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Summer is Finally Here….Maybe

7 Jun

We’re a week into June and it looks like the weather maybe taking a turn towards summer-like here in New England. Let’s hope so!!

Anyway, I haven’t done a wrap-up in awhile so I thought I’d take a break from re-cap after recap of races long gone to do a little update and look forward 🙂

And what better time than the early days of June to get a ‘fresh start’ 🙂

With the year nearly half gone, a check in on my ‘resolutions’ would probably be a good idea, right? It’ll be short for sure:

Not so great with the resolutions so far. Yeah. It’s been lazy-time for yours truly!

May has been full of the things though – some good, some not so good and then some not so good that worked out okay!

The not so good:

I found out early in the month (or maybe in late April…) that my current contract wasn’t going to be extended past the end of June. This meant it was time to start looking for a job again! Definitely not one of my favorite activities – but I was getting a lot of help from people I work with – or have worked with in the past (thanks Betty!!). I had one informal ‘interview’ for what my mom would’ve called “a real job”. She wasn’t thrilled with my consulting I think! Still no word on that one but it’s at the top of my I want to do this list. Late breaking UPDATE though – my current manager has found a way to keep me through the end of the year! Keeping up with my same role but adding some more fun!

Also not so good? My running/working out/nutrition/#allofit – I’ve really fallen off of the get healthy and lose weight bandwagon this year! I’m getting back up to my heaviest weight ever – EEK! I have run a couple of times on my own, and one half marathon (Marine Corps Historic Half) but my training for Marine Corps Marathon and #Dopey18 starts on June 16 and I swear this year I’m sticking to the plan!! I’m accepting suggestions for ways to motivate/reward myself – preferably NOT with a cupcake – to follow plan!! 

Now the good? Well, probably the best thing that’s happened is my nephew graduated from high school! I can’t even believe he’s gotten so old!! And…he also turned 18 which just can’t even be possible!! More on him later – I have to gather the appropriate pictures 😀


The graduate….

A week before the big day!!

Conor on his last night as a 17 year old – with Pop and Colin

Also good? My friends. Not that anything dramatic has happened, it’s just nice to be reminded that I have some awesome friends because sometimes we forget, right?

So. Coming up for the rest of the summer?

As mentioned, training starts in a week or so. I know right now the first week will be tough since it is also the week of the Traveler’s Championship golf tournament that I volunteer at every year. That means really long days at the golf course and just enough spare time to wash my clothes and sleep! So….I may give myself a pass for week 1 but I know it isn’t the ideal way to start!

I have a few 5Ks in my calendar through the summer and those are always pretty fun!

I’m also considering another Whole 30 — it’s been about 4 years since I last made an attempt and I need *something* to reset my eating habits so we’ll see about this one! But…I will miss you pizza and cheese. And wine. I will miss you most of all 🙂 This is also something that I would wait until after the tournament to start because it might be hard to find compliant food at the concession stands! At a bare minimum I *will* be cleaning up my eating habits!

So let’s all think good thoughts that I can get back on track!

And now…back to my recap catch-up!! This next one is a doozy!! 😀

Stepping Things Up!!

14 Aug

Since I last wrote, I’ve still been working on my motivation, but I have been able to step up my training game a bit – you know, actually doing the running part of it!

I missed a few runs, but figure I made up for it with my week at Walt Disney World.

That’s right – a week at Disney. With nary a half marathon or 10K insight! I took my nephews (14 and 17) and now I’m pretty sure they won’t fall for that again – there’s no sleeping in at Disney!

I’ve also joined a Step Bet – something like Diet Bet (which I’ve posted about in the past) but, ya know, with Steps 🙂 It’s an app that you download and connect to your FitBit (or other device) and then you walk. And walk. And walk.  The SB app uses past data from your device to determine your goals and each week if you can’t meet them, you get ELIMINATED! Kicked off the island. Voted out of the house. Which makes it different than DietBet.

My goals are pretty big – to me anyway. But, other than the warm-up week I’ve made it. Of course, I have only made it through 2 full weeks so far!


And, I know I promise every single time I post to get better at posting, so I won’t promise that anymore – I’ll just have to show you! And I’ve actually done ‘stuff’ so there’s actually lots to tell you!

Plus, I actually will be more accountable with all of my training and other health efforts (which have been kind of lacking as I’m sure my doctor will tell me this week!)

So if you’re a parent ready for Back-to-School or …ya know, a non-human parent I hope you had a relaxing weekend and plans for a great week ahead!

See you soon.



Yes 🙂


The One with the Resolutions

1 Jan

happy new year 2016

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year filled will all the good things!! It’s always nice to have a clean slate. Hopefully this year I can make up for any shortcomings in 2015.

new beginning

And so with that….On to the resolutions!

Running Resolutions: 2015 got off to a good start when I was running Dopey, then the Houston half and then the Paris Marathon. And then, I just quit running. Yeah, I still signed up for races, and I showed up but…that was about it.

In 2016 I, along with a group of friends, have pledged to run 1000 miles. Someone else did the math and it’s a bit more than 20 a week. I think 🙂  My current running plans are pretty unplanned at the moment. I will be running the Houston Half marathon again in a couple of weeks and I am registered for the runDisney Dark Side Challenge in April. I have plans to go for redemption at the Marine Corps Historic Half and will likely repeat my October trifecta – the Hartford Half, the Hershey Half and the Marine Corps Marathon (got my “club” number so get to bypass the lottery!!)

