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Weekly Wrap-Up and a Look Ahead

5 May

Wrap Up — get it?!! 😉

A day late, but better late than never!!

I feel much better about things than last week that’s for sure.

Last week’s plan:
Monday – Strength training day + Stretching – Done!
Tuesday – 2.5 miles – Done!
Wednesday – 30 minutes cross training (not sure what I’ll do yet!!) – Done! (well, 24 minutes done!)
Thursday – 2 miles + strength training + 10 second wall sit + 1 set 60 second plank 2 miles, Done! Wall sit and plank Done!

And then, we came up with a *new* fitness challenge — wall sits, planks and upper body
So Thursday became 2 miles + 1 Forward plank/30 sec + 2 side planks/30 sec each +30 sec wall sit +5 pushups + 5 chair dips Done!
Friday – Rest Day + 20 second wall sit + 3 sets / 30 second plan Plank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec wall sit + 8 Pushups + 5 Chair Dips Done!
Saturday – 40 minutes cross training +30 second wall sit + 1 set / 60 second plank Plank 1F/30 sec, 2S/30 sec + 1 min wall sit + 5 Pushups + 8 Chair Dips Done!
Sunday – 3 miles + 40 second wall sit + 3 sets / 30 second planPlank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec Wall Sit + 10 pushups + 8 chair dips Well..not done. Yet. Will definitely get to these today. All of it

Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening clearing out a planting bed – and who knew that hoeing was such an amazing upper body and core workout? I learned on Sunday just really how powerful it is!! Today I am moving MUCH better!! 😉


Before…this is what lazy gets you!!


After….this is what HARD work gets you!


Gratuitous fresh mowed lawn shot!

Sunday was also the day to submit my weight for the Diet Bet I’m participating in for the next 4 weeks — and that was a real eye-opener! And not in a good way that’s for sure! So there may be a bit more talking about the “Fork” part of things in coming days!

And now on to this week’s plan!!

Schedule for the Coming Week:
Monday – Strength training day + Stretching + 3 miles I Missed Sunday + Plank 1F/30 sec 2S/30 sec + 1 min wall sit + REST DAY for upper body!! (Though, I need to make up for Sunday so there’s an additional Plank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec Wall Sit + 10 pushups + 8 chair dips – oops!)
Tuesday – 2.5 miles + Plank 2F/45 sec + 80 sec wall sit + 10 Pushups + 8 Chair Dips
Wednesday – 30 minutes cross training + Plank 1F/30 sec 2S/30 sec + Wall Sit REST DAY! + 8 pushups + 8 Chair Dips
Thursday – 2 miles + strength training + Plank REST DAY! + 1 min wall sit + 15 pushups + 8 chair dips
Friday – Rest Day + Plank 1F/60 sec 2S/30 sec + 90 sec wall sit + 5 pushups + 10 chair dips
Saturday – 40 minutes cross training + Plank 2F/60 sec + 75 sec wall sit + Another Rest Day for upper body!
Sunday – 3 miles + Plank 1F/60 sec 2S/30 sec + 105 sec wall sit + 12 pushups + 10 chair dips

Looks like a lot, but there’s a lot of work ahead! And it’s all good, right?!!


Have a fantastic week ya’ll!!!

monday awesome



April Fool

3 Apr

Courtesy of dreamstime.com

Since I work at home I’m pretty immune to the whole “April Fools” thing. Sometimes I miss it – though I’m not so great at coming up with pranks myself!

This year, for April I’m doing a couple of things different. Differently?

One of my running groups is doing a couple of challenges and I decided to join in this month!

There’s the Plank a Day Challenge — I always thought planks were easy, but then I never really held one for very long….but after only 2 days I can feel it doing *something*! So I’ll keep it up!

Then, there’s the Wall Sit Challenge. This is one of my favorites, but again, not so easy as my head would like to think it would be!! The last day is 5 minutes.



I figured these fitness challenges will help me as I pick up my training for the Marine Corps Marathon and the runDisney Dopey Challenge (#Dopey2015 ya’ll!) And now that the weather is getting TONS better and I am virtually pain free I will be hitting the road again on a regular basis.

And for fun, FatMumSlim has a photo a day challenge…so, why not?!!  You can check out my attempt to keep up on Instagram —


And, as much as I love winter and snow and all of that, I’m also really looking forward to the warmer weather and hoping to do more outside, maybe even manage to grow some vegetables of my own! But more on that when it – hopefully – happens!!

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