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It’s Been a Big Week!!

27 Mar


So, I finally got back into the gym AND the Hot Room this week and it feels good!! And, though it makes me sad, and muddy, the snow is almost all gone so I guess Spring really is here. On top of all that, I’ve started playing around with some changes on the blog here so we’ll see how that goes!!

2 weeks from now I’ll be in Paris, panicking about…er getting ready for the Paris Marathon so lots of excitement around here – though sometimes it’s hard to tell…


I will never get tired of this picture!!

On top of my Paris trip planning (scheduled a cooking class and a champagne tour!) I also started on my insulin pump this week. I’ve had it for 2 weeks and have been using the Continuous Glucose Monitor on it’s own while pumping saline in place of insulin. Wednesday I filled my cartridge with insulin so it is ON! I definitely like the convenience and there will be more on this coming up…

I also got some exciting mail deliveries this week! Who doesn’t love great mail?!

Gotta Sparkle during the Paris Breakfast Run the morning before the marathon, right?!


For the Breakfast Run the morning before the Paris Marathon!

And since I’m travelling with my oldest friend in the world, Fellow Flowers to celebrate our Fiercely United relationship!


The last time Eydie and I ran together was probably 7th grade PE…it was an excruciating hour long mile!!


And the other great news? Maybe you notice a new badge in the sidebar – That’s right!


I’ve been selected as a Skirt Sports Ambassador! When I first started wearing skirts to run, Skirt Sports was the skirt I wore! And I remember VERY well the days when I was the only person on the course wearing a skirt!

skirt nyc200huh

Me, rockin’ the 2004 NYC Marathon in a TRIKS – an original Gym Girl from Skirt Sports!! ps – I got a NYC PR here…was it the skirt?


Of course, now that’s all changed. I wear a few different brands of skirts, but the original is still my favorite “all-in-one” skirt (that means it has panties or shorts under!) I can’t wait to share all of the fun with you. And hey, why not start off with a little gift…from me to you 🙂 That’s right. A discount code! I Know we love our discount codes right?!! When you order from Skirt Sports, use this code — SSORF20 — for 20% off of your order. And you know what else is pretty neat about that code? You can use it to participate in any of the Skirt Sports Virtual runs!

I was just over there grabbing some great new things and lots of goodies on sale!! Good thing I start my job soon!

So wishing you all a wonderful weekend!! Get out there and get it!!


Weekly Wrap Up

28 Feb


First of all — Happy Weekend!!!  Those of you who are hating on the winter right now, cheer up, it’s almost Spring!!

daffy snow

And now…on to the business at hand – my week of working out…or was it?

grey cat

This kitty shows how I feel about my exercise this week. I got a whole lot of nothing done…and I’m pretty disappointed with me.


Though, on the good side of the scale, I am still sticking with the 10-Day Cleanse. With a cheat cup of coffee the other day. I’m loving the recipes and trying foods I wouldn’t otherwise eat. Or at least in combinations I wouldn’t normally try!! Haven’t been on the scale since last Sunday, but the point of this isn’t to lose weight (though that would be an awesome bonus, right?!) but I do feel better.  I’m not necessarily sleeping any better but that could be attributed to the not working out thing. Surprisingly, I do actually have more energy – I just haven’t been putting it to good use!!

bad workout

But, tomorrow starts a new month. And a new week. And a chance to do better — Mileage goals set. Workouts scheduled in my calendar. And some internal motivation to just get it done!!!

new start

I hope everyone had a great week and you’re able to get out and enjoy the weekend!!

Weekly Wrap-Up and a Look Ahead

5 May

Wrap Up — get it?!! 😉

A day late, but better late than never!!

I feel much better about things than last week that’s for sure.

Last week’s plan:
Monday – Strength training day + Stretching – Done!
Tuesday – 2.5 miles – Done!
Wednesday – 30 minutes cross training (not sure what I’ll do yet!!) – Done! (well, 24 minutes done!)
Thursday – 2 miles + strength training + 10 second wall sit + 1 set 60 second plank 2 miles, Done! Wall sit and plank Done!

And then, we came up with a *new* fitness challenge — wall sits, planks and upper body
So Thursday became 2 miles + 1 Forward plank/30 sec + 2 side planks/30 sec each +30 sec wall sit +5 pushups + 5 chair dips Done!
Friday – Rest Day + 20 second wall sit + 3 sets / 30 second plan Plank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec wall sit + 8 Pushups + 5 Chair Dips Done!
Saturday – 40 minutes cross training +30 second wall sit + 1 set / 60 second plank Plank 1F/30 sec, 2S/30 sec + 1 min wall sit + 5 Pushups + 8 Chair Dips Done!
Sunday – 3 miles + 40 second wall sit + 3 sets / 30 second planPlank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec Wall Sit + 10 pushups + 8 chair dips Well..not done. Yet. Will definitely get to these today. All of it

Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening clearing out a planting bed – and who knew that hoeing was such an amazing upper body and core workout? I learned on Sunday just really how powerful it is!! Today I am moving MUCH better!! 😉


Before…this is what lazy gets you!!


