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Week 10 WrapUp

8 Sep


Alrighty! Let’s just jump right in to last week’s #Dopey15 training! 10 Weeks – Done!!

The Galloway plan for the week called for

Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 11 miles

And here’s what happened:

Tuesday – was all full of myself when I got out on MONDAY and did 3.25. So, Booyah!!
Thursday – As luck would have it, I was travelling again on Thursday and the plan was to get up and beat the heat so I could shower and finish packing before work. This did not exactly happen.
Saturday – There’s a race recap coming up REALLY soon that will show I did not manage 11 miles on Saturday (or Sunday for that matter!)

And, I know you’re saying to yourself right about now “Man…what a slacker! She’ll NEVER make it”! Oh ye of little faith…just you wait!!

Starting this week, I’m going to switch over to the Hal Higdon Dopey plan – It feels like a lot more running and I need my butt kicked so there. I will still be using my Galloway intervals though, let’s not get all crazy now! So now I’ll have 3 week days of running and alternating 2 run weekends.

Also starting *next* week, I get back to Bikram — was planning to head back today but woke up with either serious allergies or a cold and just…can’t face the hot room til I’m past it!!

Just for an introduction, my Higdon Plan for this week is:

Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 5.5 mile run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Saturday – 3 mile run
Sunday – 13 mile run

And Monday’s are to be used for strength and stretching (which is where I will be happily adding Bikram to my plan). Alternate weekends is a Cross-training weekend on one of the days which, also, Bikram. Friday’s are rest days. Which will either be used for rest or…yeah. Bikram

So wish me luck!! And feel free to get those motivational messages lined up …I think I’m gonna need ’em!


And so it begins…

1 Jul

In approximately 188 days and 18 hours (or so…) *my* Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend will begin. As you may have heard, I am completing the Dopey Challenge (henceforth and forevermore known as #DOPEY15)


As you might expect it takes a special kind of training to take on a challenge like this. And my friends, that training starts today. It starts NOW!!

I should first confess, I am horrible at following a plan. So I’m giving myself options – but not too many options cause then the wheels just fall off early.

Many of my friends swear by using the Galloway Run-Walk method – since I’m known to take the occasional walk break, this method should work really well for me. It’s an organized way to *plan* your walk breaks and take them before you actually need them. And, Coach Galloway is the official runDisney training advisor so he kinda knows what he’s talking about when it comes to runDisney! Oh yeah, and his plan starts today. So time to start knocking out those miles!!

But wait…I said options didn’t I? Well…I did.

In about a month, there’s another plan that I’ve looked at that kicks off. And ps how’s that for bad sentence structure?!!  Anyway, Hal HIgdon is a World Masters Champion (4 times thankyouverymuch) and has run the US Olympic trials a – very big – handful of times. I’ve “used” his plans several times and they do the job. Or. Ya know, I imagine they would if one were to follow religiously. Which I haven’t. But plan to this time. And he’s got a great looking, pretty intense, Dopey training plan should I choose to jump over from my Galloway plan.

It’s also time to be more careful about eating to fuel my runs, and not simply because I love to eat 🙂

There is a lot of work to be done here!!! So we need to get on it. Yes. We. I definitely need to be held accountable so feel free to nag and call me names if I ever “forget” to workout  But do it gently please 😉




So who else is getting ready to kick off their fall training??!

Legends Were Born Here!!

11 Apr

Exciting to see these signs when I was out walking Phred the week before the race!

This weekend, I was really proud of my adopted hometown.

First off, I have to say, that I LOVE the little town I live in. We’ve actually been voted to have the most romantic Main Street in America. I can’t attest to that but I can say that it’s a really great Main Street!

The race – the Hartford Marathon Foundation, Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half Marathon and Legends 4-Miler (phew!)0 was a late starter (11:30 I think!) and when I got to the end of Main Street where packet pickup was taking place there was a really festive atmosphere. I learned late last week that runDisney coach Jeff Galloway would be joining his old college roommate Amby Burfoot and Bill Rodgers in the half marathon so I was kind of excited to say hi!


Running Legends and Wesleyan alums

Picked up my bib, found Meg and eventually Kim, and we went over to the tent to see the Legends! Now, lately I’ve just been tossing my race bibs (if they aren’t from Disney) but I had Jeff and Bill sign this one, so it’s a keeper!




And, I committed to #Dopey15 out loud to Coach Galloway so…I’m committed!!

On to the actual race. There was a 4-Miler and a Half Marathon. I live here, so I knew about the hills. And the half had lots of extra hills! So I picked the 4-miler!! Oh…there were hills in this one too. In fact, within the first quarter mile we hit one of the biggies!



Big crowds, big hills!

It was really a pretty course (but I knew it would be!) and there were some folks out watching and cheering. Once we left “downtown” we hit roads that I use for training so it was all familiar terrain. There were a few more pretty significant (to me) hills and I admit that I was was thrilled to get back into town and hit the final downhill. The finish line on Main Street was a welcome sight! Once I crossed and got my medal, I grabbed some snacks (and said hi to Kim who was serving snacks!) I hurried back to the car. My plan was to head home, grab Phred and go cheer on Meg and Sara who were running the half – and the 8 mile mark was right up from my house! Traffic was kind of not great but once I got close to home things opened up and I actually had plenty of time before I saw them heading up the street! Then it was back to the house, hop in the car and back to the finish line!!


Meg and Sara in the distance!!

And ya’ll know I’m all about the post-race goodies, right?! Well, they did it right this time! NoRa Cupcakes, Eli Cannon pulled pork, Mondo pizza, tasty little baguettes!  In addition to the actual race provided snacks for runners, there were also food trucks lining the street next to the park (we didn’t hit any of those but they all looked really good!!)

Eventually it was time to say good bye to my running pals after another really great weekend! But we’d definitely be doing this again. And again!!



Another Kim Markey original photo!!

Overall, I think this was a great event and I do hope it comes back year after year! There was really a sense of excitement along Main Street, it is a beautiful (but hilly!) course, and the post-race snacks were amazing. PLUS having the Wesleyan Legends there was amazing!! The only thing I think I would change is making sure that someone is monitoring the street closures – LOTS of cars were going around barricades and ignoring speed limits which put runners in danger. I know that the Hartford Marathon Foundation was looking for volunteers as late as Saturday afternoon so hopefully there will be more excitement around this next year and the volunteers will flock to help out!!


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