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I Got a Job!!!

5 Mar

new job

So, if you haven’t been following along, ever since I moved to the East Coast from California I’ve done contract work. And for the first 4 years or so I had really steady work, with no breaks – or very short ones – between contracts. Since 2008, though, it seems like I’ve been unemployed a LOT!

Which of course leads to taking jobs that maybe aren’t the best.

On that count I’ve been fairly lucky. Even when the situation maybe started out bad it improved before long.

Anyway…my last contract ended in November (the day before my birthday actually!) and I’ve been looking for something new ever since.

And it finally came along!

I’ve completed all of the paperwork and tomorrow I’ll go take my drug test. Then I’ll start in another week. It’s not working at home like this last one, but that’s okay.

My plan is to try to get back into some sort of normal, adult routine over the next week so that it isn’t a complete shock to my system to re-enter the real world!

Happy happy happy to be back at it – will certainly miss spending all day every day with my pal Phred though! But I think that will just make us appreciate each other more, right? 🙂


This is my view for a big part of my sitting at home days….



Phred looking a little more alert!!

I mean, who wouldn’t miss this face??

But we’ll both be a lot happier knowing that he won’t run out of treats any time soon 🙂


New Kid on the Block

18 Nov

No no!! Not that kind of New Kid!! (But, hey, Bonus! You get to have a song stuck in your head all day too!!)


I’ve been writing this in pencil these days!!

Today I’m supposed to start a new job. Now, I’ve been doing contract work for the last 9 years (Yikes!! NINE YEARS?!!?) and have been pretty fortunate to move smoothly from one job to another. I’ve had only one long stretch of unemployment – 9 months – which was fine since it gave me the opportunity to spend more time in Houston when my mom was in the hospital. But I digress 🙂

I had a job earlier this summer. But it didn’t pay enough (though it paid more than nothing so I should’ve just been thankful!!) and eventually I was replaced at that client and started the hunt for something new. I had my heart set on this. one. job! I turned down a job that would have required an 80 mile a day commute (and I am very thankful for this after listening to some afternoon traffic reports in that area!)


I do not have the patience to sit in this every day!!

Eventually I was told that the job I really wanted was mine and I would be starting a couple of days after I came home from Wine and Dine. So I woke up that Wednesday morning, hopped in the shower and waited. Waited to hear from someone telling me what I needed to do to get started!  And I waited some more. And then I realized that I wouldn’t be starting on Wednesday. So probably maybe tomorrow? Or Friday? Heck, I’d even settle for starting on Monday.

monday calm

Which brings us to … Dun Dun Dun…today 🙂 I figured nothing would bring information out (of the “please show up in Wallingford by 9 am” sort) faster than not showering when I woke up. When 8:30 approached I then decided that getting in the shower was SURE to set the phone ringing and dinging with calls and emails and messages.

That didn’t happen. So I fired off my first message of the day “I still haven’t heard anything”. Somewhere on the other end of the line was a flurry of activity – calls being made, information passed on. Eventually word came that I would hear from *someone* between noon and five regarding orientation and my laptop was ready to be picked up.

So, finally around 3-ish I did hear from my new manager/person I’m taking over for and there was a conference call at 4:30 to figure out how we’re going to get me going! I will either have to go into the office at some point (soon? I hope!) to pick up my computer or it is going to be FedEx’d to me. And I will have to learn to use my “dongle”…yeah. Stop laughing!!


Don’t know if this is what my key looks like…

This device will henceforth be called, by me, a “key”.  Here’s hoping the key comes soon and I can get started!!

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to being a productive part of society again!!

What Up?!?!

30 Oct

Well, what’s up on this particular Wednesday is that I Got A Job!!

Now, I wasn’t unemployed for a terribly long time this go-around (it’s been as long as 9 months in the past!) but due to circumstances I was not as financially prepared for ANY unemployment (Hey, I’m paying off my runDisney addiction!)

I will be working from home (yay!) and my direct manager lives a couple of towns over so we will be able to meet for lunch/coffee as needed. And, should I ever need to go to the office, it’s a short 15 minute drive!

Guessing that I’ll start when I get back from Wine and Dine which means that I can relax on this trip and enjoy myself without over-thinking every penny.


And I will be more than thrilled to build my savings back up and get my credit back under control so I can refinance the house while the rates are still low-ish!


This is how my savings accounts look right about now…

So, it looks like I will be celebrating for a few days! Maybe I’ll splurge on Five Guys tonight even!!



Happy Hump Day everyone!!!

geico hump day

Guess. What. Day. It. Is!

Every Day has been Friday around here!

10 May

It’s Friday here around the homefront — well, it’s actually Friday in a lot of places!

This Friday is significant because it’s my last unemployed Friday for awhile – at least let’s hope so! I’ve been out of work since the end of last year when my contract wasn’t extended. Being unemployed came in handy during the big storm this winter since it took 3 days for the city to come plow the street – which I, of course, loved!

Snow Caves

Some deep deep snow! Dogs love this stuff!

This was my second longer stint of unemployment and I swore that I would not repeat my last performance – sitting around watching tv and thinking of all the things I was going to do!! And, now at the end of 4 months…I did get *some* things done. And hey! I still have 3 days!!

I’ve been practicing waking up early. In normal circumstances I’m an early EARLY riser so I am just trying to get back to that point. And once I know what sort of hours I’ll be expected to have (can I flex my time or do I have to be there 9-5 every day?) I’ll be able to plan my day to fit in some running and some Bikram and the occasional workout DVD. And, the most important question – will I ever be able to work from home? Or from a home-away-from-home? Or a beach in the Caribbean!

I liked the people I met in the interview so hopefully more people are like them – we managed to laugh about a few things which was important (for me! I cannot work with humorless peoples!) I’m not looking forward to the drive, at least at first. This will be my first time working downtown and I am going to have to find parking. And PAY for parking!! What the What?! I can expense my parking though so…Phew!

And I do enjoy getting dressed up in the morning – I’m definitely a dress girl! So there’s a plus. It should help me keep on my ironing too, right?

So before too much time gets away from me today it’s time to do 4 months worth of stuff!

Have a fantastic Friday and hope your outside is as gorgeous as mine is today!!

This is NOT what it looks like outside my window today!

This is NOT what it looks like outside my window today!

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