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Paris Marathon – Day 2

14 Jun

So, I just am going to throw this out there – I hoard my Frequent Flier miles. And really, the reason I do is because I vowed a couple of years ago that I would never fly to Europe in coach again! I hold on to the miles knowing that an opportunity would certainly come up soon!! Good thing I don’t go to Europe too often.

Part of the plan is to get the best “use” out of the fewest miles possible. That means, for me, searching for the “super saver” deals – that meant that on my trip to Paris I would be flying out of…Washington DC. In my opinion, the drive down is a small price to pay overall!

As I posted here I started the day off by dropping off my pal at his Nanny’s house and headed to DC. I headed to Dulles about 4 hours before my flight since I figured I’d spend most of my time in the lounge (yet another reason to use those miles to upgrade for an international flight!!)


Some of the ‘snacks’ available in the lounge…let the eating begin!!


Why yes, I think I *will* have some shrimp cocktail, thank you!


A light snack before my flight

I had chosen to fly out in United’s Global First cabin– which gave me lots of room for sleeping should that happen!


The pods…

I’d read a lot of reviews online of the service so that I would know what to expect. Based on most of what I had read, I shouldn’t expect much, particularly from the cabin crew.

Well, I must have lucked out or something – there were 3 flight attendants in our cabin most of the time and they were nothing but awesome! Naturally, my wine glass was never empty – except when I was drinking the after dinner port with my cheese course.

So the meal…started with the usual (haha – I say that like I fly first class all the time!) hot nuts. Cashews and almonds. None of those pesky peanuts for us 10 special travelers.


A warm appetizer of coconut shrimp with tabbouleh and mango chutney Then soup. A really yummy chicken enchilada soup. Up next, salad. Not one of those plastic prepacked salads for me – fresh tossed with my choice of dressing. I was getting full so I skipped the croutons! The main course that I selected was beef short ribs. Tasty but not amazing (Anne, when did you become such a food snob?). And to finish, the aforementioned cheese course. You’ll be surprised to learn that I skipped – yes, skipped, the ice cream sundae. Really, I couldn’t have eaten another bite!


I thought they might have gone overboard with the utensils….



My coconut shrimp!



The crouton-less salad…




While dining I watched a couple of movies – Night at the Museum and something that was apparently not too memorable! After that I kind of flipped around and at some point dozed off for a little while after changing into my sweatshirt.

Before arriving in Frankfurt, we were served a small breakfast of fruit, granola, yogurt and breads. Before I knew it it was time to say goodbye to our wonderful flight crew. One of the French flight attendants asked if I was staying in Germany or going on and when I told her I was going to Paris she mentioned that she lived just outside of Paris (later on, I saw her on my flight from Frankfurt to Paris!)

When we got out of the plane in Germany, to get to a connecting flight we had to walk WAY to the other side of the airport, up and down stairs and then through security again. Which was a bummer cause they took away my big bottle of water 😦 Once through security it was another long, hot hike to the gate.

EVENTUALLY I made it to Paris, grabbing a couple of shots of the Eiffel Tower – off in the distance in the haze.


Really, it *is* out there!!


One at the airport I grabbed my bag and waited for Eydie’s arrival – she’d been delayed/canceled/rebooked/delayed but eventually arrived! Her luggage, however, did not. After filing the report and letting the airline know where to deliver her bag, we hopped in our pre-arranged shuttle for a long tour of Paris, dropping off other visitors!

After we arrived and freshened up, it was time to find some late lunch, early dinner and hit the expo!!!

Paris Marathon – Day 1

8 Apr

OMG!!! Is that here already???!!!

But first, a quick look at the first week of April. I will not-too-happily admit that I am still having a tough time getting in the groove but…. And, that whole thing where I was going to cut back on my road-ragey-ness for Lent? Well…yeah. I was a little better but there was still always that ogre sitting in the car! On the “bright” side, I managed to stay away from the Cadbury mini-eggs. For the most part. I ate about 6 of them last night. And this morning.

mini eggs

Get in mah belly delicious milk chocolate!!!


