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Saturday at Disney = Race Day!!

18 Mar

Today is the Inaugural Enchanted 10K — Step one in completing the Glass Slipper Challenge!

This morning the alarm is set to go off a bit earlier than yesterday – since the event is starting a bit sooner! And again, no matter how much time I think I give myself I am once again tearing across the resort to get in line for a bus!  Didn’t see Jackie but hoped we’d at least get a good luck chat before heading to the corrals!

Again, got my bag dropped off and headed to the meeting sport to catch up with my running friends! More costumes, more pictures more fun! And Jackie found us (which wasn’t hard since we were in the same spot as the day before!!) I know I didn’t go into my corral alone…but I was really REALLY taking it easy to make sure I could do today’s 10K and tomorrow’s Half so ended up running my race on my own. Always keeping an eye out for friends!

The first few miles of the 10k course, frankly, kind of suck…it’s out on a highway. One highlight was that Elsa was up on one of the first overpasses and she made it snow as we ran by. Magical Disney Snow!!

Princess Half Weekend 101

Then, for me, it was a little bit of a slog…I started okay with intervals but eventually just ran when I felt like it and walked when I didn’t! I did very much enjoy the Re-Micks though!! I’m sure at one point I came to a dead stop to watch one!!

And it might have been this one….

Tell me that’s not the cutest thing ever!!

Anyway…I carried on. Again, I didn’t feel like there were any *great* character stops so I didn’t stop for many pictures. I naturally had to stop though, when I saw my main man on the boardwalk!

Princess Half Weekend 110

Then I thought it wouldn’t be bad to get a picture of the view…

Princess Half Weekend 113

Sometimes I wonder what I’m thinking when I take these pictures!!

And it’s always nice to get a picture with the Ball! (Yeah, I know it’s Spaceship Earth, but Ball is easier to type!!)

Princess Half Weekend 116

Again with the arms/hands…

And I did manage to get across the finish line in one piece. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed myself but there weren’t too many “memorable” moments for me in this one (do I need to do the 10K again to make some magical moments? Maybe)

There was a great ‘wall’ in the reunion area that listed all of the participants in this inaugural event! And of course I was on it!

Princess Half Weekend 120

See! There I am!!

And I was in front of it too!!

phone 040

And see! Again!!

And grabbed my medal and headed over to get into EPCOT to wander through and get to my breakfast reservation at Hollywood Studios! Because in my big weekend of random firsts, I had chosen to eat at Hollywood and Vine – and in my infinite wisdom chose to dine during the Disney Jr. character meal. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t know any of the characters. And I was right!!! But I looked them up online later!

To get to DHS, I took the Friendship boat from the International Gateway at EPCOT. For awhile I had the whole place to myself – then the tourists all got on!! We all disembarked at Hollywood Studios and I found my way to my breakfast spot – after a stop on the Rockin Roller Coaster of course! (Tower of Terror would have to wait til Post-Breakfast!)

I didn’t wait long to be seated, and shown to yet another buffet full of things I really shouldn’t eat – but also lots of things that weren’t TOO bad for me!!

And Princess Sophia the First (I think is her full name?) stopped by to teach me how to take a selfie with my new phone!!

phone 047

Smart girl that Sophia!! Knew where all the buttons on the phone were!!

Then Handy Manny…

phone 050

I’m pretty sure he wanted to check out my medal…

After I was sufficiently full, I headed back out into the park for a roam…and to get on my favorite rides!! But I didn’t plan to spend much time since, yes, tomorrow was another early morning and another fun runDisney adventure!!

Tower of Terror 10 Miler

21 Oct

When last we saw our heroine, she was decidedly “taking it easy” after a 5K trail run leading to the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. After showering and getting things ready for the night, it was time to head out and meet up with some internet friends! We were getting together for lunch at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney. It’s always tough to know what to eat the night before a race, but when the race is at night, it’s even a little harder. And, how sad to be in an Irish restaurant and not able to indulge in an adult beverage or two! Given the heat and need to stay hydrated it just was not a great idea!

