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Frustration is Building!!

10 Dec

So I have mentioned that I was having piriformis issues, went to acupuncture, and was hopefully on the road to healing!

At my last acupuncture appointment I kind of decided that, while it could still be good for some things, I was going to go a more traditional route for my pain. And, for me, “more traditional” tends to mean “ignore it til it gets better and/or goes away”. When that doesn’t work I ask a doctor.

When it was almost time to head home from my Thanksgiving trip, I was very excited that I was probably going to actually be able to run in my planned 5K that upcoming weekend!

Then I decided to bake some cinnamon rolls for my dad. Innocent enough right? Well…that is until I went to get the beautiful Kitchen-Aid mixer out of the cabinet. Apparently I forgot to “lift with the legs” and felt the muscle pull all the way down my leg. Which pretty much put me right back where I had been 2 weeks before.

Luckily, I had an appointment scheduled with my new doctor – but not before a pre-planned trip to NYC to meet up with friends and wander. The wandering was kind of painful, but it probably helped out in the long run. And when I talk to the doctor this week, hopefully she will be able to help me out – or point me in the right direction!

So I haven’t run in a very long time. Haven’t done much of anything really — and Christmas is almost here and there is baking to be done and lights to be hung and a tree to be decorated….therefore I am much frustrated.

But, most importantly, the cinnamon rolls were DELICIOUS!!!


Rising and ready for the oven


Glazed and ready for my mouth!

On Pins and Needles!!

21 Nov


So today I tried something new…

As I’ve mentioned once or twice (or too much!) I’ve been having some pain that I have self-diagnosed as piriformis syndrome (thank you Dr. Google.edu for the degree!!) but in the last couple of days it has gotten really bad. I feel like I have taken far too many anti-inflammatory drugs and don’t want to take more so decided to look into alternative medicine. Specifically, acupuncture and other naturopathic means.

A quick search with my friend Google and I found a couple of places offering Acupuncture and started calling. And leaving messages and getting “This number is not currently in service” messages. Finally, someone answered the phone and we had a great chat. Given the severity of my pain, she worked to fit me in first thing this morning. I answered a bunch of questions. Why yes, sometimes my legs and feet DO cramp at night! And no, gaining weight is not terribly difficult for me!

Turns out, that like most of the practitioners I found online, this particular woman does more than acupuncture – because “we need to treat the whole body, not just where you feel pain”. Which makes sense to me – but really I just wanted the pain to go away!!   A lot of what she was telling me made sense and I’m willing to go with it for a couple of months and see what happens.  So that means new supplements, and tracking what I eat and doing as well as I can on absolutely NO sugar and NO carbs (which means, no fruit too…) for 2 weeks. This will be tough seeing how next week is Thanksgiving – aka Carb Fest!!

We finally go to the actual acupuncture part of the visit and I was surprised that I couldn’t feel the needles at all — and after a few minutes, it did seem like the muscles in my leg were relaxing.  But, I wasn’t expecting miracles – I’d be very happy with one though!! After the treatment ended, I took my time sitting up and getting ready to go out of the room. I gave my leg a trial and..while it is still pretty painful, it takes longer for the pain to kick in.

I will take my supplements and watch my diet and go to my next appointments (and definitely do some research at the Google Library) and hopefully be back up and running soon. Though it looks like a 10k on Thanksgiving is out of the question, so there goes my new time for Princess Half Marathon!

And then? We work on reducing my need for diabetes meds and hormones.

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