I’ve spent a lot of the last couple of weeks talking myself up to get through the Paris Marathon.

Paris marathon logo

What? Is that here already? Well, yes it is! And I have resigned myself to being very near the back of the pack on this one! Not to say I’m not gonna leave everything out there on the Champs Elysees. This is a flat-ish course. Supposedly. There isn’t a lot out there that I’ve been able to find other than this: from 5 years ago:

Paris Profile 1

Not too bad…



General consensus is that the last 5K is where the biggest hill is found. It’s also where the wine and cheese is found…Pick your poison 😉

And it’s Europe ya’ll. These people are serious about their running… We ‘Murricans at the back of the pack are a little less so. I’m in the last corral – but here, the timing for the last corral is “anything over 4:30” So, thinking there could be a pretty serious PR in my future.

Anyhoo…Day 1. Since I’m flying on miles, and to get the ‘best’ use of my miles I prefer to use First Class to fly internationally, the best option was to fly out of Washington DC. Which isn’t really a problem for me. I came down the night before just because I didn’t want the stress of a travel day drive.

This means that tomorrow I can take my time getting ready, and consolidating my carry-on stuff. And get in a short run…what?!

The worst part of the day, of course, was saying goodbye to this face:


I hate leaving him but it helps that I’m leaving him with someone who treats him like family. And he’s got three other dogs in the house to lord it over.

So on the docket for tomorrow is breakfast, a run (hoping to put an hour or so in on the treadmill) maybe lunch then heading to the airport where I will relax in the lounge until it’s time to get on my plane!!

I haven’t been to Paris in about 15 years and I’m going with my oldest, dearest friend in the world so this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

Even that 26.2 mile thing. Or should I say 42.195K thing

I hope you’ll follow along and send all of your support!!

So. It’s April :)

1 Apr


And that means time for some new and improved goals/resolutions!!  Let’s see how well I do this time around!!

Things started out great when the mailman came bright and early and brought me my new SkirtSports loot!!  Two new skirts, a tank and a new grown-up running bra! I can’t wait to wear my new Gym Girl Ultra for Saturday’s Greater Hartford Quarter Marathon!!


Better pictures soon!!

Sunday is Easter, of course, and I’m hoping to head to NYC to spend a bit of time with my cousin from Minnesota!

And there’s that packing thing that I’ve started…


Oh. And taxes? Yeah. Should probably finish those before I leave the country!!

tax time

And now for the goals.

goals are dreams

Since I haven’t been terribly successful the last couple of months, I’m aiming low. I need the feeling I’ll get from actually accomplishing what I set out to do!! Plus I’ll be starting that new job (FINALLY!!) and need to figure out my schedule!


And so I bring you Anne’s April Goals:

  • Running – I set my monthly mileage goal pretty low, and definitely attainable – 35 miles. Yeah. Kind of a cop out but … that’s that. Also a running goal – to finish the Paris Marathon while there is still support on the course!! The course limit is between 5:40 and 6:00 depending on what I look at. My PR is 6:18. The only solace I can give myself is that the 6:18 was done with VERY very little training. So. We shall see!! If nothing else, it will be a gorgeous tour through Paris!!
  • Organization – I did a pretty decent job in March of getting my office cleared out. Some. There’s still a bit to go so I’ll be finishing that up this month. As well as getting my basement a little more organized so it can return to a more relaxing kind of place!
  • Other Fitness – again, as every month, I want to be much more consistent with my Bikram practice. At least 3 days a week is not unreasonable at all!! Especially with such a low mileage goal.
  • Insulin Pumping/Health – I should hopefully get this figured out and stable by the end of the month! It’s a never ending adventure though!

I figure this is all very do-able – and I should see much success in a few weeks and head into the summer ready to start training for the Marine Corps Marathon!!


Flashback to Beating the Bridge in 2014!!