After lunch I headed back to the hotel to try to relax, maybe sleep. I was feeling sleepy but of course was not falling asleep at all!! So I got up and got dressed, figuring I’d get to the start line and enjoy the festivities since I was awake!


I put on my “Fallen Angel” costume and then decided that I couldn’t run with these wings at all! They were floppier than your traditional fairy wings 🙂 Grabbed my post race flip flops and threw a few more things in my checked bag and headed for the bus. At least this time, no one called me a Girl Scout!!

I hopped off the bus and jumped in the first line I saw – photo ops you know! After waiting maybe about 45 minutes, talking to the guy behind me (who kept saying “I don’t have the patience to wait in this line” all the way to the front of the line!) until we got to the front – then we took pictures and went our separate ways. Oh, Impatient Guy, we hardly knew ye.


Then I checked my bag and headed over to the best pre-race entertainment ANYWHERE – the Disney Dance Party!! Woot!! And yes, I actually danced. You would too!

034 032

Eventually it was time to move to the corrals. Again, much like this morning, the corrals were definitely well-defined and separated and as far as I could tell, people were being cool about getting in the right place! There was still an hour or so before the first group would take off and I was starting to wish I’d managed a nap…

Then the fireworks started!! The best part about Disney races starting in the dark (either before sunrise or after sunset!) is the Fireworks! Every corral gets their own special fiery sendoff!


For this race, there was the addition of “spooky” green laser lights flashing across the start line.


At last my corral took off and I have to admit I was a little afraid I wasn’t going to be able to finish…not sure why. But I stuck with my intervals as best I could and managed to stop for a few character visits along the course.




We got to run through Wide World of Sports again, and this time, we ran through Champions stadium. When we entered, there were some people in the stands, not a lot. But on the field? Well..there were some unfortunate ball players. At least, their uniforms were still on the field. I didn’t know it at the time, but that big static electricity making thing on the pitcher’s mound was a Tesla Coil – very cool effect!! Once out of WWOS we were in the home stretch and headed back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We ran through the park and back out to more Behind the Scenes areas until we approached the finish line – around the backside of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. I made it!! And, I think I’m finally getting back in the groove and knocking some of my minutes off. I felt good and ready for an ice cold beer and maybe a snack!

After finishing we were directed back into the park, to the Indiana Jones show stage to pick up bags


– and there were tents for changing. I figured there was no need for that, but I did take off my shoes and socks and got my flip flops on!! I had another meetup planned with some more internet people!! We got together for pictures and then split up.


A few of us went on a couple of rides – after a potty stop at a super secret I’m not telling ANYONE location that had NO LINE!! First we hit Tower of Terror of course! LOVE that ride!! And, since the park was only runners and family/friends there was a very minimal line! Next up was Aerosmith Rock and Roller Coaster. Love it! And the Disney Cast Member was hilarious ad-libbing at almost 3 in the morning!! After Rocking and Rolling we headed to Toy Story Mania – during a normal day at the park it can take 2 hours to get through this line. We got in in about 20 minutes. That’s right! This is a fun, 3D arcade like ride. I’m not great at these…but fun!! Then The Great Movie Ride – Lots of people in line for this!!

By this time, it was nearly 4 in the morning and the crowd was thinning out a little. And I have to admit, I was getting a little tired!! So we headed out towards the buses and split to get back to our resorts.

This race was FUN! And I LOVED the after party!! I was so tired but at the same time pretty amped up – I ended up getting back to my room and sitting in some ice for a very short time.


Then a hot shower and jammies and ….laying in bed, watching the sun start to come up outside of the window! I thought it was really pretty funny when I walked into the lobby of the Port Orleans and there were people in there hauling suitcases and heading to the airport! Not sure why it was so funny – but we all laughed!!

I did finally doze off but, for the first time in my stay, Housekeeping showed up at 9 am! Good thing she woke me up – I would’ve missed out on some Food and Wine Festival fun!!

Would definitely do this one again! Not sure when…we’ll have to see about that!!  

Oh yeah…bet you thought I forgot. The Bling:


And ya’ll…it GLOWS IN THE DARK!!

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