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And now for something…completely different…

7 Jun

So ya’ll know by now, I very rarely beg for money. And it’s always for q good cause.

Well, I’ve got a cause for you today.

My friend Jackie has been going through some shit the last couple of years. Back in 2013 her husband Mike was diagnosed with cancer – this led to the Jackster having to give up  a lot of things she had planned to be by Mike’s side.

Blah blah, cancer treatment…things seem okay, life should return to normal.

But…that’s not exactly how things went — since about Oct 2014 Mike has had complications and new problems one after the other. And, on top of all of that, the cancer is back. Right now getting back on the chemo bandwagon seems to be the obvious path right?  Well, between infections and complications and fate just being an asshole….Mike has been in and out of the hospital much too regularly for anyone to have to handle.

Jackie’s taken a leave from her job, which they fully supported. And Mike’s disability won’t  kick in for a bit However, now all of the insurance premiums fall on her. On top of a mortgage, food, utilities…all that stuff we need to live day-to-day. I’ve paid COBRA and inexpensive it is not.

So, I’m asking, for Jackie and Mike, if you’ve got it to spare think about giving a little to help out some awesome people. You can head out to this link and give a little and know that you are helping REAL people. And that they’ll get the money you send.

I totally understand if this isn’t your “thing’.. but give it a thought at least. There area a couple of awesome people who could really use your help. And, hey if you can’t donate right now, send a prayer or two up.

Just an FYI — I get absolutely NOTHING from your donation, except for a sense that my friend and her husband are taken care of. If this isn’t your bag, I should have a list of shops you could get a Gift Card from to send and make things easier….

Paris Marathon – Day what?

14 Apr

So, I haven’t been able to keep up as much as I wanted, but trust me, I have a long flight home so maybe then I’ll get a few done!

Meanwhile — enjoy a couple of pictures from the week so far…


This is how my flight started…



Did a 5K Saturday morning..almost done!!



Did a 42.2K on Sunday…couldn’t really jump at the end!!



And then this happened….






Time for Some Accountability….

17 Feb

So, I was all proud of myself for actually making what I believe are actual realistic, achievable New Year’s Resolutions…and I put it all out here for ya’ll to read!


Well, let’s see how we’re doing now, shall we??

I am still making goals (yay!) … did not meet my January goal and am currently NOT on track to meet my February goal (85 miles). I’m not being terribly consistent. And I can’t even blame the weather since I <gasp> joined a gym a couple of weeks ago simply to have use of the treadmills…I’ve definitely cut back on the negative talk, in general. But as it specifically relates to my lack of consistent running? Well…still working on that! And, the Bikram? Well, I’m getting back to it, slowly — and really it’s just ridiculous since I feel loads better when I get in the groove…

I’ve been doing ….okay. Not great but not as awful as I had gotten. Trying to eat three normal meals a day, less wine, less snacking. And, I’ve just signed on to do a 10-day cleanse starting sometime in the next week or so which I think will go a very long way to helping me get more on track (and you can bet I’ll be sharing all the awesome details of that experience right here!!). Blood sugar still up and down but the process has begun to get my pump/CGM. I’m going with the Animas , not sure how long it will take to get here, but I’m hoping to be up and running with it (haha…get it?!) by the time I leave for Paris. And, my weight, well, it is exactly the same as it was at the end of the year…

Everything Else:
Well, I did finally make it down to NYC with a friend so — two birds right?! And, I’m definitely working at being nice to people I run into during my days. Organizing is coming along VERY slowly but I hope to start gaining momentum now that there may be a job prospect on the horizon!  And, I wake up every morning thankful for all that I *do* have and worry much less about what I want or don’t have!

All in all…I could be doing a lot better. I could also be doing a lot worse….

How do you motivate yourself??  Bribes? Rewards? 

And Now, The Resolutions :)

3 Jan

new year 2015

Last year I had two big resolutions and managed to stick to one of them completely and the other…well, kind of haphazardly

Training was my biggest goal. And while I didn’t stick 100% to my plan, I did a lot more training that I would normally have done. The other resolution? Every time I went to a store and took a cart (carriage for those of you in New England!) out to my car, I would return it either to the front of the store, or the cart corral.


For 2015, I think I’ll set my sights a little higher!!

RUNNING– Currently my big goal race for the year is the Paris Marathon in April. I’m hoping to get into the Marine Corps Marathon again though so I’m going to pretend I’m in!
1. Have a goal. Usually I just run what I run (or don’t). Towards the end of last year I started setting monthly goals, with a running group I’m part of. This year I’ll go ahead and post them here and we can all see how I do! (FYI, my January Mileage Goal is 100 miles)
2. Be consistent. Enough said.
3. No negative talk. If you read here, you’re aware that I often use the words “Lazy” and “slacker” to describe my running life. No more! If I’m getting out there I’m not slacking and I’m not lazy!!
4. Not just running. This week I re-started my Bikram practice. My goal for Bikram is at least 4 days a week. Plus I’ll be adding back in some of my home weight workouts.

HEALTH – In 2014 I took better control of my diabetes and saw my A1C start to come back down to ‘normal’ levels. This year I plan to work even harder at it.
1. Meals. I need to focus more on the FORK side of this blog. This means I need to get back to cooking regular meals and stop considering a bowl of cereal to be a good dinner.
2. Blood Sugar. I definitely need to monitor this more closely all day long. One step I’ll take towards that is hopefully getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor and an Insulin Pump – more on this after my next doctor appointment in a couple weeks.
3. Weight – I ended the year at about the same weight I started. Losing only 5% of my current weight will help manage my diabetes a little better so…

1. Get out more! There’s a lot to do within a short drive from my house and I need to start doing them!!
2. Spend more time with friends I got to spend time with a few of my friends this year and had an amazing time – so need more of that!!
3. Get Organized!! Yeah, this will be a year long process! But, baby steps….
4. This Blog 🙂 – improve my consistency, maybe have some friends add their thoughts and share posts!
4. Be nice. I’m not always nice. 🙂 This year I’ll definitely do more thinking before speaking. Following through on things I say/promise (I have some years old promises I need to fulfill in the next month!!) This includes promises I make to myself – see about re: running and Bikram…and eating right. Not so much grumpy whining and complaining. Which leads to the most important resolution for me this year

EXPRESS GRATITUDE There is something to be grateful for every day – and sometimes we forget. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or the last thing at night, I will be sure to set my attitude in a positive direction

So, what have you resolved to do this year? Big changes or little changes? 

What the Future Holds.

17 Oct

Sure, we don’t really know what the future holds. But sometimes we can guess.

And I am going to guess that my near future holds something that looks like this:


In moderation of course….

Yep! It’s Hershey Half Marathon time already!! Heading over tonight and will hopefully have good things to report to ya’ll on Sunday night …maybe Monday morning!!

Meanwhile, have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!

Happy Weekend_1

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