But before any of this…I have some packing to do and some Francais to be parlez-ing 🙂 And a little matter of my Third 26.2 in 6 months!




It’s Been a Big Week!!

27 Mar


So, I finally got back into the gym AND the Hot Room this week and it feels good!! And, though it makes me sad, and muddy, the snow is almost all gone so I guess Spring really is here. On top of all that, I’ve started playing around with some changes on the blog here so we’ll see how that goes!!

2 weeks from now I’ll be in Paris, panicking about…er getting ready for the Paris Marathon so lots of excitement around here – though sometimes it’s hard to tell…


I will never get tired of this picture!!

On top of my Paris trip planning (scheduled a cooking class and a champagne tour!) I also started on my insulin pump this week. I’ve had it for 2 weeks and have been using the Continuous Glucose Monitor on it’s own while pumping saline in place of insulin. Wednesday I filled my cartridge with insulin so it is ON! I definitely like the convenience and there will be more on this coming up…

I also got some exciting mail deliveries this week! Who doesn’t love great mail?!

Gotta Sparkle during the Paris Breakfast Run the morning before the marathon, right?!


For the Breakfast Run the morning before the Paris Marathon!

And since I’m travelling with my oldest friend in the world, Fellow Flowers to celebrate our Fiercely United relationship!


The last time Eydie and I ran together was probably 7th grade PE…it was an excruciating hour long mile!!


And the other great news? Maybe you notice a new badge in the sidebar – That’s right!


I’ve been selected as a Skirt Sports Ambassador! When I first started wearing skirts to run, Skirt Sports was the skirt I wore! And I remember VERY well the days when I was the only person on the course wearing a skirt!

skirt nyc200huh

Me, rockin’ the 2004 NYC Marathon in a TRIKS – an original Gym Girl from Skirt Sports!! ps – I got a NYC PR here…was it the skirt?


Of course, now that’s all changed. I wear a few different brands of skirts, but the original is still my favorite “all-in-one” skirt (that means it has panties or shorts under!) I can’t wait to share all of the fun with you. And hey, why not start off with a little gift…from me to you 🙂 That’s right. A discount code! I Know we love our discount codes right?!! When you order from Skirt Sports, use this code — SSORF20 — for 20% off of your order. And you know what else is pretty neat about that code? You can use it to participate in any of the Skirt Sports Virtual runs!

I was just over there grabbing some great new things and lots of goodies on sale!! Good thing I start my job soon!

So wishing you all a wonderful weekend!! Get out there and get it!!


Goodbye April…

30 Apr

sugarandspiceandeverythingnice dot com

You brought us some freakishly un-Springlike weather (though, not so freakish for New England I guess!) and you’re going out with a rainy/drizzly fizzle up here and some pretty serious storms in other parts of the country.

You brought us the Easter bunny and all those goodies he brings to the little kids!


You also reminded us of the true meaning of Easter.


ministrygreetings dot com

And, April, you got me back on the road. This was a big month of race registrations for me! After hitting up the Marine Corps Marathon and the Georgia Half Marathon in March I was super excited for registration to open up for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend — this was the biggie and I’ve been looking forward to it now for over a year!

When I ran the Goofy Challenge in 2013 I decided I wanted to do it again in 2015 for the 10th Anniversary.


Me and our host back in 2013

Then runDisney went and did something CRAZY!!! They created a new challenge – called, probably pretty appropriately, the Dopey Challenge (5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, Half Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday for a total of 48.6 miles!) so of course….I got registered for that!

In April I also entered a lottery to get the opportunity to register for the Paris Marathon (that’s Paris France ya’ll…not one of the imposter Parises) and I got in! So *next* April I plan to travel to the City of Lights and take a 26.2 mile tour!

All this means that April was also the start of some SERIOUS training – and I am counting on you all to help keep me accountable! Cause….lots of miles people!!

So…let’s bid Adieu to April (see, workin’ on that French thing already!) and start getting excited about what May has in store!!

emzsnow dot com




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