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Hey! I think you forgot something!!

30 May

It’s Friday!!

And it’s the last Friday in May!!

That means that you only have one more day to make a minimum 25 dollar donation to my Marine Corps Marathon Fundraising effort to get a fabulous gift!! Okay, technically, you probably have 2 days since I won’t order them until I get home from this race weekend…


I know it seems like October is a Loooonnnnnggggg way away…but think of how fast May just sped by! It’ll be here before I know it! And before YOU know it!!

So dig deep — or not so deep — and support an amazing cause!

And bookmark this link! You know, for when you win Powerball and want a bazillion Believe bracelets!!


I’ve been driving around Williamsburg today and I have to say, I may only be running 8K tomorrow…but it’s gonna be a HILLY 8K!! Lots of pictures coming too cause it is BEAUTIFUL here!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

baby stew

I feel like this picture is telling me to kick off the weekend with some Baby Chef Stew…Don’t do that!!

Friday Night Light

21 Mar

So, this has been a nutty couple of weeks – lots going on. Some not so great, but mostly okay.. 😉 Some things I’ll write about and some things I’ll just stuff deep down until I explode! Haha..#kiddingnotkidding 

So, to wrap things up and get back on track with some regular posting…here’s a few items for your Friday night reading (Light on account of ‘light on pictures’!)

1. In order to get my blood sugar back under better control I’ve been put on more insulin. Different insulin. Now I have a pen and before every meal I get to inject. The good part is that the needle is TINY tiny. So far, so good though I still need to get used to remembering to do this BEFORE I eat, not in the middle of a meal!!

2. TWO great race weekends with some wonderful people. You can read about those here !

3. Found out on Tuesday that my current job contract is not being extended past the end of March. Which…at least it was 2 weeks notice right? So, resume getting updated, recruiters being called and plans for my down time being made (no. Really. This time I *will* clean the office, finish the basement, de-clutter the house, clear out the garage, clean out the flower beds…really, I will!) And of course I’ll get to make at least one extra trip to see Dad and the familia in Houston so there’s that!

4. On Wednesday, after a long day of anticipation, I was notified that I was chosen to participate in the Marine Corps Marathon in October! I LOVE this event! Love it! And this year, the Marathon falls on Mom’s birthday so…it might get a little emotional out there. On top of that, I’ll be running again for Team McGraw (keep your eyes here for the chance to donate to a wonderful cause!!)

So, kind of a little up and down couple of weeks — mostly up though to be honest! Spring is approaching – timidly, but she’s on her way!

It’s definitely a good time to take a look around and appreciate all that’s good in my life! There is a lot of it! And to top things off — It’s Friday!!

Friday flickr

From flickr.com

Ching a Di Ching

20 Dec

So, thanks to someone on the Twitters, I will now have this song in my head All. Day. Seriously, it does NOT go away.

Unless you share it 🙂

My Friday gift to you!

Happy Happy Friday before Christmas!! Hope you’re all set for your celebrations – however you celebrate!!

baby friday

Is It Friday Already?!! ;)

20 Sep
1friday-favorite-f-word marina sleeps

Borrowed from marinasleeps at WordPress

So yeah, it’s finally Friday!! And, I have to confess, this week flew by pretty darn fast. I didn’t even really have time to moan and whine about things!

I have finally gotten back in the groove with some Bikram and some getting my house in order – both literally and figuratively!

But most important – It’s Friday people!! So, pour your favorite beverage (tonight I’m having some sugar free sparkling cherry limeade) and kick back for awhile and enjoy that magic time between the end of the work week and the beginning of the hectic weekend!

happy Friday

Thank God it’s Friiiiiday!

17 May

If you now have that song in your head A. you’re old, dude! and 2. My work here is done!!

Happy it’s Friday – but I would be even if I wasn’t working. The dude is coming back home this weekend (and he will hate that he’s mentioned here so mentions will be VERY limited – unless he does something absolutely worthy of mountain-top shouting!) which is always a good Friday!

Now,  I’m sure we are all very happy I made it through week one of my new job without stomping off like a big baby cause I have nothing to do!! The people I sit with (in some funky, four desk configuration that has me staring at three people all day!) are nice. One is only a week ‘older’ than me at this company. My boss is nice and has great plans for piling my work on….eventually. Suffice to say, nothing is being piled on the first week. It never is! (Note to people who hire me: I’ve been working for a BAZILLION years…I pick up on things pretty quick so I can handle running some Excel Macros…)

People-wise things are good. My Big Boss is pretty laid back and the fact that she looks like my best, oldest friend helps. Like, she REALLY looks like Eydie so it will be tough for me to not think she’s Eydie! The other two guys I work most closely with are, I think, being careful to not overwhelm me with my tasks. I sit with three other people, all contractors like me (though I think one might be an intern). One of the gals is only here til/through June I think. The other just started last week. And then there’s the “intern”.

One of my “office” mates and I have decided to take a long walk every day which is going to be nice. It’s good to get out and see the city. She’s done counseling in the city for the last 10 years so a lot of the homeless people we walk past actually know her and they all seem to love her!! I’m learning about lots of cool things that go on in the city – free stuff to do!

So, while I’m not making the money I was making before I am, so far, liking things…we’ll have to see how long this lasts! As long as they keep giving me more to do I’ll be fine. But, sitting in an office getting paid to do nothing is NOT the cake job people think it would be 🙂

Plus…loads of free coffee and hot chocolate! And, have I mentioned Dunkin Donuts in the lobby??

Have a super Friday night!! Get out there and Boogie!


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