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Things Get X-Treme on Thursdays in the Summer!

20 Jul

Yet another Hurrah to the HMF for a great event!

Connecticut has been having a heat wave. Hot. Hot and humid. “Feels like” temps in the mid-upper 90’s. So. Hot. And if you’re a runner, really hot.

HMF gets it. We want to get out there and get our miles in. But, we – for the most part- don’t want to die.

Early in the week, I got my “race update” email. The usual Thursday night Scramble was going to be a “fun” fun. Still timed but…do you really want to kill yourself for a prize worth 4 bucks? Lots of extra water planned. Misting at the water stop(s). A shorter course, cut down to 2 miles to make sure we were running mostly in the shade. Ice water pools at the finish line.

OR….you could pick up your t-shirt and number and have your beer, your burrito from Moes, your Kayem frank…and listen to some jazz.

It looked like folks were pretty evenly split between running and partying. (though, to be clear, the runners also party) I was in the group that just needed to get in my training miles!

My friend Kathy came over from Rhode Island and we met to walk over to the race. It was warm to say the least! Kath has had a couple of problems so I figured it might be a slower one for her, which is A-OK with me. I had a pre-race hot dog from the Kayem booth. It was really tasty and I hope I win some franks in their “#TrackTheTruck” contest!


Pre-Race Dog



Got my miles in. They were some pretty hot ones but I didn’t do too bad all things considered. Grabbed a bottle of water and went to stand in line for my beer! Hey! I have priorities!! Harpoon was there with their IPA and Summer Lager. I always choose the seasonal, IPA is kind of hoppy to me! Then, on to the Moe’s booth for my burrito! Finally it’s time to find a seat. Which means climbing some stairs. LOTS of stairs! But, there’s music and a nice view so…

phone 720 020

The Hartford 4th of July fireworks celebration had been postponed to Thursday – the announcer kept saying they’d start at 9. Turns out that was a lie! They were starting at 9:30 and my hiney was getting sore from sitting on the grass so we decided to head home. After all, the music had stopped so it was getting harder to keep myself entertained!

It was another great X-Treme Scramble from the HMF – Hot Summer Nights indeed! Can’t wait for the next one – gonna get my disco on!

The Scrambles are always music themed. What’s your favorite musical genre?

Thank God it’s Friiiiiday!

17 May

If you now have that song in your head A. you’re old, dude! and 2. My work here is done!!

Happy it’s Friday – but I would be even if I wasn’t working. The dude is coming back home this weekend (and he will hate that he’s mentioned here so mentions will be VERY limited – unless he does something absolutely worthy of mountain-top shouting!) which is always a good Friday!

Now,  I’m sure we are all very happy I made it through week one of my new job without stomping off like a big baby cause I have nothing to do!! The people I sit with (in some funky, four desk configuration that has me staring at three people all day!) are nice. One is only a week ‘older’ than me at this company. My boss is nice and has great plans for piling my work on….eventually. Suffice to say, nothing is being piled on the first week. It never is! (Note to people who hire me: I’ve been working for a BAZILLION years…I pick up on things pretty quick so I can handle running some Excel Macros…)

People-wise things are good. My Big Boss is pretty laid back and the fact that she looks like my best, oldest friend helps. Like, she REALLY looks like Eydie so it will be tough for me to not think she’s Eydie! The other two guys I work most closely with are, I think, being careful to not overwhelm me with my tasks. I sit with three other people, all contractors like me (though I think one might be an intern). One of the gals is only here til/through June I think. The other just started last week. And then there’s the “intern”.

One of my “office” mates and I have decided to take a long walk every day which is going to be nice. It’s good to get out and see the city. She’s done counseling in the city for the last 10 years so a lot of the homeless people we walk past actually know her and they all seem to love her!! I’m learning about lots of cool things that go on in the city – free stuff to do!

So, while I’m not making the money I was making before I am, so far, liking things…we’ll have to see how long this lasts! As long as they keep giving me more to do I’ll be fine. But, sitting in an office getting paid to do nothing is NOT the cake job people think it would be 🙂

Plus…loads of free coffee and hot chocolate! And, have I mentioned Dunkin Donuts in the lobby??

Have a super Friday night!! Get out there and Boogie!


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