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What? MORE shopping?!

9 Aug

We had a definite shopping plan for Wednesday — I had discovered a couple of thrift store ideas in my Guidebook and Eydie had her heart set on a Louis Vuitton bag.

First up though, of course, breakfast. Which I thought I should share with you here!!


Delicious brioche and those wonderful flaky croissant…


A nice selection of meats and cheeses..and pickles! For breakfast!!!


The breakfast room – we generally sat in that corner by the window!

After gathering our maps and bags and water and….we headed out to find goodies! Eventually we made it to Reciproque – a series of second hand shops along the Rue de la Pompe.  After my window-shop at Hermes on Monday I was itching to see what I could find at a more “bargain” price. I also thought I might be able to score my own LV bag at less than retail prices!

There wasn’t much to be had in the first couple of doors but then I hit the motherlode (though the shop owner wouldn’t let me take pictures!) Racks and racks of scarves from all designers. Sorted by color. So I dove right in!!

And managed to get a couple of decent bargains – relatively speaking!



This Celine scarf has some amazing vivid colors!


We left the 16th and decided to visit the Sacre Coeur and Montmartre. It was our first real foray into a really touristy area and it was packed!! We wandered up the narrow streets and stopped in on La Cure Gourmande – a shop filled with loads of different biscuits and sweets (we made a stop on our return to purchase said goodies!)

And we made a couple of stops in some of the tourist shops


Since I didn’t make it to the Louvre…my medal still needed a shot with Mona…

We made the climb up to the Basilica and went inside…



It was a fairly hazy day but the view is still awesome



And..of course the medal had to come out!


We walked down the backside of the hill…through a tiny market and a couple of small streets with cafes, bakeries and a couple of macaron shops… My favorite was the Maison Georges – chocolate sculptures and chocolates and macaroons and an awesome new treat..kouignettes. I got a few macaroons and some chocolates. But I had plans to go back!!


Chocolate Eiffel Tower!

Then we headed back towards the Champes Elysee and Eydie’s big purchase of the day 🙂

We had the most amazing salesgirl — and when she asked if we wanted a drink…water or champagne..of course we had an answer


And Eydie got her bag – and I have to admit to feeling a little envious!!


We headed back to the room after our time at Louis V and found a place to go have an actual French-type dinner — it was a small spot out by the Louvre that didn’t really seem too touristy…and the food was REALLY very good!! And I’m pretty sure I had creme brulee for dessert!


Yummy French Onion soup…. mmmmm


Braised short ribs…I need to learn how to cook these!

On Thursday, our last full day in Paris, we were going to go to an actual Parisian cooking school for shopping and lunch!! A great way to spend our final hours in France


WDW Marathon Weekend – Dopey Challenge: The Expo

15 Jan

So, last Wednesday was travel day and expo day!!

I woke up to some pretty cold temps at home — and couldn’t wait to get down to Florida and hang out in the sunshine!!!

The flight wasn’t bad, Southwest managed to get us on the ground 10 minutes early even. Then it was just a matter of getting to the Magical Express and getting to my resort!

When we landed and I turned on my phone, I learned that my roommate had already arrived and was headed towards the resort! I eventually got there too and got up to the room, changed into shorts and we headed up to the expo

I was expecting the zoo experience that I’d had at both Goofy and Dumbo in 2013 but there was none of that! We hit the runDisney merchandise booth first, to make sure I’d get my magnets and wine glasses and coffee mug. I also decided on some “I Did It” shirts – one for Dopey and one for Goofy since I’d missed out the last time!


Then it was time to pick up bibs and shirts and all that fun stuff! It seems we missed the crowd cause it was a walk up and walk out situation!! LOVE it!

And, the shirts are the same ‘new’ tech material that we got for Wine and Dine and they were available in Women’s cuts– I don’t get overly excited about the shirts, generally (but I do love the W&D one!) but these are pretty neat!!


Two bibs – one for the 5 and 10K and one for the Half and Full. And, I know I complained before about the corral placement and I have to say. REALLY runDisney? The LAST Corral for the 10K?? (reminder – I submitted a proof of time that had me a couple/few minutes below the required time, those who didn’t submit a proof of time were supposedly put in the last corral. Not true. My roommate is in the same corral as me for Saturday and Sunday and didn’t submit a proof of time.That is all) SPOILER: I managed to keep my pace in the 5K and finished with my friends from 2 corrals in front of me…though I wasn’t able to stop for pictures

After the expo, we went to lunch and then Angela brought us to Target to grab some supplies. We may have overshopped 🙂


Angela ALSO made some nifty stickers for our MagicBands — I think this will be the only MB that I don’t use again – I love it!!


Tracy and I ended up just hanging at the hotel for the evening — since we had to get up EARLY on Thursday for the 5K there would be no late night for us!! In fact, I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 8!

Up next…the 5K!




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