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Run the Rent

30 Jul

Last Thursday I ran the Hartford Marathon Foundation 3rd Annual Rentschler Airfield 5K. This event benefits the East Hartford Police Officer Brian A. Aselton Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. which provides scholarships to children of police officers and local criminal justice students. Fast and flat through an old airfield — I did this one last year too and it wasn’t just the donuts that brought me back!! Though, they helped that’s for sure!!


The weather was *perfect*!! There was a tailwind heading out – which of course meant that we would be running into the wind on the way back (booo!!). We were also warned of possible coyote sightings out in the more “wild” part of the course. Didn’t see any of those – and it felt like the course changed a little bit from last year, not as much trail and more runway running. Which is fine with me!!


My plan was to do my Galloway 45 minutes so I wasn’t too concerned with beating the clock (Not that I am ever concerned about the clock!!) and I stuck to my 2:1 intervals for most of the way. For a couple of intervals after Mile 2 I was more 1.5:1.5 intervals but got back to the 2:1 until I saw the finish arch then just went with running.


These guys were waiting at the finish line….

Like last year the finish line snacks were burgers, donuts, beer and ice cream – you know, health food!  The burgers were provided by Cabela’s. Beer provided by Olde Burnside Brewing Co. makers of the tasty Ten Penny Ale. And the donuts once more provided by Faddy’s Donuts & Ice Cream. And lucky you, you don’t even have to run 5K to try the great apple cider donuts at Faddy’s since they are there at Cabela’s all the time! This year I just by-passed the burger completely and enjoyed my donut with a beer chaser 🙂

This is one I will definitely keep doing — I enjoy the evening runs during the summer!

What is your favorite post-race goodie?!  Especially in the summer, I like a nice cold beer! 

Wrapping it Up and Looking Ahead!!

28 Jul

wonderful monday

And, it’s once again time to wrap up my week!! I’m already a day late, so let’s get started 🙂

The Galloway plan for the week called for

Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 5.5 miles

The spirit was very willing this week! So yay!! 🙂 And, I have to say, I’m noticing things getting easier on my runs, which is the whole point of this training thing!

Tuesday — I got up and just did it! Because really…you have to 🙂 3 miles + a bit extra.
Thursday — Thursday evening was the Hartford Marathon Foundation “Run the Rent” 5K — this takes place at an old airfield near Rentschler field. I did this one last year and it was really a nice run so signed up again this year. Not quite 45 minutes and 3.2 miles
Saturday — Initially, I thought that I was going to go to NYC for the day but when I slept in (til 7:30 ya’ll!!) I decided I’d get some things done around the house – spoiler alert: I didn’t get much done 🙂  So I got up Sunday and headed out for my 5.5 before the forecast storms hit. At around 1.4 I felt a “pop” in my left calf. At 1.5 I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to run much more and turned around. So, 3 miles total, Thanks to my ProCompression socks and an ice pack I wasn’t completely incapacitated all day!

This coming week should be a good one! Hoping to add in an extra run to make up for shortening the weekend’s run. In addition to crossing all my upcoming big finish lines strong, I am also aiming to really put in ALL of the required miles, even if it means making it up along the way. Heading out of town for a couple of days on Friday so also want to get Saturday’s 3 miler in before I go! If things go well, this will be my first four-in-a-row and while I won’t be waking up super super early (as I would at Disney!) it’ll get me in the right frame of mind for doing a four in a row weekend (Hello #Dopey15!!)

And some sad news 😦 I’ve mentioned re-upping for another year at my local Bikram studio but learned last week that she’ll be closing in 2 days.  So I am truly going to have to commit to making this effort since the next closest place is a bit of a longer drive. But, they offer an early morning class every week-day so I will really appreciate having that option.

I hope everyone is ready to attack the week with gusto!!

What big wonderful plans do you have for the coming week?!! 


Weekly Wrapup – Sunday Funday!

13 Jul



Week 2 is in the books —

I actually started the week writing down my goals for the week, on an index card. This included my runs and other workouts. Something to know about me is I’ve never been so great at setting goals (other than – do NOT DNF this race! so you see they’re mostly made on the fly…) I think having things written down and keeping track throughout the week helped a lot!

So let’s see what happened 🙂

The Galloway plan for the week called for
Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 4 miles

Tuesday — I actually ended up doing this one on Wednesday morning. Tuesday morning whilst doing my 30-day Shred my Achilles/calf tightened up so I wanted to wait it out. It wasn’t 100% on Wed so most of my 45 minutes was walking. I threw in a few intervals to see how things felt and did alright. 3 miles.
Thursday — Did this one after work on Thursday. 3 miles again
Saturday — Saturday morning I did the Hartford Marathon Foundation Red Dress Run for Women — recap here!! Not the 4 miles on the schedule but I got out there! 3 miles (Well, 3.3 according to Map My Run
I’m 1 mile short of my Galloway goal for this week. Debating making this up tomorrow.

I also didn’t get to the Jillian/Firm workouts as much as I’d hoped but, frankly, got to them more than I have recently so that’s a win, right?

I realized a biggie this week — that getting up and getting it done first thing in the morning makes my whole day better. I am also guessing that this will help it become more of a habit than a chore!

Other than the workouts, I didn’t get a whole lot done. And I have a whole lot that needs doing!! So time to spread the motivation to other things too.

Finishing up my goals for this next week and looking forward to another great one. On my list for this week is to re-engage in some Bikram. It helps with so many areas of my life it seems kind of nuts to not go back!!

Hope you’re all making big plans for the upcoming week!!

How frequently do you set goals for yourself? Do you think it helps to write them down?


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