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A Change of Pace!

21 Aug

When I first started this blog thing, I assumed I would write a lot about my best pal, Earnest Phred. But I really haven’t other than a mention here and there. So today, instead of telling you about my awesome run Tuesday, let’s change things up a little. Cause this happened, and it was cute

As I was lacing up to get my 45 minutes in, I heard some shuffling outside of my front door and when I headed out, this fell onto the floor


Re-enactment of the note dropping, complete with toes!

Hm…I am learning that my neighbor kids are quite entrepreneurial this summer!

I headed out to take Phred for his walk after scrounging up 5 dollars cash money – I figured he could use a little freshening up and …hey, the kids need some encouragement! They had set up a little card table right along the walking path that goes through my ‘hood, with the bandanas neatly laid out and the pitcher of Kool-Aid. For the humans. And I’m bummed I didn’t take a picture of it. But trust me. Cute!! The girls had even made name-tags for themselves! Again, bummed about no picture.

While I was talking to one of the moms, a family came over with their gorgeous Ruby – who had no idea what was in store but she was pretty happy to see all the kids and a couple of other dogs! Until she saw the pool.


Ruby getting cleaned up

Phred, meanwhile, decided he wanted to watch the show…


Ain’t NOBODY got time for a kiddie pool

Eventually I got him moving and we went on our walk and when we got back to the girls they had developed a new system that did not involve putting the dogs in the pool!!




A then picked out a green bandana for Phred and he just trotted off, ignoring the treat they had offered him (much as I expected he would!). Then he TORE towards his own backyard – not captured on camera because it was unexpected!! And he’s a fast little bugger when he wants to be!!


Little did I know that nano-seconds after this was taken that the leash would almost be torn out of my hand when he took off to home!!

I really hope these girls decide to do something like this again next summer — they really did a great job of putting it together. Apparently boredom got the best of them Tuesday afternoon and they set this up in a couple of hours. And I’m thinking they washed quite a few dogs!!

And Phred certainly was content!!



A Case of the Blahs?

27 May

So, I haven’t updated my progress in awhile — and there’s a lot going on! But I just haven’t been able to make myself sit still and focus for the last couple of weeks!

First things first, today my sister is having her second chemotherapy treatment. She seems to have gotten through the first with minimal trouble, though she did start losing her hair last week. I sent her a little care package that hopefully will help a little, and I’m going down in a couple of weeks to visit.

I have one more week in my No Guilt No Gut Diet Bet and 2 pounds to meet my goal and – at the very least – get my money back! Which I will then turn around and drop into the next TWO No Guilt No Gut Diet Bets!! As I always say, money is a great motivator!!

My May Fitness challenge (the plank/wall sit/arm workout) was smokin’ along…then I got up one morning and put on some grown up clothes and went to the office…and got out of my groove. I can still catch up, I have a few days, but it’s gonna hurt!!

I also took 2 weeks off of running (after doing a 5K early in the month). A visit to my doctor to try to short-circuit another possible episode of sciatica persuaded me that this was the best approach to take. Got back on the road this weekend and managed to get in 4. Hoping for another 3 this afternoon – definitely taking it slow though, it’s a long way to Marine  Corps and Dopey…and Paris!

226348_1061441422554_6544_n (1)

Mr. Earnest Phred at about 8 weeks old

Everything else is pretty status quo around here. My dog turned 9 years old last Friday and got to enjoy a burger or two and maybe he had some grilled chicken yesterday… it’s hard to believe he’s already 9. Time flies!


Mr. Earnest Phred at almost 9 years old!


And, I just want to post a reminder that my super special “Get a Bracelet” offer for folks donating 25 dollars or more to my Marine Corps Marathon fundraising effort ends on Saturday!! I’m loving my mudLove bracelets!! You’ll love one too!!


So I think I’m ready to snap out of whatever this mood has been! Look for a couple of race recaps (one old, one coming up this weekend!) and a continuation of my effort to win all my DietBet money and get through my upcoming 3 marathons (plus multiple half marathons!)

Have a great week!!



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