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Weekly Wrapup – Sunday Funday!

13 Jul



Week 2 is in the books —

I actually started the week writing down my goals for the week, on an index card. This included my runs and other workouts. Something to know about me is I’ve never been so great at setting goals (other than – do NOT DNF this race! so you see they’re mostly made on the fly…) I think having things written down and keeping track throughout the week helped a lot!

So let’s see what happened 🙂

The Galloway plan for the week called for
Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 4 miles

Tuesday — I actually ended up doing this one on Wednesday morning. Tuesday morning whilst doing my 30-day Shred my Achilles/calf tightened up so I wanted to wait it out. It wasn’t 100% on Wed so most of my 45 minutes was walking. I threw in a few intervals to see how things felt and did alright. 3 miles.
Thursday — Did this one after work on Thursday. 3 miles again
Saturday — Saturday morning I did the Hartford Marathon Foundation Red Dress Run for Women — recap here!! Not the 4 miles on the schedule but I got out there! 3 miles (Well, 3.3 according to Map My Run
I’m 1 mile short of my Galloway goal for this week. Debating making this up tomorrow.

I also didn’t get to the Jillian/Firm workouts as much as I’d hoped but, frankly, got to them more than I have recently so that’s a win, right?

I realized a biggie this week — that getting up and getting it done first thing in the morning makes my whole day better. I am also guessing that this will help it become more of a habit than a chore!

Other than the workouts, I didn’t get a whole lot done. And I have a whole lot that needs doing!! So time to spread the motivation to other things too.

Finishing up my goals for this next week and looking forward to another great one. On my list for this week is to re-engage in some Bikram. It helps with so many areas of my life it seems kind of nuts to not go back!!

Hope you’re all making big plans for the upcoming week!!

How frequently do you set goals for yourself? Do you think it helps to write them down?


What’s Up?

23 Oct

Well, What’s Up is that I’m posting yesterday’s Tuesday Truth because…well…I forgot to post it yesterday. On Tuesday!  I know I’ve been very lax lately about telling the Truth on Tuesday but I’m back on track – I think.


Today’s truth?

This year for the first time, I’ve backed out of two races that I was really excited about.

First was the Rock and Roll Providence Half Marathon. I had registered for this earlier in the year (when they were running one of their “register today for $5” kind of promotions) but then learned about a smaller, local half (Hogsback Half Marathon) and I registered for that one too. Then realized that they were both in the same weekend. Which, wasn’t a problem. I mean, I ran the Goofy Challenge this year so I know I could do it. But then I learned that I would have to pick up my Providence packet no later than 5 pm on the same day as Hogsback and knew that there was no way I would make it. So. Bummed to not get to run with my Team McGraw friends. But I seriously enjoyed the Hogsback so it wasn’t a complete loss!

The next was the ING Hartford Half Marathon. This one always falls during my annual Columbus Day Welcome Fall weekend/party/get-to-gether but I really wanted to do it this year so I signed up and was getting really excited about it! Unfortunately, I had pulled a glute muscle and bruised my ankle the previous weekend at Tower of Terror. And with Wine and Dine coming up I thought it was more prudent to not put the extra 13.1 miles on. It’s part of that whole being Smart and listening to your body thing that is pretty important in running. And also, frankly, really hard to do for some of us!

Needless to say, I’m a little disappointed in myself but know I’m doing the right thing – massage, rest, icing…and I’m really ready to tackle my final Magical Miles for 2013 next month!!


So there you have it. And that’s the Truth.

Belated Hogsback Half Marathon – recap (Race weekend 9.28.13)

11 Oct

This was going to be the weekend of races! I had registered for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Providence awhile back and then learned about a great local race and registered for that – not realizing that the local race was on Saturday and the Providence race was on Sunday. Of the same weekend. But, heck, I did Goofy earlier this year, 2 half marathons in a weekend was NOTHING!!

Well, the week leading up to my epic weekend of racing was a difficult one. First, on Monday I strained my back – so much so that the drive home from work was one of the most painful things I’ve done. Things felt a little better Tuesday at work – it was after work, when I rear-ended a truck on my way home that things went a little more south.

I could tell the next day that while my back was feeling better, my ankle and my …er…gluteus area…was more sore than normal. At this point I started thinking that 2 big races in one weekend might not be the smartest move. Then when I learned that I would have to pick up my race packet for Sunday no later than 5 on Saturday I realized that Providence would not happen this year.

So I was focused on Saturday’s race. The Hogsback Half Marathon. I was getting more and more excited as the race director, Kelly Gallagher, would post updates on facebook. And the pre-race communication was GREAT! Lots of information. And, apparently I didn’t read it all very carefully.

The plan was to get in the early start group at 8:15 – the suggestion was to get to the race start by 7:30 to pick up and make it to the start in time. In my mind…I had a 40 minute drive or so since I was thinking the race was in Colchester, CT. When I was double checking the information at about 6:30 Saturday morning, I discovered it was COLEBROOK, CT. Which is on the other side of the state. And a little farther drive…

So I started making my plans for what I would do if we missed the start – I’d volunteer! I mean, I would already be there. But, miraculously, we got there in time to get bibs and get to the start for the early start!


Early Autumn view at the start/finish area.

This was by far one of the most beautiful courses I’ve been on – and it’s a great time of year in New England with the leaves changing and just enough of Autumn in the air to make things comfortable!

Timewise, I did pretty well considering my “injuries”, better than I have done all year so I was happy with that. I’m still slower than I used to be but I’m getting back there.

Course support was great – plenty of water stops. No potties on the course though, that would be the only downside. There were a lot of hills…and it seemed that most of them were of the uphill type, very view of my favorite downhills 🙂


People lining up for the tasty post-race buffet!!

The post-race buffet was amazing! So many thanks to Kelly Gallagher and her husband as well as her entire family for all the hard work they put into this! I totally am volunteering to bring some desserts for next year’s event! Chicken, pasta, potatoes, salad, cookies, brownies, pies…I didn’t have to eat the rest of the day!!


This is what I’m talkin’ about!! Noms!

Awards? I didn’t get one but these awards are definitely motivation to work harder– fabulously decorated sugar cookies from Cookie Cowgirl. An award. You can EAT!! So, you might think that I think this race is all about the food – but…


There were leftover cookies…I didn’t win one 🙂

Did I mention? This race is in support of Running for Rescues– so a big portion of the miniscule registrations fees ($35 for a half marathon? In 2013? UNHEARD OF!!) goes to helping doggie rescue organizations.

So, let me recap the recap 🙂 Cheap registration, option to start early (which I need these days!), beautiful New England course, GREAT post-race spread, cute awards, wonderful charity…all great things!!

This doesn’t mean there weren’t one or two things I was less than happy with.

Um…that mile 12 hill? That went from Mile 12 to Mile 13? Yeah…can we do something about that? 😉 And, maybe that uphill walk to the car after as well? Thanks! Also, I know it’s nearly impossible given the course but a potty somewhere near the middle would be nice but I totally get why it’s not feasible.

All in all – this was an amazing event and I’m definitely signing up again!

To read more about the HogsBack Half Marathon, check out Kelly’s blog post on how she works really hard to put on an affordable, but quality, event here: http://somerandomthursday.blogspot.com/2013/08/economics-of-race-2013-hogsback-half.html And check out her other posts on putting on the race! Interesting stuff!!

And…The bling!!


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