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Wrapping it Up and Looking Ahead!!

28 Jul

wonderful monday

And, it’s once again time to wrap up my week!! I’m already a day late, so let’s get started 🙂

The Galloway plan for the week called for

Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 5.5 miles

The spirit was very willing this week! So yay!! 🙂 And, I have to say, I’m noticing things getting easier on my runs, which is the whole point of this training thing!

Tuesday — I got up and just did it! Because really…you have to 🙂 3 miles + a bit extra.
Thursday — Thursday evening was the Hartford Marathon Foundation “Run the Rent” 5K — this takes place at an old airfield near Rentschler field. I did this one last year and it was really a nice run so signed up again this year. Not quite 45 minutes and 3.2 miles
Saturday — Initially, I thought that I was going to go to NYC for the day but when I slept in (til 7:30 ya’ll!!) I decided I’d get some things done around the house – spoiler alert: I didn’t get much done 🙂  So I got up Sunday and headed out for my 5.5 before the forecast storms hit. At around 1.4 I felt a “pop” in my left calf. At 1.5 I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to run much more and turned around. So, 3 miles total, Thanks to my ProCompression socks and an ice pack I wasn’t completely incapacitated all day!

This coming week should be a good one! Hoping to add in an extra run to make up for shortening the weekend’s run. In addition to crossing all my upcoming big finish lines strong, I am also aiming to really put in ALL of the required miles, even if it means making it up along the way. Heading out of town for a couple of days on Friday so also want to get Saturday’s 3 miler in before I go! If things go well, this will be my first four-in-a-row and while I won’t be waking up super super early (as I would at Disney!) it’ll get me in the right frame of mind for doing a four in a row weekend (Hello #Dopey15!!)

And some sad news 😦 I’ve mentioned re-upping for another year at my local Bikram studio but learned last week that she’ll be closing in 2 days.  So I am truly going to have to commit to making this effort since the next closest place is a bit of a longer drive. But, they offer an early morning class every week-day so I will really appreciate having that option.

I hope everyone is ready to attack the week with gusto!!

What big wonderful plans do you have for the coming week?!! 


Monday – aka “It’s Always Something”

7 Jul

First of all, Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had as beautiful a weekend as we had up here in Connecticut – the weather was amazing! I know it’s tough to get back to work after a long holiday weekend but bring it on!!


Woke up this morning to find that the charger on my laptop seems to be wearing out! Actually, I’ve notice lately that I have to jiggle to cord around to get the charge going but this morning’s tragedy is that even my jiggling isn’t working.


Danger! Danger!

And so begins the hunt for a new cord — hopefully one that will arrive très rapidement!


Meanwhile, enjoy your week — remember, it’s only Monday once this week!!

minion monday

Weekly Wrap-Up and a Look Ahead

5 May

Wrap Up — get it?!! 😉

A day late, but better late than never!!

I feel much better about things than last week that’s for sure.

Last week’s plan:
Monday – Strength training day + Stretching – Done!
Tuesday – 2.5 miles – Done!
Wednesday – 30 minutes cross training (not sure what I’ll do yet!!) – Done! (well, 24 minutes done!)
Thursday – 2 miles + strength training + 10 second wall sit + 1 set 60 second plank 2 miles, Done! Wall sit and plank Done!

And then, we came up with a *new* fitness challenge — wall sits, planks and upper body
So Thursday became 2 miles + 1 Forward plank/30 sec + 2 side planks/30 sec each +30 sec wall sit +5 pushups + 5 chair dips Done!
Friday – Rest Day + 20 second wall sit + 3 sets / 30 second plan Plank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec wall sit + 8 Pushups + 5 Chair Dips Done!
Saturday – 40 minutes cross training +30 second wall sit + 1 set / 60 second plank Plank 1F/30 sec, 2S/30 sec + 1 min wall sit + 5 Pushups + 8 Chair Dips Done!
Sunday – 3 miles + 40 second wall sit + 3 sets / 30 second planPlank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec Wall Sit + 10 pushups + 8 chair dips Well..not done. Yet. Will definitely get to these today. All of it

Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening clearing out a planting bed – and who knew that hoeing was such an amazing upper body and core workout? I learned on Sunday just really how powerful it is!! Today I am moving MUCH better!! 😉


Before…this is what lazy gets you!!


After….this is what HARD work gets you!


Gratuitous fresh mowed lawn shot!

Sunday was also the day to submit my weight for the Diet Bet I’m participating in for the next 4 weeks — and that was a real eye-opener! And not in a good way that’s for sure! So there may be a bit more talking about the “Fork” part of things in coming days!

And now on to this week’s plan!!

