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Special Delivery!

16 Nov

I’m not big on spending money — I mean, I spent a lot this year doing all of the runDisney events but that is highly irregular for me!

So, when I was at the Tower of Terror expo and stopped by the Fond Memories Graphics booth, I was “just looking”. But then….

Fast Forward to this past Thursday. I had gone to Five Guys for a birthday dinner hot dog and didn’t realize until Friday morning that I had gotten a package while I was gone:


I love packages of any kind! Big and little!!

And it was from FMG!


I know what this is!!!

There was lots of bubble wrap and peanuts so you KNOW it was gonna be good!


Excellent! Now I have packaging materials for Christmas cookie mailing!!

And then extra wrapping!


Oh…it’s even pretty through the plastic!!



I had figured that it was very likely that I would never again run Goofy AND Dumbo in the same year again so I should celebrate the accomplishment!!

Now to find a place for it on the wall in the basement!

003 004

Wine and Dine Half – or How I Met the Balloon Ladies and Survived!

14 Nov

So it was finally here! My Magical journey that started back in January was coming to an end. When I crossed the finish line, I will have completed 126.4 Magical Miles at seven runDisney events. 1 Full marathon, 1 10-Miler, 5 half-marathons, and 5 5K’s. I participated in all but 2 of the 5K’s offered (at Tinkerbell and at the Disneyland Half) – someone might need to check my math/event count!

The Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend was my last big event for the year. And since it was taking place the weekend before my birthday I invited a few friends along to help celebrate! I was really pleased when two of them signed up to run the half marathon and one ran the Jingle Jungle 5K with me!

The morning of the races, Jennifer and I finished up the 5K and went back to the villa to prepare for a long day of … laying by the pool 🙂 I tried to nap since I’d been up REALLY early (Jingle Jungle 5K) but that was pretty pointless. Mid-afternoon or so, we went to grab some dinner to bring to the room while getting ready. Of course, once we did that, time started FLYING!

Earlier in the weekend, one of my half marathon running friends decided to not run, so Kathy and I headed for the buses pretty early (again, photo ops!) – and got to the starting area pretty early. And hopped right in line to get a picture with my pal Goofy!


Goofy has a very special place in my heart these days 🙂

Then we checked bags and hung out, dancing of course, until it was time to wait in line to potty before going to the corrals.


Potty lines…

I met an amazing woman in my corral when I noticed her testing her blood sugar with the smallest meter I’ve ever seen! I learned that not only was she diabetic but she had also had heart surgery in September and was running her first half marathon! Dang. I really do feel like a slacker sometimes!!

We slowly made our way to the start line, waiting for our turn at the fireworks and the big send-off. My plan was to stick to my intervals as much as possible and stop for pictures when so moved! Almost immediately I realized that as long as I was moving, even at a light jog, my glute/hamstring/entire freakin’ leg didn’t hurt so much. So I was definitely motivated to walk less – the transition from walking to running was really painful.


One of the great things about runDisney — each corral is special!


And…we’re off!!

I was really concerned that I wouldn’t make it to the finish – and I’ve never felt that in any race. But I was motivated thinking of all the people who couldn’t even walk 10 feet. And, honestly, I was motivated by the bling – I couldn’t imagine coming this far to not add the last medal to my collection for the year!


Just waiting for the final additions for the year….

I made some stops for character pictures – I was far enough back that there were few lines! I got some that I haven’t gotten before and missed out on a few favorites just because I knew that I couldn’t afford the wait in line!


Me with King Louis


My first time with both Lilo AND Stitch!


Hard to pass up these best friends!


Wishing for some Incredible assistance to the end!!

After making my last stop, with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible I hit the road again. Coming out of the Osborne Christmas Spectacle of Dancing Lights in Hollywood studios I heard a voice I’d never heard – but have heard plenty about! “There’s a pickup outside of the park and if you’re behind us you WILL get picked up!!”


Such a pretty sight!

O.M.G.!! There they were. The infamous “balloon ladies” of runDisney fame!!

That’ll sure light a fire under the slow! And, even while I was a little concerned, I couldn’t help but start laughing at the reactions around me – you would’ve thought Godzilla was approaching our tiny village!! Slower runners yelling at the walkers to “Speed up or get out of the way!” and furtive glances backwards! When we exited the park the buses were just lined up, waiting to take away the unfortunate.

When we made it to the path towards EPCOT, the ladies continued to provide motivation “You can’t get picked up now but you still want to FINISH!!!”

Running into EPCOT the crowds were definitely picking up – runners and spectators everywhere! I knew that my friends were in there somewhere but I never saw them.

As I exited EPCOT I can honestly say I have NEVER so much wanted to see a finish line so much!! And I gathered everything I had left in me because I was NOT walking across that line!! A quick glance at the clock told me that I had just finished my Worst Half-Marathon ever!! Time-wise that is. But that didn’t matter – I finished under my own steam and really felt like I earned every single medal I took home this year in those last few steps!


All mine!

Post-race meeting up with people was difficult as usual – this was only my second time this year that I was meeting people and my patience was pretty much non-existent! I grabbed an adult beverage that was offered to me, hugged a few strangers and started tracking down all my peeps! We eventually managed to hook up and made the decision to skip the after party as the crowd getting into the park looked pretty daunting. Along with a lot of other people we headed out to the bus and back to showers and sleep!

2014 brings the 5th Anniversary of the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and I’m thinking I need to go back to redeem myself!!

It’s all About the Bling!

30 Oct

So. This happened today

Glass Slipper Challenge

Can’t wait til February! If this is the only Disney bling I pick up next year I’ll be happy!!

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – The Bling-Ba-Bling

14 Sep

Sorry to contradict Jessie J. but it really *is* about the Bling here!! And this is my final runDisney related post on my fantastic weekend in California!! 

Made some additions to my 2013 runDisney medal collection!!

Disneyland 10K Medal:


Disneyland Half Marathon Medal:


#DumboDoubleDare Medal:


The whole family!


Challenge, Accepted!

6 Jun

Oh yeah, that’s right — I did it! Or, I will do it!! Again 🙂


Time to head back to the castle!!

This year, our friends at runDisney have upped the ante for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. In 2014 Princessess (Princessi?) from around the world will have the opportunity to FINALLY get that Glass Slipper! The Glass Slipper Challenge consists of doing a 10K run on Saturday and the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. And of course there’s the Family 5K on Friday morning — so a great big weekend of sparkly fun!!

Chances are this will be my only runDisney weekend next year (unless I maybe….possibly…maybe think of doing Wine and Dine Half Marathon since it WILL be the 5th Anniversary — and who doesn’t love a little Anniversary Bling! But I digress 🙂

Early registration opened today for the Princess Half Weekend — if you’re an Annual Passholder (which I am this year!) or a DVC Member (which I am not…but my brother is!) you get a little head start on registering. After the super quick sellout of the Dumbo Double Dare at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend earlier this year, mainly due to pre-sales and early registrations, runDisney is limiting the number of entries available to those able to register early. This makes it much more fair for everyone right?!

So, this afternoon I took my Annual Passholder self out to the interwebs and registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge and the Family 5K – may as well make the trip worth it right?!!

Hopefully my Fairy Godmothers can give me a hand in making this a really magical weekend!! 


Bippity, Bopptiy, Let’s get this done!!

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