After….this is what HARD work gets you!


Gratuitous fresh mowed lawn shot!

Sunday was also the day to submit my weight for the Diet Bet I’m participating in for the next 4 weeks — and that was a real eye-opener! And not in a good way that’s for sure! So there may be a bit more talking about the “Fork” part of things in coming days!

And now on to this week’s plan!!

Schedule for the Coming Week:
Monday – Strength training day + Stretching + 3 miles I Missed Sunday + Plank 1F/30 sec 2S/30 sec + 1 min wall sit + REST DAY for upper body!! (Though, I need to make up for Sunday so there’s an additional Plank 2F/45 sec + 45 sec Wall Sit + 10 pushups + 8 chair dips – oops!)
Tuesday – 2.5 miles + Plank 2F/45 sec + 80 sec wall sit + 10 Pushups + 8 Chair Dips
Wednesday – 30 minutes cross training + Plank 1F/30 sec 2S/30 sec + Wall Sit REST DAY! + 8 pushups + 8 Chair Dips
Thursday – 2 miles + strength training + Plank REST DAY! + 1 min wall sit + 15 pushups + 8 chair dips
Friday – Rest Day + Plank 1F/60 sec 2S/30 sec + 90 sec wall sit + 5 pushups + 10 chair dips
Saturday – 40 minutes cross training + Plank 2F/60 sec + 75 sec wall sit + Another Rest Day for upper body!
Sunday – 3 miles + Plank 1F/60 sec 2S/30 sec + 105 sec wall sit + 12 pushups + 10 chair dips

Looks like a lot, but there’s a lot of work ahead! And it’s all good, right?!!


Have a fantastic week ya’ll!!!

monday awesome



A NYC Kind of Day

23 Mar

I have to say something first off, get it out of the way…


When I was in college I had dreams of graduating from law school and being a big city International Lawyer  in Manhattan.  I ended up instead teaching school/working computers/Project Managing in Southern California. Yeah. I know!! 🙂

Eventually, I needed a change of scenery. So I did what any normal person would do. Sold my house, quit my job and moved back to my parents’ house on my way to relocating to the East Coast! I didn’t end up in NYC (I stayed with a friend for a month and realized that maybe I *didn’t* want to live in the city!) but I am close enough to go down whenever I want.

And whenever I can motivate myself to go! I’ve been saying for the last several weeks that I needed a day in the city — maybe I’d see a show, do some shopping. Just enjoy the city!

So finally, yesterday, I went on down!!

I knew I was going to see a show but didn’t know what I wanted to see. I figured I’d hit the TKTS booth and see what they had. Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to see “Cinderella”. However, the ticket gods were against me — even the TKTS discounted price was more than I was willing to pay. While I was trying to decide what else I’d like to see, someone was shouting for “Jersey Boys” — when I asked how much he said “45” and I was …SOLD!  He couldn’t sell on the street and when we started walking up Broadway I got a little nervous. But we went into a very neat little storefront  and introduced me to Thomas — my new theater connection!   The Forty Five dollar price included ALL fees and ALL taxes as well as the ticket itself!


My new ticket connection — everyone, meet Thomas!


Note the face value on the ticket….yeah. I KNOW!!!


And when I got to the theater and looked in my ticket envelope…

I had some time to kill before the show so I stopped in at my favorite shop in NYC — The Hershey Store thankyouverymuch! It was a big day for free samples (no picture since I ate them on the train home!) –but let me tell you, coconut Kisses? Oh yeah. #LoveandKisses for sure!! Then I headed to Rosie O’Grady’s for a pre-show beverage.  There was a nice Irish boy behind the bar, and lots of friendly folks who had the same idea as me!

Since time flies when you’re having beer, before I knew it it was time to head up the street to the theater –


The Theatah!

where my plan was to have another (overpriced) beverage during the show! And, it’s like they knew I was coming – spillproof beer cups!


Yeah. I KNOW!!!

I have a few friends who have seen Jersey Boys” and all gave it rave reviews – and they were right! I LOVED the show! Loved it. And I had a pretty good seat!


Not a bad seat, except for the really tall guy sitting in front of me…

When the show ended I did some more NYC wandering. Took a detour through Macy’s but nothing really caught my eye. It was beautiful out so I just really kept walking around, popping in to random stores until I was getting tired and ready to head home.


Macy’s Flower show starts this week I think — the store turns into a floral wonderland for a couple of weeks…

All in all, it was a really nice day — I haven’t had one like that in a long time. Now I have to just hope to hurry up and get a new job so I can do it more often!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend whether you were running or relaxing. Or both!!

Winter? Is that You?

24 Nov


While it isn’t “officially” winter yet, you’d never really know it from here! Morning temps in the 20s with a windchill in the teens and lower!!

The only thing missing is some snow. Some real snow that is…not the dusting that was on my grass last night.


This isn’t really from last night…it’s from last year..but the same thing really!

Fortunately, as far as the forecasts go, the weather shouldn’t interfere with my travel plans. At least not my going away plans…



I hope where ever you are, and whatever kind of weather you have today, you have a great Sunday!!!

happy sunday

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