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Who Do You Run For?

26 Jul

Who do you run for? What keeps you going when you feel like you can’t go any further?

Once upon a time, I ran a marathon for charity – the American Diabetes Association. Mainly I did this because I wanted to go to Ireland, not because of any interest in the organization. Little did I know that 4 years later I’d be diagnosed with diabetes and, well, get a little more interested in what they do! 

Fast forward 5 or so years. I was getting ready to run my, likely, last NYC Marathon. I’ve run this one about 6 times (I think) and had decided I needed to expand my horizons! I wanted to run for charity but wasn’t sure which one.


Then, fate struck! I was at the Country Music Half Marathon expo and met some AWESOME people from the Tug McGraw Foundation and Team McGraw. Decided then and there that this was the charity I would run for! 

That was 5 years ago and they still have my heart – and my sole(s) – hah! Get it?! Anyway…when I run, I run for all the people who have come into my life through the Foundation and Team McGraw. I run surrounded by angels.

Recently someone introduced me to a group on Facebook “I run 4 Michael”. What the organizers do is match up runners with people who can’t run. So, always looking for motivation, I signed up. It wasn’t long before I was matched with my running buddy – Kylar. He’s got bilateral Schizencephaly and his parents were told that he would never walk, talk, smile, see, hear…lots of things that he can do now! He’s got an amazing smile and is a little fighter. Now, when I run, in addition to all of my McGraw angels I’ve got Kylar in my heart and on my mind. And hopefully one day I’ll get to meet him in person.

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So, who – or what – do you run for? What is your motivation to get out there when you don’t want to get out there?!

A quickie!

20 Jul

You know it’s been too long when I have to sign back in to WordPress!!   Things got so busy again! Or I got less motivated, something like that 🙂

I went away for a couple of days and left my laptop at home – and typing on my tablet makes me just a wee bit crazy so…

Spent a couple of evenings near our nation’s capital, and an afternoon by a pool. I must say I do enjoy working poolside!! Could there be anything better?

Things might be shaping up in the work arena – had a couple of good talks with my agency and they’re going to see about getting me more money. Cause I’m starting to get calls and I will leave for the same role that pays more! I’m not THAT stupid!! Not to mention my responsibilities at my current place keep expanding. If you know me, you know I don’t mind doing the work. What I do mind is feeling like I’m being taken advantage of.

Bikram was good this week, on the days I managed to make it! I really feel so much better when I go I need to stop talking myself out of it after work! And got my miles in, eventually. Couple of race recaps coming up.

And, is it hot enough for ya?! Heat wave breaking overnight tonight, supposedly.

So, coming up – race recaps, a new “group” I’ve joined, countdown to Dumbo Double Dare and heading to the Second Happiest Place on Earth!!

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