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It’s Time for an End of Season Sale!!!

29 Jun

Yes yes, I know I am WAY WAY behind, but I’ll be catching up realllll soon cause I have LOTS to share!!


I am so excited to share great happenings with you!!!

But since I don’t want you to miss out, I wanted to let you know that  starting Friday,  there will be an End of Season Sale over at Skirt Sports!*  But because I love you for reading here you get to start shopping on Thursday!

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit Skirt Sports out in Boulder CO and saw a preview of the new fall / winter line. Now, it’s coming soon so we’ve got to make room for it – online and in the store!!  And you are gonna want some of this – new prints, new styles and some great cold weather gear!

Something to remember about sales this awesome — you can’t use my discount code (ORF20) for 20% off on sale items – which really is okay since this is an amazing sale!

For instance – all Spring and Summer bottoms will be 30% off (doesn’t include dresses, Tantrum or Psyched GGU and Happy Girl). Tops are 40% and past season items are 50-70% off!!! I mean – how can you resist, right?!!

A word of caution though, since this is pretty much a closet clearing sale, sizes will be limited so if you see something you MUST have (#alltheskirts maybe?) grab it!!

And if you have any question about fit, sizing or what I like, just ask away!

Now, what are you waiting for??? Get shopping!!! *


Great summer Sale starting tomorrow — but you can shop NOW!!!!

*Post contains affiliate links. As a Skirt Sports ambassador, I receive some items as gifts and others at discount. All of my skirt opinions however, are my own!

Update! Motivation Found!!!

8 Mar

Just wanted to drop a quickie out here — as I’ve mentioned recently, I have been severely lacking in motivation lately. For anything really, but mostly for being active.

I’ve never been able to find the perfect “bribe” for myself that would get me moving…Well, friends, yesterday I figured it out.

Skirt Sports Redemption Capri - Emerald City

Skirt Sports Redemption Capri – Emerald City


Skirt Sports Redemption Capri - Free Love

Skirt Sports Redemption Capri – Free Love

Yep! That’s right. The contents of my Skirt Sports shopping cart! I’ve got a gift certificate and a discount to use and I REALLY WANT these capris! But I cannot hit “Checkout” until I have a good consistent week of working out — I don’t care what kind, but there needs to be consistency.

And these aren’t the only items I’ve got my eyes on….

googly eyes

Something tells me my motivation might get a little expensive if I’m not super careful!!! Though, truth be told, once I get a good workout week in, I’m pretty sure my motivation will be amped up and I won’t need to bribe myself. So much 🙂


March Goals!

4 Mar

hello march

I am, once more, throwing my goals for the month out here – with the intention to be a lot more accountable. So please feel free to ask/nag me about them! I’ll tell you right now, the first 4 days have been a wash so let’s not talk about the past… 🙂

So, in March, I plan to

** Drop 7.5 pounds. Seems like a pretty big goal given the last few months, but if I put my mind to it things should be all good. Plus, I have all o’ ya’ll making sure I stick to it!!
** Run a minimum of 50 miles. I have a darn half marathon coming up in something like 45 days so…yeah…And I am so far behind on my 1000 miles for the year I need to really get to work!!  It helps that I’ve got my annual St. Patrick’s Day 5Ks coming up this month too – which is always motivating for me.
** Hit at least 20 Bikram classes and if I don’t start RIGHTNOW then there are going to have to be a couple of doubles weekends in there!!

This year, I’m once again a Skirt Sports ambassador so I am working to perk up my running wardrobe a bit with a couple of new prints that have come out!

Emerald City just might become my most favorite ever (as if I could choose a favorite!!) There isn’t a lot of non-neon green out there in the running apparel world!!

emerald city

And Free Love — yeah. Love it!

free love

Along with last season’s Tantrum, I’m really getting into the prints!

You can get into the new prints – and some old favorites too!! And, with my ambassador code, you get 20% off!! Use coupon code ORF20 when you check out!!

So, let’s all get to it and show March who’s boss!!



Spring Is In The Air!!

12 Jan

But seriously…..

I’m sitting warm and dry inside while the second snow of the season falls.

big snow

Of course this snow showed up AFTER my nephews went back to Texas…back in 2011.

This is not it…not even close. Much to my dismay….

And I’m doing a little online Window(s) shopping…see what I did there? 🙂

This morning the launch of the new Spring line of Skirt Sports kicked off with the introduction of what might become one of my OTHER favorite patterns….Ladies (and gentlemen) I present for your viewing pleasure, Free Love

Free Love

Free Love…in one of my favorite styles…the Gym Girl Ultra!!!

Like Tantrum before it, Free Love just might become your go-to pattern — lots of possibilities for matching. Or not matching if you’re anything like me!

Over the next couple of months we’ll be introducing some new styles as well as some more new patterns! And I for one am super EXCITED for some of them! Or…ya know…most, if not all, of them!!  And I’m really excited to once again have the chance to be an Ambassador for the line. There’s fun things coming up this year … a new website, the 13er in June and all the new clothes coming out!!

Keep checking the website to find your new favorite!! And when you do,  take 20% off of your purchase with my new code…ORF20 — memorize it! And use it often!!

The One with the Resolutions

1 Jan

happy new year 2016

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year filled will all the good things!! It’s always nice to have a clean slate. Hopefully this year I can make up for any shortcomings in 2015.

new beginning

And so with that….On to the resolutions!

Running Resolutions: 2015 got off to a good start when I was running Dopey, then the Houston half and then the Paris Marathon. And then, I just quit running. Yeah, I still signed up for races, and I showed up but…that was about it.

In 2016 I, along with a group of friends, have pledged to run 1000 miles. Someone else did the math and it’s a bit more than 20 a week. I think 🙂  My current running plans are pretty unplanned at the moment. I will be running the Houston Half marathon again in a couple of weeks and I am registered for the runDisney Dark Side Challenge in April. I have plans to go for redemption at the Marine Corps Historic Half and will likely repeat my October trifecta – the Hartford Half, the Hershey Half and the Marine Corps Marathon (got my “club” number so get to bypass the lottery!!)

There are some events on my “want to do” list — Hershey’s 10K, the Skirt Sports 13er (which will combine and ambassador retreat with my return to Boulder after too many years!!) Run With the Amish, Hogsback Half, Shipyard Old Port Half…and I’m sure a few more will rear their heads in the next few months! And there will also be multiple 5K’s and possibly more 10K’s.

So I resolve to actually be more diligent in training – and will work my hardest to make it to 1000 miles! And I resolve to actually show up for races I register for — so in full disclosure I will say that I was registered for a 10K this morning that I did *not* go to, but I *DID* run a bit more than 10K at home!!

Health Resolutions:  The addition of an insulin pump to my arsenal this year has made it much easier to track my sugar numbers so I’ll continue on that path! I will also head back to Bikram on a MUCH more consistent basis. I plan to also throw a Whole30 or two on the pile this year — or at least eat more cleanly more often.

Blogging Resolutions: Yep. More consistency! More posting! More pictures! More fun! I hope to have a lot to share this year in all areas of my life.

Random Resolutions: More quality time with the Phred – working away from home takes away a lot of the time we used to spend together and he’s a good dog and deserves more attention!! And, I resolve to make my bed every morning.I will also work as hard as I can to be less road rage-y and angry when I’m driving! And finally, I will take time every day to express my gratitude – there is so much in my life that makes me thankful and I need to acknowledge that much more often!

Do you make resolutions? Do you keep ’em?!! What is the easiest resolution that you’ve made and kept?

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