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A New Sale – and Some Other News

9 Mar

So, there’s a new development on this here blog of mine! As you VERY well know, last Spring I became a Skirt Sports Ambassador. Well, today I took a big (for me) leap and became an affiliate for Skirt Sports as well.


What this means is, now, when you see one of my super cute Skirt Sports outfits on my blog and you decide that YOU need some cute too, you just click on the affiliate link to Skirt Sports and order as usual — using your super 20% off discount code ORF20 – and I get “credit” for your purchase. It’s not a lot, but it is, frankly, a little extra Skirt change for me! And a skirtier me is a happier me!!

So let’s try it out now shall we?? Â đŸ™‚

From now until March 16, all of the 261 Fearless Collection is on sale! Click below, and go have a look!!

I hope ya’ll will all join me on my new adventure!!



26 Apr

Last week, a bit more than an hour away from me, was the running of the 119th Boston Marathon. There were thousands running – men and women of all ages.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Today, as women, we don’t think twice about signing up for a marathon. Okay, so maybe we think at least twice about it, but we know that we are allowed to sign up and that we will be accepted on the course.

Back in the olden days, or, you know, 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to register for and complete the Boston Marathon. While, there is really no such thing as an “easy” marathon, KS had a particularly rough time. It was a cold snowy/rainy day and, frankly, the BAA officials didn’t want her on the course. In fact, at one point, there was an attempt to physically pull her from the road. The men she was running with, including her coach and her boyfriend, prevented the removal.

Photo  from

Photo series showing race official attempting to remove numbers from K Switzer once he realized that “K” was a woman.


It took another 5 years for women to be officially allowed to register for the Boston Marathon.

For that we can thank Kathrine Switzer. Her fearlessness in the face of anti-woman sentiment on the course opened doors for all of us. A 20-year old college student who just knew she could cover the miles decided to do it!

To learn more about Kathrine, check out her website — — and for a really interesting look at what really happened back in 1967, see what Kathrine herself has to say. It’s eye-opening, enlightening and really very inspiring!

If you want to show your own #Fearless side, check out the SkirtSports 261 collection – and use code SSORF20 on everything that ISN’T on sale and get 20% off!! It’s also good for the Virtual runs – there are a couple coming up!!!


Virtual run bib #fearless261


Coming up, look for some great opportunities from SkirtSports — including a giveaway – in support of our 2015 #REALwomenmove campaign!




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