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Progress, Not Perfection…

14 Feb

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!!


It’s Tuesday morning — and I didn’t wrap up yesterday. Instead I went to an actual Valentine’s event. Granted it was at a cupcake shop so cupcakes were purchased (and all but one put in the freezer cause…well, they aren’t what I need right now but I will need them one day!)

But I digress…..Let’s get to it

The plan this week said:

Tuesday – 5 Miles
Wednesday – 8 Miles
Thursday – 5 Miles
Saturday – Rest day
Sunday – 10K Race 
(I don’t have anything in the calendar but will run 6.2 – or close to it – on Sunday!)

What happened was:

Tuesday – Did not run 5 miles….did not run at all
Wednesday – Also, did not run (What on earth is WRONG with me!?!?!)
Thursday – Ran 5 miles. On a treadmill. EARLY in the morning!  
Snow storm was coming and I knew if I didn’t get to the gym nothing would happen for days!
Friday – Friday is usually a rest day. I went for a massage…
Saturday – Another 5 at the gym. Things are looking up!
Sunday – 8 on the ‘mill. Watching the lady Ghostbusters (is that appropriate?) Again, getting it in before snow flies

So I got it all in except a 10K race  which, let’s be honest. We know me. If I don’t have a race on my calendar I’m not making up my own Amiright?

Coming up this week….

Tuesday – 5 Miles
Wednesday – 8 Miles
Thursday – 5 Miles
Saturday – 11 Miles (yikes!)
Sunday – 5 Miles

Hoping for good weather this weekend but if not I’m hopping on the treadmill again – if nothing else I get to watch movies I might not pick for myself!

Myrtle Beach Countdown – about 18 days away!


Wrapping Up the Year

31 Dec

goodbye 2015

So the first thing you’ll notice is that I’m actually publishing a post today!

Not sure how things got so far off of the rails this year, but you’ll see tomorrow in my resolutions post, that I’ll work to change that in 2016

resolution post it

Another great use for my favorite post-its!!!

Without too much yak yak — A quickie review of my year, in pictures and some words 🙂

It was a good year and it was a not so good year. Did some GREAT fun running thing (Dopey, Paris!) some super travel things (PARIS!!), and made some great new friends. This was also the year I became a Skirt Sports Ambassador which has been a super experience and I’m looking forward to repping the brand again this year!! This was also the year that I went on an insulin pump and I have to say, that having such great control is really helping to keep my numbers in line.

Since I prefer to not dwell on the disappointments of the year I’ll just say – things change and we move on and around the challenges. Buck up and figure out how to get back on track.

I started 2 new jobs this year – one only lasted a few months. That made me sad since I really enjoyed it! Now I’ve got a job that took some time to fall into place but now that I’m settled I think it’s a great opportunity to learn and grow.

And now, on with the fun stuff!!

In January I ran my first runDisney Dopey Challenge.  And most people will tell you, that if you’ve trained – which I kind of did! – the toughest part is waking up before dawn for four days in a row!



Quite possibly my most ambitious costume to date 🙂 Final 26.2 of Dopey



Dopey bling

Now if I could just find a kid to get that kid’s medal!!!

I also got to meet *this* guy at the Houston Marathon expo….


Me and my pal Meb


Once Dopey was over, the next biggie in my sights was the Paris Marathon!! Part of the awesome of this one was that I spent a week with my oldest friend in the world on our first ever vacation together!!


I did it!!! It was a warm April day in Paris


During the 5K breakfast run in Paris!!


2015-04-11 01.54.46


After Paris, things kind of hit a brick wall. You might remember this is when my posts dropped off and it’s also when my motivation disappeared. I did a 5K here and there, the runDisney Pixie Dust Challenge and the Marine Corps Historic Half in May but had nothing else on my calendar until the fall.


Pixie dust Challenge Weekend! Must get a picture with Mickey’s Wheel of Death


While I was in California for the TinkerBell weekend, I met up with this group of “kids” – they were my students back in the 80’s!! Great fun night!


Historic Half Character opp!!

I kicked off the fall running season with the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon. I’d been wanting to make a ‘Mater costume for the longest time….


I LOVE this tutu!!! Love it!!

October brought the Hartford Half Marathon, The Hershey Half Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon. The MCM is where I learned one of my two biggest lessons this year – I can no longer get away with half-assing my training and expect to be successful. I actually wrote a post for this that never got published but I’ll throw it out here one day soon.

IMG_3558 (2)

Great finisher goodies!!!


Second year doing this one — and it’s a new favorite for sure!!!


My time wasn’t so great but we had a fun time anyway!!

End of October and early November was BIG-TIME Disney for me! I stayed at Angela, Nate and Na’Cho’s for a very long time and managed to hit Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, International Food and Wine Festival, Wine and Dine Half Marathon (half of a half it turns out!) and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.


