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Wrapping up 2014

3 Jan

New Year, New Leaf.

Though apparently if one of my resolutions is to “blog in a more timely manner” I’ve already lost!!

Now that you’ve had time to recover from all of the other 2014 recap posts, you can enjoy mine for the novelty of it’s release on Jan 3 🙂 Kidding, you should just enjoy it cause, it might be enjoyable!! And, since my day-to-day life is fairly boring, this shouldn’t take long.

So here it is….

good bad ugly


And, really, a lot of it is all intertwined – as life tends to be right?

So, let me start with


There wasn’t an awful lot of this. The biggie is my sister getting diagnosed with cancer earlier this year (good news? She finished radiation and chemo and will find out in February if they got it all (which, of course, good thoughts for this)
There was also my first attempt at a 9 miler in my training – which turned into an 8 miler since I didn’t prepare properly. The results were quite ugly.



There was one big bad this year – over Thanksgiving weekend we had to send my mom’s dog, Katie, to the Rainbow Bridge.



Katie napping on the patio last summer


I had got her Katie for her birthday back in 2001 and she was seriously an awesome dog. I think she even got to visit my mom in the hospital at least once before she passed away so that was good
The other bad, which is really minor next to losing Katie, and probably only in my own mind, was my training consistency. It was lacking. Sometimes a LOT. But….


I *did* train. Maybe it wasn’t consistent all the time but it was there. And much moreso than in any of my past efforts. Let’s hope it pays off next weekend when I bring these babies home!

Dopey bling

All these will be MINE!! Except the Kids’ one…that one I won’t get…


My sister made it through chemo and radiation healthy. She had some setbacks, but overall, I think she handled it really well. Or as well as one can handle such things
I got to visit my family quite a bit, thanks to a job that was 100% remote work.
I had SEVERAL fantastic race weekends — where the people and the fun made the race, not necessarily the timing!

So, see, all in all, pretty boring year. And I’ll take it! And definitely looking forward to adding a little more excitement in 2015 — What ideas do you have to make my new year more exciting!?! What are your adventure plans in 2015? 

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