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Big Day in Boston!!

22 Apr

I wasn’t there…I was home watching it on the TV! But it was pretty exciting even from my couch!

First of all, this happened —

Rita Jeptoo defends women’s title

rita-jeptoo boston cbslocal

Rita Jeptoo broke the course record of 2:20:43 finishing in 2:18:57

Then not too much later….

Meb brings Boston mens’ title to USA after 35 years!

meb cnn

Meb set his own PR for a marathon at 2:08:37

And then just some normal folks, doing what runners do

from fitbie dot com

Click that link…you won’t be sorry!

Monday Check In

21 Apr

Okay — so last week I set some goals with the hope that whatever had gone wrong with my leg on Saturday would be “cured” by Monday. So I decided to check in here and re-set for the week. And, as always, a couple of random thoughts near the end!

It wasn’t *completely* better but good enough for me to take a shot at things.

So, on the Plank Challenge:
I only got Day 10 and Day 11 done šŸ˜¦

plankPlank ChallengeĀ  this week:
Day 12 – (4 sets of 45 seconds)
Day 13 – (3 sets of 60 seconds)
Day 14 – (4 sets of 45 seconds)
Day 15 – (3 sets of 60 seconds)
Day 16 – Rest Day
Day 17 – (2 sets of 90 seconds)
Day 18 – (3 sets of 60 seconds)

Did a wee bit better on the Wall Sit Challenge:
I got days 10, 11 and 12 done :/

wall sitWall Sit Challenge this week:
Day 13 – (130 seconds)
Day 14 – (140 seconds)
Day 15 – (150 seconds)
Day 16 – (160 seconds)
Day 17 – (170 seconds)
Day 18 – (180 seconds)
Day 19 – (190 seconds)

Running mileage? Well, I got a lot ofĀ walking miles in – for a total of 15. There was a little jogging but not too much šŸ˜¦

Mileage GoalsĀ for this week:
Tuesday – 2.5 miles
Wednesday – 2.5 miles
Thursday – 2.5 miles
Saturday – 5 miles
Sunday – Running the Glastonbury River Run 5K (3.1 miles)

So the lesson I’ve learned here is that it’s really pretty embarrassing to have to report how much I *didn’t* do this week! And I’d really rather not have to do the same next Monday so…let’s just get to it shall we?!! (And of course by “we” I mean “me!)

Happy Boston Marathon Monday!! Tune in and see some amazing people conquering an amazing event!!

Boston Marathon logo 460

If you’re not into that kind of thing, then Happy Monday!!



First used by kwana.com

Also, a special shout-out to my sister today – she knows why šŸ™‚ Thinking of you this morning and I love you!!!

1965 May Kodak 6 483104-R1-05-5

My sister Mary — looks like it’s Rodeo time!!!

A Year Ago – 4.15.13

15 Apr
Boston-Strong-Logo 1230 radio

Boston Strong 1230 Radio

At this time last year, runners were heading to the starting line for the 117th running of the iconic Boston Marathon. It was a gorgeous New England spring day. Since I wasn’t working at the time, I had thought about heading up to watch at the finish line. But, laziness won out. Again. So I was content to stay home and track on the computer – occasionally turning on the news to get an update.

Boston is something that people put their heart and soul into — it’s a tough race to get in to and it’s a tough race to run (so I hear…I’m so far from Boston Qualifying I haven’t even ever looked at a course map!) It’s definitely a”Bucket List” race for most runners. I knew a few of my invisible internet friends would be running so I was probably more interested than usual.

At one point, in the afternoon, I was checking out the Twitters and Facebook when I started seeing the posts. “Oh my God! I can’t believe it” “I hope everyone is safe” “Bombs? At the finish line?” So I jumped on the remote and found a news channel and it was true. There had been two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The time on the race clock was 4:09:43.

The Four hour mark is when the majority of runners start to cross the line. On any other race day, there will be THOUSANDS of people finishing in the next hour or so. Of course the elites have probably already showered, eaten and had a good nap! The people crossing the line now are your friends and neighbors. Your co-workers. That guy you always see out running at 5 in the morning when you take the dog for a walk.

But thousands of people wouldn’t be crossing the finish line on 4.15.13. When the explosions went off, runners were stopped where they were. I am sure there were a few hours of confusion as runners and families tried to find each other. Eventually we learned that 3 people had died, all spectators, including a young boy who was waiting for his dad to cross the finish line. And we saw an awful lot of goodness in the horrible aftermath. Runners helping runners, runners helping first responders, spectators lending a hand, everyone doing what they could to save as many as they could.

It was a horrifying event that brought the running community even closer. A tight-knit group to begin with, it seems that tragedyĀ brings us even closer. Runners don’t know from strangers — if you’re a runner, you’re family. And so, events were scheduled. T-shirts were printed. And people started running. Every mile to prove that we couldn’t be stopped.

Everyone was Boston Strong and out to prove that Love Always Wins.

The day will never be forgotten. And I’m sure as people line up at the starting line on Monday there’s going to be a lot of different emotions and feelings in the air.

But most of all, runners, I hope there’s excitement and a sense of setting out on an incredible journey — and I hope youĀ take in every single mile and enjoy every single difficult step. And when you cross that finish line, raise your head and arms high and CELEBRATE!!!

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