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A NYC Kind of Day

23 Mar

I have to say something first off, get it out of the way…


When I was in college I had dreams of graduating from law school and being a big city International Lawyer  in Manhattan.  I ended up instead teaching school/working computers/Project Managing in Southern California. Yeah. I know!! 🙂

Eventually, I needed a change of scenery. So I did what any normal person would do. Sold my house, quit my job and moved back to my parents’ house on my way to relocating to the East Coast! I didn’t end up in NYC (I stayed with a friend for a month and realized that maybe I *didn’t* want to live in the city!) but I am close enough to go down whenever I want.

And whenever I can motivate myself to go! I’ve been saying for the last several weeks that I needed a day in the city — maybe I’d see a show, do some shopping. Just enjoy the city!

So finally, yesterday, I went on down!!

I knew I was going to see a show but didn’t know what I wanted to see. I figured I’d hit the TKTS booth and see what they had. Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to see “Cinderella”. However, the ticket gods were against me — even the TKTS discounted price was more than I was willing to pay. While I was trying to decide what else I’d like to see, someone was shouting for “Jersey Boys” — when I asked how much he said “45” and I was …SOLD!  He couldn’t sell on the street and when we started walking up Broadway I got a little nervous. But we went into a very neat little storefront  and introduced me to Thomas — my new theater connection!   The Forty Five dollar price included ALL fees and ALL taxes as well as the ticket itself!


My new ticket connection — everyone, meet Thomas!


Note the face value on the ticket….yeah. I KNOW!!!


And when I got to the theater and looked in my ticket envelope…

I had some time to kill before the show so I stopped in at my favorite shop in NYC — The Hershey Store thankyouverymuch! It was a big day for free samples (no picture since I ate them on the train home!) –but let me tell you, coconut Kisses? Oh yeah. #LoveandKisses for sure!! Then I headed to Rosie O’Grady’s for a pre-show beverage.  There was a nice Irish boy behind the bar, and lots of friendly folks who had the same idea as me!

Since time flies when you’re having beer, before I knew it it was time to head up the street to the theater –


The Theatah!

where my plan was to have another (overpriced) beverage during the show! And, it’s like they knew I was coming – spillproof beer cups!


Yeah. I KNOW!!!

I have a few friends who have seen Jersey Boys” and all gave it rave reviews – and they were right! I LOVED the show! Loved it. And I had a pretty good seat!


Not a bad seat, except for the really tall guy sitting in front of me…

When the show ended I did some more NYC wandering. Took a detour through Macy’s but nothing really caught my eye. It was beautiful out so I just really kept walking around, popping in to random stores until I was getting tired and ready to head home.


Macy’s Flower show starts this week I think — the store turns into a floral wonderland for a couple of weeks…

All in all, it was a really nice day — I haven’t had one like that in a long time. Now I have to just hope to hurry up and get a new job so I can do it more often!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend whether you were running or relaxing. Or both!!

Wise Words from The Possum

12 Jul

Yep! It’s Friday!! This turned into a long work day for me – answered my first emails at 4:59 am – the thought being I could get to 6 am Bikram again. Coffee took precedence though so 4:30 Bikram it is!!

Got some good work done. Had a talk with my recruiter about my dissatisfaction with my rate. Went to the dentist to get a “small filling” and somehow my whole face feels like it was drilled into!! Will take some Acetaminophen?  And I’d still love to treat myself to a mani and a pedi before a short getaway Sunday evening…

Tomorrow I am going to NYC to see the amazing Ms.Victoria – of Brows By Victoria. Tomorrow I’m actually getting my brows done as well as some uh…bikini area maintenance. This will be my first time having Victoria do my brows and I’m REALLY Excited! And, based on my experience with her lower area work I expect to be like 150% satisfied! She’s got some kind of magic touch and I’ll take a train to NYC every 5 weeks just for this! 

Naturally, I may stop off at Trader Joe’s wine store too – I have some cash saved up so I can get a bottle or 2.

2 buck chuck

Not so much 2 buck chuck anymore — we’re up to 3 buck chuck in Manhattan…

Once I get home there will be much more beauty work to get ready for Sunday – you don’t get all THIS in no time!!


Sometimes you don’t even get “all this”! And I’ve got a few miles to get in too – it’s all part of the beauty work!!

Hope you have some great weekend plans – and if you’re ever in Manhattan and want some freshening up (Victoria also dyes lashes and brows which I may save up for! ) definitely look her up!

Have a super fabulous weekend and Hopefully I’ll have some great stories when I get back!

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