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Disney Bound!!

2 Oct

Last year when I ran #alltheraces that runDisney could throw at me, I spent a LOT of time in both Florida and California! So, it’s a little surprising to me that when I head down to Orlando this morning it will be only my second trip all year! And, for the first time EVER – Phred gets to come with me since we’re staying with friends and not a Disney Resort. (seriously Disney, join the pet-friendly generation!)

Note for those who like to bring their 4-legged kids along on planes — If you book a Southwest flight but you end up flight sharing with AirTran, you cannot make advance reservations for your pet! Which can cause much stress no matter how many times you call both AirTran and Southwest…I’m not highly trusting of the “just show up at the airport with your pet” method of planning!!

One day I will learn to plan and pack ahead, where “ahead” is not as I should be going to bed the night before travelling. Or the morning I leaave! Postponing packing leads to overpacking that’s for sure. And forgetting things. And stressing about that little bag of Disney gift cards that you KNOW is in the office but the office hasn’t been cleared up in a while and vowing that I WILL find it before I go down for Wine and Dine!!!

On this trip, I’m not participating in any races (I am volunteering instead!), though should get in at least 2 runs since I have not been so good on the training front this week… so no costumes being packed – just Ears!! Plus some of Phred’s things! A

nd I’m using my brand new suitcase!! It’s tiny on the outside but holding a lot of stuff now!!


I might even bring that neck pillow I won also! Give it a test run 😉

But first I’ll log in at work and make sure I’ve sent out everything I need to send out, and set up my “Out of Office” email message!!


Doing Something New!

1 Nov

This morning, I’ve done something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but just never did for one reason or another. Mainly, probably because I thought it would be too hard! But I was surprised how easy it really was!!

I made fancy decorated cookies!


It doesn’t look like much here…

I made my usual sugar cookie dough — it’s the one from the old packages of Butter Flavor Crisco actually!  This time it came out a little more crumbly than usual but I was able to get some cookies cut out!

I used this great sandwich cutter I picked up earlier this year at Disneyland


M-I-C. K-E-Y

My first attempt at icing was a cheat — I used packaged “Cookie Frosting” from Wilton


This is what the bottled stuff looked like fresh out of the bottle…

It soaked into the cookies and took forever to dry — and didn’t give me the look I wanted.

So this morning I started over!  I used Wilton Royal Icing Mix

Kind of cheating but easy-peasy!

The first thing I did was use the “as made” icing to outline the ears.


So far so good!

Then I thinned that out and added more black gel (also from Wilton!) And filled in the ears!


Starting to get excited!!

Starting to look like a Mouse!

Of course Mickey has to have some pants!!


And I finally added some buttons to keep those Mouse pants up!!


I’m pretty impressed with the finished project, even though they aren’t perfect, and can’t wait to get home from Wine and Dine to start working on Christmas cookies! And this time, I’ll make an attempt to make my own icing!


The final result!! Not too shabby!!

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