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Paris Wrap-Up

3 Oct

First of all, if you’re just joining me, WELCOME!!! And go call your friends, I bet they’ll enjoy it here too!!

Wrapping up my Paris marathon trip – but first, if you want to catch up (or refresh your memory!!)  here are the links to all my Paris posts!!

The Official Start of my Trip

Some Filler…. 🙂

Flying to Paris! 

Marathon Expo!

Saturday in Paris

Le Marathon de Paris

Time to Shop!! 

It’s Always a good day for Champagne

Another day of shopping 🙂 

Cooking School!!!

So, our trip ended with the usual trip to the airport, lines through Passport control, security and of course some Duty Free shopping. And the lounge. And I had on some fancy footwear!


That’s right…this really happened!

My trip ended like it started 🙂 In the Star Alliance lounge. There were yummy snacks and beverages but mostly there was some sad…..


A few random thoughts:

I had a really nice time, and sometimes it pays to splurge and stay in an awesome hotel that you might have otherwise overlooked.

This was the first time that Eydie and I had ever been on a trip together (not counting Girl Scout camp!) and we should do it more often!

E is not a runner but did the 5K with me and did AWESOME! And one thing we talked about, that is really so true: When the bombing at the Boston Marathon happened, Eydie said she was kind of surprised by the response, mainly from the running community. How everyone seemed to be affected, like they’d been there or had friends/family there. After hanging at the expo and doing the 5K she simply said “Now I get it”. Runners are family. A tribe. No matter where we are.

I can’t wait to go back to Paris, to France. And take more cooking classes and learn more about wines. And, yeah, to eat more of those…..

And, yeah, I definitely need to head back and do that marathon thing the right way — there is definitely a PR waiting for me in France!!

And now, some shots that I maybe didn’t share with you earlier…


One of many views of the tower


The Cathedral at Reims


One of many failed “jump shot” attempts!


We climbed up these stairs in one of the champagne houses, up from the cellar


Didn’t actually make it to the Louvre but…


French onion soup…in France.. 🙂


Tasty short ribs


Marathon spectators…and entertainment!

This was a really great trip, and I can’t believe it took me six months to finally finish the story!!! But there you have it – thanks for coming along with me!


What? MORE shopping?!

9 Aug

We had a definite shopping plan for Wednesday — I had discovered a couple of thrift store ideas in my Guidebook and Eydie had her heart set on a Louis Vuitton bag.

First up though, of course, breakfast. Which I thought I should share with you here!!


Delicious brioche and those wonderful flaky croissant…


A nice selection of meats and cheeses..and pickles! For breakfast!!!


The breakfast room – we generally sat in that corner by the window!

After gathering our maps and bags and water and….we headed out to find goodies! Eventually we made it to Reciproque – a series of second hand shops along the Rue de la Pompe.  After my window-shop at Hermes on Monday I was itching to see what I could find at a more “bargain” price. I also thought I might be able to score my own LV bag at less than retail prices!

There wasn’t much to be had in the first couple of doors but then I hit the motherlode (though the shop owner wouldn’t let me take pictures!) Racks and racks of scarves from all designers. Sorted by color. So I dove right in!!

And managed to get a couple of decent bargains – relatively speaking!



This Celine scarf has some amazing vivid colors!


We left the 16th and decided to visit the Sacre Coeur and Montmartre. It was our first real foray into a really touristy area and it was packed!! We wandered up the narrow streets and stopped in on La Cure Gourmande – a shop filled with loads of different biscuits and sweets (we made a stop on our return to purchase said goodies!)

And we made a couple of stops in some of the tourist shops


Since I didn’t make it to the Louvre…my medal still needed a shot with Mona…

We made the climb up to the Basilica and went inside…



It was a fairly hazy day but the view is still awesome



And..of course the medal had to come out!


We walked down the backside of the hill…through a tiny market and a couple of small streets with cafes, bakeries and a couple of macaron shops… My favorite was the Maison Georges – chocolate sculptures and chocolates and macaroons and an awesome new treat..kouignettes. I got a few macaroons and some chocolates. But I had plans to go back!!


Chocolate Eiffel Tower!

Then we headed back towards the Champes Elysee and Eydie’s big purchase of the day 🙂

We had the most amazing salesgirl — and when she asked if we wanted a drink…water or champagne..of course we had an answer


And Eydie got her bag – and I have to admit to feeling a little envious!!


We headed back to the room after our time at Louis V and found a place to go have an actual French-type dinner — it was a small spot out by the Louvre that didn’t really seem too touristy…and the food was REALLY very good!! And I’m pretty sure I had creme brulee for dessert!


Yummy French Onion soup…. mmmmm


Braised short ribs…I need to learn how to cook these!

On Thursday, our last full day in Paris, we were going to go to an actual Parisian cooking school for shopping and lunch!! A great way to spend our final hours in France


Sunday Funday!!

27 Oct

I do love the weekends! Especially in the Fall – everything seems a little easier.

Spent most of Saturday hanging out with my dog, Phred. A little laundry, a little guest room bed-making, a lot of thinking about getting a lot done! I did manage to make some headway on a craft project I am pulling together for Wine and Dine weekend


On Sunday, I hit the ground running! Literally 🙂 It seems like all of my pains are definitely going away so I wasn’t terribly concerned about my 5K, The Pumpkin Run, this morning..or rather, this afternoon! A 1 pm start meant I could get some things done BEFORE the run and then come home and putter.