There are some events on my “want to do” list — Hershey’s 10K, the Skirt Sports 13er (which will combine and ambassador retreat with my return to Boulder after too many years!!) Run With the Amish, Hogsback Half, Shipyard Old Port Half…and I’m sure a few more will rear their heads in the next few months! And there will also be multiple 5K’s and possibly more 10K’s.

So I resolve to actually be more diligent in training – and will work my hardest to make it to 1000 miles! And I resolve to actually show up for races I register for — so in full disclosure I will say that I was registered for a 10K this morning that I did *not* go to, but I *DID* run a bit more than 10K at home!!

Health Resolutions:  The addition of an insulin pump to my arsenal this year has made it much easier to track my sugar numbers so I’ll continue on that path! I will also head back to Bikram on a MUCH more consistent basis. I plan to also throw a Whole30 or two on the pile this year — or at least eat more cleanly more often.

Blogging Resolutions: Yep. More consistency! More posting! More pictures! More fun! I hope to have a lot to share this year in all areas of my life.

Random Resolutions: More quality time with the Phred – working away from home takes away a lot of the time we used to spend together and he’s a good dog and deserves more attention!! And, I resolve to make my bed every morning.I will also work as hard as I can to be less road rage-y and angry when I’m driving! And finally, I will take time every day to express my gratitude – there is so much in my life that makes me thankful and I need to acknowledge that much more often!

Do you make resolutions? Do you keep ’em?!! What is the easiest resolution that you’ve made and kept?

dust off self

Time for Some Accountability….

17 Feb

So, I was all proud of myself for actually making what I believe are actual realistic, achievable New Year’s Resolutions…and I put it all out here for ya’ll to read!


Well, let’s see how we’re doing now, shall we??

I am still making goals (yay!) … did not meet my January goal and am currently NOT on track to meet my February goal (85 miles). I’m not being terribly consistent. And I can’t even blame the weather since I <gasp> joined a gym a couple of weeks ago simply to have use of the treadmills…I’ve definitely cut back on the negative talk, in general. But as it specifically relates to my lack of consistent running? Well…still working on that! And, the Bikram? Well, I’m getting back to it, slowly — and really it’s just ridiculous since I feel loads better when I get in the groove…

I’ve been doing ….okay. Not great but not as awful as I had gotten. Trying to eat three normal meals a day, less wine, less snacking. And, I’ve just signed on to do a 10-day cleanse starting sometime in the next week or so which I think will go a very long way to helping me get more on track (and you can bet I’ll be sharing all the awesome details of that experience right here!!). Blood sugar still up and down but the process has begun to get my pump/CGM. I’m going with the Animas , not sure how long it will take to get here, but I’m hoping to be up and running with it (haha…get it?!) by the time I leave for Paris. And, my weight, well, it is exactly the same as it was at the end of the year…

Everything Else:
Well, I did finally make it down to NYC with a friend so — two birds right?! And, I’m definitely working at being nice to people I run into during my days. Organizing is coming along VERY slowly but I hope to start gaining momentum now that there may be a job prospect on the horizon!  And, I wake up every morning thankful for all that I *do* have and worry much less about what I want or don’t have!

All in all…I could be doing a lot better. I could also be doing a lot worse….

How do you motivate yourself??  Bribes? Rewards? 

Dirty Dozen!

21 Sep


And, I’m ending week 12 on a low note 😦 So let’s make this fast, short and sweet (ish)

This week’s Higdon plan was:
Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 5 mile run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Saturday – 7 mile run
Sunday – cross-train

And let me tell you, things started out pretty darn good!  Well, except for my runs got pushed back a day unexpectedly. No biggie! I had plans to go to NYC on Saturday so would still get my rest day in with no problem!   (3.12, 5.75, 3.02)

So what ended up happening was:
Wednesday – 3.12
Thursday – 5.75 – hah! I thought I was shortening last week’s 5.5 but I did not. And, actually had a pretty decent pace!
Friday – 3.02

Then the rails came off — I went to NYC on Saturday! and had fun just wandering around! Came home and  watched some Breaking Bad, since I’m a late adopter and all that I am now having mini-BB Binges 🙂 I went to bed early, planning to get up and get in my 7 and then get to Bikram. I had a little low blood sugar problem in the middle of the night and was also feeling…well, not so great otherwise. This led to me over sleeping and still feeling crappy when I got up. I dressed to run and then went out and trimmed trees – didn’t realize we were also going to have thunderstorms today…

So, long story short,


And I’m kind of pissed off at myself about it…I’d like to get through ONE week where I don’t miss any of my runs. And, it’s all up to me really. I wish I didn’t know that I could finish the distance with inadequate training – but I want to finish a lot stronger than I usually do! I think the real test will be next Saturday’s Hogsback Half Marathon — I’m hoping to see some improvement (even with my missed runs) and have a new time to submit to runDisney for #Dopey15. I’m definitely feeling and seeing improvements in my mid-week runs so we shall see!!

Next week’s Higdon plan is:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 14 miles
My plan is to, obviously, do 13 on Saturday and then 5 on Sunday to get the mileage covered. And I will reward myself with a massage on Sunday afternoon.

Feel free to provide any motivation you can think of!! It’s probably much better than me beating myself up about things – Right??


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