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Running of the Bulls

2 Apr

So, I didn’t go to Spain, and the “bulls” were actually elite athletes but it was still a really fun time!!


Photo courtesy of Sharon Chapman

First, let me say, that 2 days is not nearly enough time in Bermuda! And, it was a bit chilly for pools and beaches. So, obviously, I need to go back when it’s warmer for a few more days!!


I was really very impressed with how beautiful it is there. Now I know why a few of my friends consider it among their favorite place in the world. Friday we arrived around 3 in the afternoon. The first stop was to pick up a t-shirt for Saturday’s “Earth Hour” Flame walk through Hamilton.


Then we picked up some drinks at the grocery store….and then some rum at the liquor store! After settling in at the hotel, we went for a wander around town and eventually grabbed some dinner, including some delicious fish chowder.


I had my doubts….but that was when I was so misguided…I would eat this every day!!

I really wanted to catch the sunset so grabbed my camera and headed out to the back of the hotel – which is right on the harbor. They’re doing some construction now but even so, it’s a gorgeous view.


I think this is going to be a restaurant…that I will eat at. Cause. On the water. Perfection



Did a little more walking around and then it was time for some sleep – I’d been up since about 3:30 (as usual when I’m traveling sleep doesn’t come easy!!) and the bed was SUPER comfy so I was out pretty quick. And before I knew it, it was time to start another day!

There is a cathedral in town and since it was too early to get bibs, we walked up and hoped someone would be there so we could go up in the tower. Luckily someone was there and we did! 155 steps. Worth every one!



Then we headed over and picked up our bibs and shirts for Sunday’s Running of the Bulls 5K.


We also did a little souvenir shopping and brought our haul back to the room before grabbing some breakfast. Then we spent the day doing some more sight-seeing – we took the ferry over to the Naval Dockyards which is an old British Naval Base. Lots of little shops and a couple of restaurants.


From the ferry


Inside the “fort”



More in the fort…


I want to spend HOURS swimming here….


After roaming a bit, we headed back on the ferry to Hamilton to get ready for dinner and the Earth Hour Flame Walk. The starting point was at the Hamilton City Hall which is absolutely beautiful!


Hamilton Bermuda City Hall

Music and speeches led to the extinguishing of the lights and the start of the walk. And…well, no one really knew where to go! So we started walking and eventually things started to make sense – the path that we followed had most of the street lights out.  Though it’s never terribly encouraging to hear someone say “Oh great, the tourists are leading us!”

After a nice walk through town we headed back to the room — tomorrow would be busy! Our 5K and then getting ready to head back home (sad clown face here )

Bright and early on Sunday we got up and got ready to head to the 5k. I really do love running in unfamiliar places because you tend to get to see things that the average tourist doesn’t. And, Bermuda is a GORGEOUS place to explore!


Along Front Street in Hamilton Bermuda


One of the many hills one runs in Bermuda…




Very narrow roads…very hard coral walls…

I ended up finishing JUST behind the male “bulls” — I mean, they passed me going up the final hill — and unfortunately, I did n’t get a picture.  There was a raffle with lots of really great prizes that I did not win!

Eventually, it was time to clean up and head to the airport. (More sad clown here). But not before a stop at the Swizzle Inn for lunch. And Swizzles. And of course I had to have one final on-island Dark and Stormy. Plus, the burger was really good! One more bus stop and it was time to head home.

Bermuda is definitely a place I want to visit again — when it’s a little warmer maybe. And for a few more days. Beautiful scenery and the nicest people. I can’t wait to go again!!


Where I’ve Never Been….

28 Mar

So, this was scheduled to post Friday morning…but it didn’t. Bonus for ya’ll!! Follow up post later today!

Last year, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to go somewhere I’d never been. I didn’t get to that part…but this year…things are gonna be different!


And it’s starting today!

In just a few hours I’ll be in a new place! I’ve wanted to go here for years – have had a couple of opportunities but for one reason or another it didn’t work out …but now. Now I’m doing it!

Sure it isn’t terribly exotic. But it’s a start!

running with bulls

My friend Sharon asked a few months ago if I’d like to Run with the Bulls. Not those bulls  – this year anyway! Sharon LOVES Bermuda. Probably as much as, if not more than, she loves New York City. So I picked a great person for a first visit, right?!

On Sunday we will be Running with the Bulls. Well, technically and officially, I’ll be Walking with the Bulls since when I signed up I didn’t know what kind of condition I’d be in. And. Bermuda is actually kind of hilly from what I’ve heard! So it’ll be fun for sure.

Saturday evening we’re doing an Earth Day kind of celebration walk through Hamilton which will be another fun event.

So it’s about 15 hours before the plane leaves Newark and I’m all packed! And excited. And the best news? (well, it’s all good but…) I got upgraded for my flight from Newark to Hamilton! Which means I’m starting my party EARLY.

Can’t WAIT to go — I’m so excited and have gotten lots of good advice from another friend who loves Bermuda, possibly even more than Sharon does!! I think the only thing I could possibly regret about this trip is that it is way too short!!

coldwellbankersislands dot com

Bermuda – bird’s eye view From

I’m looking forward to sharing this great weekend with you…probably not tomorrow…probably not Sunday…but soon. Real soon!!

Have a great TGIF!!!




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