Schedule for the Coming Week:
Monday – Strength training day + Stretching + 3 miles I Missed Sunday + Plank 1F/30 sec 2S/30 sec + 1 min wall sit + REST DAY for upper body!! (Though, I need to make up for Sunday so there’s an additional Plank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec Wall Sit + 10 pushups + 8 chair dips – oops!)
Tuesday – 2.5 miles + Plank 2F/45 sec + 80 sec wall sit + 10 Pushups + 8 Chair Dips
Wednesday – 30 minutes cross training + Plank 1F/30 sec 2S/30 sec + Wall Sit REST DAY! + 8 pushups + 8 Chair Dips
Thursday – 2 miles + strength training + Plank REST DAY! + 1 min wall sit + 15 pushups + 8 chair dips
Friday – Rest Day + Plank 1F/60 sec 2S/30 sec + 90 sec wall sit + 5 pushups + 10 chair dips
Saturday – 40 minutes cross training + Plank 2F/60 sec + 75 sec wall sit + Another Rest Day for upper body!
Sunday – 3 miles + Plank 1F/60 sec 2S/30 sec + 105 sec wall sit + 12 pushups + 10 chair dips

Looks like a lot, but there’s a lot of work ahead! And it’s all good, right?!!


Have a fantastic week ya’ll!!!

monday awesome



Monday Check In

21 Apr

Okay — so last week I set some goals with the hope that whatever had gone wrong with my leg on Saturday would be “cured” by Monday. So I decided to check in here and re-set for the week. And, as always, a couple of random thoughts near the end!

It wasn’t *completely* better but good enough for me to take a shot at things.

So, on the Plank Challenge:
I only got Day 10 and Day 11 done 😦

plankPlank Challenge  this week:
Day 12 – (4 sets of 45 seconds)
Day 13 – (3 sets of 60 seconds)
Day 14 – (4 sets of 45 seconds)
Day 15 – (3 sets of 60 seconds)
Day 16 – Rest Day
Day 17 – (2 sets of 90 seconds)
Day 18 – (3 sets of 60 seconds)

Did a wee bit better on the Wall Sit Challenge:
I got days 10, 11 and 12 done :/

wall sitWall Sit Challenge this week:
Day 13 – (130 seconds)
Day 14 – (140 seconds)
Day 15 – (150 seconds)
Day 16 – (160 seconds)
Day 17 – (170 seconds)
Day 18 – (180 seconds)
Day 19 – (190 seconds)

Running mileage? Well, I got a lot of walking miles in – for a total of 15. There was a little jogging but not too much 😦

Mileage Goals for this week:
Tuesday – 2.5 miles
Wednesday – 2.5 miles
Thursday – 2.5 miles
Saturday – 5 miles
Sunday – Running the Glastonbury River Run 5K (3.1 miles)

So the lesson I’ve learned here is that it’s really pretty embarrassing to have to report how much I *didn’t* do this week! And I’d really rather not have to do the same next Monday so…let’s just get to it shall we?!! (And of course by “we” I mean “me!)

Happy Boston Marathon Monday!! Tune in and see some amazing people conquering an amazing event!!

Boston Marathon logo 460

If you’re not into that kind of thing, then Happy Monday!!



First used by kwana.com

Also, a special shout-out to my sister today – she knows why 🙂 Thinking of you this morning and I love you!!!

1965 May Kodak 6 483104-R1-05-5

My sister Mary — looks like it’s Rodeo time!!!

New Kid on the Block

18 Nov

No no!! Not that kind of New Kid!! (But, hey, Bonus! You get to have a song stuck in your head all day too!!)


I’ve been writing this in pencil these days!!

Today I’m supposed to start a new job. Now, I’ve been doing contract work for the last 9 years (Yikes!! NINE YEARS?!!?) and have been pretty fortunate to move smoothly from one job to another. I’ve had only one long stretch of unemployment – 9 months – which was fine since it gave me the opportunity to spend more time in Houston when my mom was in the hospital. But I digress 🙂

I had a job earlier this summer. But it didn’t pay enough (though it paid more than nothing so I should’ve just been thankful!!) and eventually I was replaced at that client and started the hunt for something new. I had my heart set on this. one. job! I turned down a job that would have required an 80 mile a day commute (and I am very thankful for this after listening to some afternoon traffic reports in that area!)


I do not have the patience to sit in this every day!!

Eventually I was told that the job I really wanted was mine and I would be starting a couple of days after I came home from Wine and Dine. So I woke up that Wednesday morning, hopped in the shower and waited. Waited to hear from someone telling me what I needed to do to get started!  And I waited some more. And then I realized that I wouldn’t be starting on Wednesday. So probably maybe tomorrow? Or Friday? Heck, I’d even settle for starting on Monday.

monday calm

Which brings us to … Dun Dun Dun…today 🙂 I figured nothing would bring information out (of the “please show up in Wallingford by 9 am” sort) faster than not showering when I woke up. When 8:30 approached I then decided that getting in the shower was SURE to set the phone ringing and dinging with calls and emails and messages.

That didn’t happen. So I fired off my first message of the day “I still haven’t heard anything”. Somewhere on the other end of the line was a flurry of activity – calls being made, information passed on. Eventually word came that I would hear from *someone* between noon and five regarding orientation and my laptop was ready to be picked up.

So, finally around 3-ish I did hear from my new manager/person I’m taking over for and there was a conference call at 4:30 to figure out how we’re going to get me going! I will either have to go into the office at some point (soon? I hope!) to pick up my computer or it is going to be FedEx’d to me. And I will have to learn to use my “dongle”…yeah. Stop laughing!!


Don’t know if this is what my key looks like…

This device will henceforth be called, by me, a “key”.  Here’s hoping the key comes soon and I can get started!!

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to being a productive part of society again!!

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