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Tuesday’s Truth

20 Aug

truth word

It makes me sad that I’m becoming one of those people who hate Mondays. It makes it hard to wake up and be honestly thankful to have a job.

I believe I’m just frustrated that my work isn’t appreciated – not that I’m saving lives or doing anything significant to the outside world but I think I have made a difference in my little corner of the world.

You can tell me over and over what a great job I’m doing but sometimes I need a tangible ‘reward’ – I think we all do.

Thank goodness for Bikram and massage and running. I’d be a (bigger) mess without them!

Frustrated I may be, but it’s still another day to do some good things!

Enjoy your Tuesday! You don’t get another today!


Balancing Stick — You Are My B***h!!!

17 Aug



The day has come!!

Friday, August 16, 2013. I have conquered the Balancing Stick! That’s right. I *CAN* do anything for 10 seconds!!


I’m coming for you Triangle Pose so watch out!!


Happy Anniversary to Me!!

8 Jul


Today is my one year anniversary at my local Bikram studio! While I haven’t gone as consistently as I would like – in fact, after my first month trial it took me another month to suck it up and sign up for a full year – I have seen improvement. I can *almost* get my leg up in Standing Head to Knee pose!


Standing Head to Knee Pose

And, Triangle Pose? This is the apex of the series — after this, everything slows down…and you really are happy about that!!


Triangle Pose

My big Bikram nemesis these days though is the deceptively simple looking Awkward Pose. I am not known for my balance and that’s what this one is all about!!

awkward pose


So, while I’ve improved there’s still room for more improvement – in Bikram it’s all about making the effort to see the results. As long as you’re trying correctly you’re doing it right!

I’ve set a pretty big goal for the rest of my year long practice (which ends on Sept 18) and am looking forward to getting even better in another year!

And on this Monday morning take a small moment to just be quiet and breathe. Deep and slow. It’s a perfect way to start your day!!


The Week With Two Fridays!

4 Jul

Yesterday was a busy busy day. And, contrary to popular belief (or, maybe it was just me) it was NOT Friday!


Started the day with a 6 am Bikram class – Great way to start the day! I was working from home which worked out great for the next bit of excitement!


It was bath day for the little mister! And, my first big splurge after starting my new job was having the mobile groomer come to the house – she was FAST! And, she did a great job giving him his summer “puppy cut”. And, as most everyone always does, she loved the Phred. He even got a great decoration for his collar. (if you’re in my area, I highly recommend Wagging Tails for your furry friends!)


Celebrating America’s Birthday!


Presenting Mr. Earnest Phred and his beautiful summer ‘do

My next adventure was an attempt to donate blood. I had a mailing when I got home Tuesday and there was a drive going on at a local car dealer – if I timed it right and didn’t have to wait forever then it would work out!!


How it works….


My view while donating blood


The after. Sometimes they’ll draw a better picture..not just dots!

Success!! In and out in about an hour which might be a record!! Given that summers are low blood donation months – for several reasons – and there seems to be a greater need for blood and blood products in the summer, I suggest you get yourself down to a local Blood Drive. Find one at Red Cross and sign up!! You get cookies!! 

Which gave me time to go home and walk the dog before heading off for my annual mammogram at my local outpatient center.


The Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center and Outpatient Center. Also, Radiology

They gave me a fancy outfit to put on and set to getting things done. I didn’t even have time to hang out in the waiting room.


The pants were mine…and I’m pretty sure taking pictures was breaking the rules!

Another quick trip! I find that if I go in the evening, there’s no waiting to go in and no waiting to get “films” read – though it’s all online so there are really no films anymore. Just time to go home and wait another year!

Hope everyone enjoyed their bonus Friday this week!!

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