I overestimated my lack of pain, however, so it was a slow 3.1. But I got it done! The weather was beautiful, clear blue skies and the trees are still in the last stages of changing and losing leaves. Lots of folks in costumes so there is definitely some Halloween spirit(s) in the air!!

Before the race, I hit up Target – using their new Cartwheel app on my phone I saved a buck and change. Once I figure it out I am hoping the savings will add up!! Had to get laundry supplies and got some percentage off of those items so Yay! Also got some supplies for making macaroni and cheese in the crockpot! I made this last winter and it is really, surprisingly good! Made the mac and cheese and stuck it in a dish to do the final hour of cooking with melty cheese and crunchy potato chips on top. Tomorrow is gonna be SWELL!!


Yeah, it doesn’t look like much here…but just you wait!


Tomorrow, this will be all brown and bubbly on top!!

Then, since I was apparently in some kind of nesting mood, I baked up my mom’s Apple Cake. I used to bake this ALL THE TIME when I was growing up and when I found the recipe again and made it the first time again, it really brought back some great memories. I don’t know why, but I added some glaze to it this time – it’s nice, but really not necessary at all!


Before the oven….


And after. With some lumpy glaze. NOMS!!

THEN…I had some thawed chicken breasts and had figured I’d just throw them in the oven and bake them but then was struck with the desire to make chicken piccata –which I have NEVER made before but I just love! Turned out pretty amazing if I say so myself! Cooked up some noodles and broccoli and had an actual proper dinner tonight!


I may always saute chicken from now on…even without the sauce it was pretty tasty!! Butter does that!


Full of lemon-y caper-y goodness!!


A grown-up dinner. It happens every now and then!

So, if you know me – and even if you know me you might not know this – Useless Fact #23432: I don’t like when my house smells like food. I don’t care what kind of food, unless it’s baked goods made with lots of butter – that smell I don’t mind! So, I needed to do something to clear out the chicken smell.

Since I had some leftover pumpkin in the fridge to use up I whipped up a batch of really great pumpkin cookies. Another something that I used to bake all the time growing up. Me and mom would bake hundreds of these it seemed! Her original recipe calls for dates but I could never get into that, so I use raisins!!


Fluffy sweet cookie batter


Finished and frosted. Most of them anyway…ran out of frosting!

Now, who’s hungry? 🙂

Not Quite Whole30

4 Jun

What is that they say the road to Hell is paved with? Oh yeah…


To be honest, I knew the first few days were not going to be good — not because I don’t want to do this (I do, I really do!) but because I was going to be out of my home and kitchen. I have been on vacation which to my dad means making sure I “eat enough”…and we don’t do a whole lot of cooking. It’s been a round of restaurant eating and beach parties!


12925177-spaghetti-pasta-with-tomato-beef-sauce-closeup               bbq sammich

On the bright side, I do think I’m at least making better choices when I am out. Mostly. Shared my hot dog(s) with the dog on Saturday, limited buns. Had chicken instead of pasta at lunch on Sunday. I did eat a couple of fries last night. And there was the egg sandwich for lunch yesterday. But I skipped the bread on my BBQ sandwich last night – I’m taking the little wins!

Who knows what today brings but I am constantly thinking about what I can make when I’m back home and start my Whole30 in earnest on Thursday.

No, not this Earnest….

226348_1061441422554_6544_n (1)

My SweatPink Ambassador Friends are on this journey too — How are they doing? 

Jacki at Dare 2 Dream – Dare 2 Do http://www.dare2dream-dare2do.com/ ) has done this before! So how did her first few days go? Have a look here!


The WHOLE30 — Really, the WHOLE 30!!

31 May


Tomorrow, my plan is to start a Whole30 challenge. And I’ll say right here, tomorrow I will be at a beach party with free flowing beer and hotdogs…so, there is a *slight* chance I won’t actually go Whole30 on June 1!  I’m on “vacation” at my dad’s until really late at night on June 5 so my whole 30 will likely not start in earnest until June 6. I have plenty of appropriate food to last me until I can shop the afternoon of June 6 after work! But, even on vacation I am going to do my best to make the better choices…Like, I don’t HAVE to have a bun with a burger – and more lettuce and tomato is good!

You might be asking yourself, “What is the Whole30?” Well, it’s a way to reset all that stuff inside that might be clogged up and need some fixin’! From the Website (http://www.whole9life.com), the Whole30 is “a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food”.

And, to be perfectly honest, I have an amazingly unhealthy relationship with food so my goal for this challenge is to get a grip on this! From my research, I’m thinking that the biggest thing that I’ll be “giving up” is dairy. I love my milk and I love my yogurt and really? You’re telling me no cheese for a MONTH??!! Okay, and wine. No wine for a month. Of course there’s also no wheat (or any grain really!), no sugar and no “processed” foods. But I’m not supposed to be eating a lot of that anyway – this should help break my carb-binging cycles and hopefully reduce my addiction to sugars.

Luckily, thanks to a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador,  I’ll have tons of support. And, we’ll all be sharing information, stories, and advice along the way! Every Tuesday I’ll have some great links – they’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, they’ll change your world! Well, maybe not that dramatic, but they will enlighten you at least a little.

And, even though today is NOT Tuesday you’re gonna get a little somethin’ extra!  Let’s call it a Friday Freebie! Mainly cause I’m a giver and not at all because I’ve put off writing this post for too long 🙂

From Jacki, on doing Round 2 of Whole30 and some tips and advice for success!



 So. let’s do this thing!! 

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