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Hustlin’ Hustlin’!!

19 Dec

In my quest to catch up on race recaps — I bring you the Santa Hustle – New England version!

One thing I’ve discovered in this #Dopey15 training cycle is that I need extra motivation to get the long runs in. So I registered for this half marathon to help cover part of my mileage for the weekend.

Initially I was going to drive up to Maine on Saturday and stay over but with not having a job I didn’t want to spend the extra money so I woke up super early one Sunday morning to drive to Maine! I arrived at the starting line with plenty of time to spare! Which was lucky since I needed to pick up my race packet – which included a Santa hat and beard along with the dri-fit sweatshirt.

There was a small problem with the shirts though 😦 Due to sizing issues, all of the larger sizes were gone. So, the race directors would be mailing them out shortly after the race. We were given green elf t-shirts instead (which I loved!) I had been planning to wear my sweatshirt for the wintery race in Maine.

Turns out I lucked out not getting one since it turned out to be pretty a pretty toasty day – not at all wintery!

There were actual reindeer at the start for petting purposes. And picture purposes.


Time for breakfast!!



We ended up waiting a bit for the race to start, they wanted to get us “LIVE” on the morning news!


Lots of red at this one!!!


Once we took off I decided to keep to my intervals as best as I could. But as you know, I tend to walk up hills…and this was a pretty hilly course! There were a lot of out and back sections – some really pretty areas and some not so great ones.

Along the course there were candy stations and cookie stations! Mini-M&M’s and chocolate chip cookies! The cookies were very helpful the last few miles for me!! And I managed to chop a minute or so off of my time which is always awesome!

And, a medal is nice too!

santa hustle medal

I got one of these!!


There was an after party mentioned both on the website and at the event itself, but when I went over there didn’t seem to be any “perks” for the runners. So I headed back south and stopped for a burger on my way home (free Birthday burger from Red Robin!!

I would definitely consider doing this one again — cause I love anything Santa related!! I’ll just have to see where my year takes me in 2015




Oh Holy Night

24 Dec


Most Holy night.

Merry Christmas to All

O Christmas Tree

22 Dec


One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the tree, but this year I kind of slacked off and only put up the tree. There are only 2 ornaments on it. And one of them was in the box with the tree so…

But this has always been one of my favorites 🙂 No, really, it IS safe to say that they are all my favorites.

Today, finishing up some baking – cookies that have been properly refrigerated so that they turn out perfect! My cranberry noels from the first day and these Chewy Brown Sugar cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction! I’m also going to bake Ina Garten’s Pound Cake. The weather is not at all conducive to trying out the Divinity again so that might have to wait until after Christmas!

I made a kind of last minute decision to go to my Dad’s for Christmas so can bring some of these down to him. I feel like Christmas just came way too fast this year so not as much baking, decorating or shipping off packages of goodies took place.

But there’s always New Year’s, right?!

Silver Bells

21 Dec


The Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites (yeah, really, they’re ALL one of my favorites!) and when I woke up today with it ringing in my head – haha! Get it? Ringing…bells…-anyway, I went searching for a version. And there are SO many great ones!

It really was tough for me to choose – but I think one is the best reflection of what I hear in my head when I hear this song

And, today is the first day of Winter so everyone who has hated it getting dark so early, the turnaround has arrived!!


Ching a Di Ching

20 Dec

So, thanks to someone on the Twitters, I will now have this song in my head All. Day. Seriously, it does NOT go away.

Unless you share it 🙂

My Friday gift to you!

Happy Happy Friday before Christmas!! Hope you’re all set for your celebrations – however you celebrate!!

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