitement!


This guy was filming the start as his lift was coming down!!


Post-race goodies mean bananas and treats from Corner Bakery.   And there’s bling…


Once I grabbed a banana and a muffin I headed for the car – time to get cleaned up and visit Pop again for a few hours. On the way back to the house I stopped off to pick up a burger for my now-usual pre-half dinner. Sunday was an even earlier start and I wanted to get my same parking spot so it was an early to bed day after getting my clothes ready —


More Skirt Sports and another Flower!!

I managed to get the same lot as Saturday which was a block or so from the convention center. I had plans and hopes to get in in time to go to Mass (which, bad Catholic alert – has REALLY changed a lot!!) I wasn’t the only one getting in early!!


Since I didn’t want to wait in a massive porta-potty line, I headed out to my corral where I figured (correctly!) that the lines would be shorter. It was another beautiful, chilly morning in downtown Houston


Though I’m not sure how I ended up in this particular corral….


And in my shock, I dropped my phone and this happened….


The race got off on time as usual – last year they changed the course, but I didn’t really pay a lot of attention. This year I paid more attention and have to say I do enjoy the new course a lot! I miss running through the neighborhood in the Heights, but there were still folks out when we went past!

And now we go through River Oaks and down near the museum district where, people were seriously supportive…


And yeah…that’s a mimosa in her hand 🙂

The finish is pretty much the same, down Allen Parkway where there is a TON of fun support! Lots of music, hash house harriers and ….beer.


Carbs people…we need carbs!!!


This one’s for you Vanessa!!!

I made it to the finish – no records broken but I’m getting back on track, time-wise. And my splits are getting more consistent as well.

As always, HEB had a hot breakfast waiting for us


And ice cream and snacks…

I picked up my finisher shirt


And headed back to shower and spend the rest of the day with my dog and my dad!!

I have to say, that if you’re looking for a January half or full, you should give this one a try!! Consistently the Houston Marathon is one of the most organized well run events I do! Even with all of the construction that’s going on in Houston, they manage to work around it with very little disruption. And you get a lot of bang for your registration buck!!

medals houston

The Half medal gets better every year…5K as well as the “Double”

It’s Been a Big Week!!

27 Mar


So, I finally got back into the gym AND the Hot Room this week and it feels good!! And, though it makes me sad, and muddy, the snow is almost all gone so I guess Spring really is here. On top of all that, I’ve started playing around with some changes on the blog here so we’ll see how that goes!!

2 weeks from now I’ll be in Paris, panicking about…er getting ready for the Paris Marathon so lots of excitement around here – though sometimes it’s hard to tell…


I will never get tired of this picture!!

On top of my Paris trip planning (scheduled a cooking class and a champagne tour!) I also started on my insulin pump this week. I’ve had it for 2 weeks and have been using the Continuous Glucose Monitor on it’s own while pumping saline in place of insulin. Wednesday I filled my cartridge with insulin so it is ON! I definitely like the convenience and there will be more on this coming up…

I also got some exciting mail deliveries this week! Who doesn’t love great mail?!

Gotta Sparkle during the Paris Breakfast Run the morning before the marathon, right?!


For the Breakfast Run the morning before the Paris Marathon!

And since I’m travelling with my oldest friend in the world, Fellow Flowers to celebrate our Fiercely United relationship!


The last time Eydie and I ran together was probably 7th grade PE…it was an excruciating hour long mile!!


And the other great news? Maybe you notice a new badge in the sidebar – That’s right!


I’ve been selected as a Skirt Sports Ambassador! When I first started wearing skirts to run, Skirt Sports was the skirt I wore! And I remember VERY well the days when I was the only person on the course wearing a skirt!

skirt nyc200huh

Me, rockin’ the 2004 NYC Marathon in a TRIKS – an original Gym Girl from Skirt Sports!! ps – I got a NYC PR here…was it the skirt?


Of course, now that’s all changed. I wear a few different brands of skirts, but the original is still my favorite “all-in-one” skirt (that means it has panties or shorts under!) I can’t wait to share all of the fun with you. And hey, why not start off with a little gift…from me to you 🙂 That’s right. A discount code! I Know we love our discount codes right?!! When you order from Skirt Sports, use this code — SSORF20 — for 20% off of your order. And you know what else is pretty neat about that code? You can use it to participate in any of the Skirt Sports Virtual runs!

I was just over there grabbing some great new things and lots of goodies on sale!! Good thing I start my job soon!

So wishing you all a wonderful weekend!! Get out there and get it!!


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