My dream team at the Wine and Dine half of a half!

When I got home again things started to fall into place at work and planning for my January trip to cheer on my friends at WDW Marathon weekend and Ragnar Relay Key West in February.

Well, due to permitting issues, the Ragnar Key West event was cancelled (so yay me for putting off making travel plans, right?!). HUGE bummer since this is the one that’s been on my running bucket list for ages. Then as I started to make plans for January, I realized that I had waited too long and had gotten priced out of heading to Orlando to cheer. So, Big Lesson Two of the year – Procrastination doesn’t always pay, you might not get a better chance/deal/opportunity

Spent Christmas with my dad, brother and his family and it was all great!

IMG_3971 - Copy

He puts up with an awful lot…my own Angry Elf


My parent’s Christmas tree . This is home

I hope that your year brought you much happiness and love and I do look forward to more sharing next year!


Wrapping up 2014

3 Jan

New Year, New Leaf.

Though apparently if one of my resolutions is to “blog in a more timely manner” I’ve already lost!!

Now that you’ve had time to recover from all of the other 2014 recap posts, you can enjoy mine for the novelty of it’s release on Jan 3 🙂 Kidding, you should just enjoy it cause, it might be enjoyable!! And, since my day-to-day life is fairly boring, this shouldn’t take long.

So here it is….

good bad ugly


And, really, a lot of it is all intertwined – as life tends to be right?

So, let me start with


There wasn’t an awful lot of this. The biggie is my sister getting diagnosed with cancer earlier this year (good news? She finished radiation and chemo and will find out in February if they got it all (which, of course, good thoughts for this)
There was also my first attempt at a 9 miler in my training – which turned into an 8 miler since I didn’t prepare properly. The results were quite ugly.



There was one big bad this year – over Thanksgiving weekend we had to send my mom’s dog, Katie, to the Rainbow Bridge.



Katie napping on the patio last summer


I had got her Katie for her birthday back in 2001 and she was seriously an awesome dog. I think she even got to visit my mom in the hospital at least once before she passed away so that was good
The other bad, which is really minor next to losing Katie, and probably only in my own mind, was my training consistency. It was lacking. Sometimes a LOT. But….


I *did* train. Maybe it wasn’t consistent all the time but it was there. And much moreso than in any of my past efforts. Let’s hope it pays off next weekend when I bring these babies home!

Dopey bling

All these will be MINE!! Except the Kids’ one…that one I won’t get…


My sister made it through chemo and radiation healthy. She had some setbacks, but overall, I think she handled it really well. Or as well as one can handle such things
I got to visit my family quite a bit, thanks to a job that was 100% remote work.
I had SEVERAL fantastic race weekends — where the people and the fun made the race, not necessarily the timing!

So, see, all in all, pretty boring year. And I’ll take it! And definitely looking forward to adding a little more excitement in 2015 — What ideas do you have to make my new year more exciting!?! What are your adventure plans in 2015? 

Friday Night Light

21 Mar

So, this has been a nutty couple of weeks – lots going on. Some not so great, but mostly okay.. 😉 Some things I’ll write about and some things I’ll just stuff deep down until I explode! Haha..#kiddingnotkidding 

So, to wrap things up and get back on track with some regular posting…here’s a few items for your Friday night reading (Light on account of ‘light on pictures’!)

1. In order to get my blood sugar back under better control I’ve been put on more insulin. Different insulin. Now I have a pen and before every meal I get to inject. The good part is that the needle is TINY tiny. So far, so good though I still need to get used to remembering to do this BEFORE I eat, not in the middle of a meal!!

2. TWO great race weekends with some wonderful people. You can read about those here !

3. Found out on Tuesday that my current job contract is not being extended past the end of March. Which…at least it was 2 weeks notice right? So, resume getting updated, recruiters being called and plans for my down time being made (no. Really. This time I *will* clean the office, finish the basement, de-clutter the house, clear out the garage, clean out the flower beds…really, I will!) And of course I’ll get to make at least one extra trip to see Dad and the familia in Houston so there’s that!

4. On Wednesday, after a long day of anticipation, I was notified that I was chosen to participate in the Marine Corps Marathon in October! I LOVE this event! Love it! And this year, the Marathon falls on Mom’s birthday so…it might get a little emotional out there. On top of that, I’ll be running again for Team McGraw (keep your eyes here for the chance to donate to a wonderful cause!!)

So, kind of a little up and down couple of weeks — mostly up though to be honest! Spring is approaching – timidly, but she’s on her way!

It’s definitely a good time to take a look around and appreciate all that’s good in my life! There is a lot of it! And to top things off — It’s Friday!!

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