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Sunday, Sunday

18 Aug

sunday clouds

I love Sunday. Not really because it’s Monday-Eve so much, but just all by itself!

Most of the time, it’s a day to do things around the house – for me that usually means it’s a day to mow the lawn! Which I love doing, so that’s not bad at all!


Today is really no different. I have an 11 mile training run to get in first thing though, before doing anything else.

And, there’s the grocery shopping and the meal and workout planning for the week and the ironing for the week and the general overall getting ready for the week.

And when it’s all over there’s the hot shower, the clean jammies and maybe a glass of wine before bed.

In two weeks, I’ll be working my way through the #DumboDoubleDare (or, as I’ve grown to love calling it the #DumboDoubleDate – thank you typos!) The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend this year introduces a 10 K on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday! I’m starting to hit the peak of anticipatory excitement – this week will be spent beginning to pack and I can’t wait!


But first — I have some grass to cut and some miles to cover!!

happy sunday

Happy Sunday!! Make it a great one!

4 Aug

So….this happened 🙂

038 035

Now, I have nothing against rhododendrons, but I really don’t think they’re good “foundation” plants…unless I can keep them bushy and short…which I can’t. But, I am not as anti-rhodo as I am anti-forsythia! The LEAVES!! Oh my gosh! So…that’s next week.

Also this weekend? 15 miles thankyouverymuch. Yeah. I’m tired tonight, possibly a little sore/achy…but overall I feel pretty darn good! Glad I got it done, feeling more motivated and really appreciating the run.

Beautiful 10 miles today for sure! And, for someone who really just does not enjoy the hills? I moved to the wrong place…it seems I went uphill WAY more than I went downhill! Or even flat!! But I went. I covered the distance.

031 034 032030

I think I have figured out my 10K costume for the runDisney #DumboDoubleDare. And it’s not even a Disney character so I might save it for my visit to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in October…but I am in need so…

Interesting week ahead – lunch tomorrow with my recruiter/agency. This will be a good one since I just told them I don’t want to stay where I am anymore. Appointment with my GYN on Tuesday to discuss old lady stuff…life is full of surprises when you get to “a certain age” and believe it or not – they are not all balloons and cake!! Friday I have an interview that I’m really looking forward to. I think this might be the role I’ve been looking for.

Oh yeah…and there’s miles to get in and some hot room to be sweated in. And…gonna try to eat like an adult this week – but my prep for that is a little lacking…and so it might be a tuna+cottage cheese week…

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is really ready for the week!


My Summer Nemesis!

25 Jun

Once upon a time…

All the best stories start like that don’t they? Well, this isn’t likely to be one of them!

You see, once upon a time, I had never been affected by poison ivy. Then I bought a house in New England. Now my summers are like running an obstacle course – trying to avoid the PI and keeping the dog out of it too!

Generally, I am not successful for an entire summer. I do okay for a month or so but, I may have mentioned this, I’m kind of lazy. Until I decide that I want my weeds gone NOW – then I dive in with VERY reckless abandon.

And when I do this, I tend to end up with some very inconvenient itching.

Then there’s the dog. You see, if you didn’t already know this, when a dog crawls in poison ivy, it doesn’t bother him at all – but the itch causing oils get all up in his furs and then when it’s time to cuddle those oils get all up in YOU! Which can lead to some very oddly misplaced Poison Ivy rashes.

“No, Mom, I was not rolling around naked in the bushes”

Really. I wasn’t.

Even washing up after with IvaRest doesn’t prevent it completely – but I am thinking it makes it less bad. Less bad? Yeah. That works

The good news? I have discovered that Bare Minerals – Bisque does a SUPER job of covering up the rash on my face. To help with some of the itching I like Benadryl Anti-Itch Gel – I guess cause it stings a little when I put it on I feel like it’s working…though it still takes at least a week for the rash to start going away!

So, if you prefer to NOT have the big itchy rashes all summer, keep your eyes open for these little beauties!!

 poison ivy 1 poison ivy 2 poison ivy 3

PS – I’ve heard that the best, most thorough way to get rid of poison ivy is to get goats. 

Sunday. End of a Weekend or Start of a Brand New Week?

19 May


Duh! Obviously it’s both — but it’s probably better to view it as a new start right?! A day to relax, recoup, and gather your thoughts and things for the coming week…

Or, it’s a day to rush around madly getting things done if you didn’t get them done on Saturday, like some people we know and love. I don’t know where the time went yesterday but my grandiose plans for great accomplishments didn’t exactly pan out. But the lawn looks beautiful!!


I love just sitting out here with a good book

Apple Tree

Can’t wait to see what my apple crop looks like this year!

So today, I’ll pull out yesterday’s “To Do” list and see how much I can mark off – but there will definitely be time for relaxing

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.
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