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Remembering Ray

29 Aug

Now, I never actually met Ray but I’ve met a lot of folks in his family and from all evidence he was an amazing man.

Last Saturday I headed over to Rhode Island to hang out with some friends 🙂


The occasion was the Tenth (and, <sob>, Final) Ray Lang Memorial Golf Tournament the proceeds of which go to the Tug McGraw Foundation (for whom I am also running the Marine Corps Marathon this year…hint, hint….)


The day started out looking a bit cloudy, really quite dark in Connecticut and things didn’t seem to be improving on the drive over… I picked up Kathy and we headed to the country club where we were greeted by all of our Lang/Rousseau/Gabriel friends. Seriously, I’ve only known most of these folks for a few years but from the beginning they’ve made me feel like family.

After seeing the golfers off


And….they’re off!!




We started setting up for the raffle that takes place during/after dinner





And there are always lots of great prizes and I pick out the ones I want while we’re setting up. Sadly, I have learned no way to rig things so that I win all the ones I want!! (But, spoiler, I did win something in that second picture up there!)

This year there was even a super special prize:


Hard Rock Cafe guitar signed by Guy Fieri

And my friend Mike won that one – hope it, and he, got home safely!!

After setting up the raffle, Kathy and I headed out to the 4th hole for the super important job of witnessing for a “Hole in One” prize (another spoiler)..


This is the ball that got *closest* to a Hole in One.

It was hard work, but we managed.



And it was a really happy day!!


And how could it not be with THIS kind of sky:


When the last group came by we headed back in to get our raffle tickets and get ready for dinner!!


One of these is a winner….ONE 🙂

As usual it was great Italian food, and as usual, the raffle was almost as much for for the ‘losers’ as the winners!! Pete gave a great speech and another fantastic day came to an end. And for the final event, the numbers were GREAT! More golfers than ever before and more people at dinner than ever before — there were even tables full of people outside of the tents!!

Congratulations Pete (and everyone else, especially his mom Debra Lang Bush) for an amazing event – and we all know that Ray is super proud of all ya’ll have accomplished in the last 10 years!

Oh yeah…what did I win? Only the most perfect thing I could’ve won!   Though, the beer..um, soda cooler shaped like a canoe would’ve been neat too!!


My new suitcase!!! And a pillow. This baby’s going to Disney World!!!

A Day of Love

25 Aug

Well this was definitely a mixed bag weekend – mostly good though!

Friday I introduced my friend Kathy to #Bikram and she says she enjoyed it! Them spent the night at her house, met her new puppy and her husband cooked a great dinner (and breakfast)


Best part of the weekend was Saturday’s Ray Lang Memorial Golf Tournament to benefit The Tug McGraw Foundation. My friend Pete and his family put on this event every year in memory of his dad. I’ve met some really great people through my running with Team McGraw and a LOT of them are Pete’s family!! They’re such an amazing, loving and welcoming group of people. I’m not a golfer but I love hanging out with the other non-golfers! Play is followed by dinner and a raffle – this is really the only time I win good stuff! This year I was hoping for the “chair” – another outdoor chair for relaxing in the backyard. I was also really interested in the package of Hostess goodies! I threw my tickets into a few other bags as well.



But I REALLY wanted the chair!

And guess what I didn’t get. Right, I didn’t get the Hostess goodies.     012 But I did get the chair!! Woot! Yay me!! It’s a really nice one – including a cup holder that I will eventually figure out!


I also picked up this little handbag.    016

But really the best part of the day is catching up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.And, it was great to be surrounded by so much love, especially yesterday.

1968 Sep Kodak 14 483104-R1-32-32

Four years ago yesterday, my big brother called me to tell me that my mom had died. And it’s probably no exaggeration to say that I have missed her so much every single day since then. But for some reason, this year has been particularly tough. Overall, I think I’ve been much happier and content the last several months than I have in a long time. But there’s always something missing. Sometimes you just need a hug from your mom.

The Countdown Begins!

19 Aug

monday shadow

And a huge old Happy Monday to you! (Like they say, if you don’t really believe it, Fake it til you make it!!)

Busy week ahead. And I’m starting off on my runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend countdown! Today is T-10 days til I hop on the plane for LA! Which means it is time to start making some lists!


So, T-10 Day List is :Make a List!

The plan is to get my Bikram on at least 3 nights this week. Thursday I have the third, and final, Hartford Marathon X-Treme Scramble which means a post-work 5K followed by hot dogs, Harpoon Beer and Moe’s Burrito. And Disco. This month’s theme is Disco! No better way to kick off the weekend!!

Friday after work I’ll head over to Rhode Island to stay at Kathy’s since Saturday is the super popular Ray Lang Memorial Golf Tournament to honor my friend Pete Lang’s dad Ray and to support the Tug McGraw Foundation – it’s a great day with some really great people. And I get to hang out in a golf cart which is never a bad time!Sunday is my last big run before #DumboDoubleDate — a 10K in Wethersfield and then the usual Sunday activities – plus the whole packing and getting ready for a BIG trip stuff!

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