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It’s a Sale!!! On A Sale!!!!

3 Mar

(This post contains an affiliate link)


That’s right!!

Right now, through March 12, you can get an extra 20% off of everything

All you have to do is use code SALE20 on any item on the Sales page! Using the code will make most items anywhere from 50-70% off! This is a great chance to grab some of the great items from the Fall and Winter collection before the Spring/Summer line is all up on the site!

And remember you also get Flat Rate Shipping for just $4.99. And if you spend $125 or more, shipping is free! 

Just a reminder, that you can’t use any other discount codes with this sale. If you want to buy full-priced items you CAN use 1SSCAPT20 but you’d have to put in a separate order.

So….it might be time to do some shopping!!!



One Step Forward, Two Back

20 Feb

stitched with intentionsAs ya’ll have figured out by now, I am chock-full of good intentions. I wake up on Monday pretty motivated and ready to really tackle my training plan for the week!


For whatever reason, I am finding it REALLY difficult to get my Tuesday runs in on Tuesday …. I could understand if it was Monday since I’m pretty wiped out when I get home from work on Monday. But. Tuesday??

Anyway. Wrap up time!

This week the plan wanted me to run a total of 34 Miles. I did not run 34 Miles…

Tuesday – 5 Miles – As mentioned above…Tuesdays are hard for me. So I did not run on Tuesday
Wednesday – 8 Miles – Today I did yesterday’s 5 Miles on a treamill…
Thursday – 5 Miles –
Yesterday’s 8. Also on a treadmill.
Saturday – 11 Miles (yikes!) –
Thursday’s 5. Outside – it was a gorgeous weekend! 
Sunday – 5 Miles –
Pretty much sat on my butt watching  a Showtime and HBO free preview weekend…All. Day. (Who knew there were so many movies I *had* to see?!!)


Me on Sunday. Only no beer and chips. But all me!!

Only 2 weeks now until my first Half Marathon of the year – Myrtle Beach Half Marathon. And here’s what we’ve got planned.

Tuesday – 5 Miles
Wednesday – 6 Miles
Thursday – 4 Miles
Saturday – 12 Miles (I really need to do at least something long this month!)
Sunday – 3 Miles (this must be what they mean by ‘taper’!)

Pretty reasonable numbers, right? We’ll see what happens!!

And some exciting news coming up REAL soon from Skirt Sports (affiliate link)!

Back for Another Year!

10 Feb


I am, of course, late with this but…I am THRILLED to let you know that I was chosen again to be part of the Skirt Sports Ambassador Team as an Ambassador Captain for the third year!!


This was taken after last year’s 13er – in the fountain at the CU UMC – one of my college goals was to “jump in the fountain” after finals. I never made it them, but look at me now!!!!

I’m really looking forward to it – this is such an awesome group of women from all walks of life, involved in all kinds of different healthy stuff!  Nicole DeBoom started a company to make women athletes feel amazing no matter what level of fitness they are at and no matter what size they are. It’s a brand for Every Woman. For Real Women. The models on the site? Most of them are Ambassadors or work for the company – they aren’t actually professional models!


Ambassadors at last year’s retreat outside of Boulder

The aim of the company is to help every woman realize her potential. Through the Running Start program women are given the chance to overcome obstacles and start on the road to fitness  – training culminates in their running the 5k at the Skirt Sports 13er in June in Boulder Colorado

But it isn’t just that. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a back-of-the-packer (my peeps!) you can find your tribe over at Skirt Sports. And I’m telling ya’ll…the love is real! I’ve made some great friends and even got to meet one of my blogging idols last year (I’m looking it you Jenn from Scootadoot!)

Founder Nicole DeBoom has a podcast that is fantastic – Women Run the World. Look for it where you find your podcasts 🙂 She’s always talking with someone interesting and you’ll definitely learn something!

So, apart for getting to rep an amazing company I love, what’s in it for me? Well, I do get a pretty good discount on the clothes and with each new release of styles and patterns I get a gift certificate to spend. And I get to share with you, my friends, a 20% discount on nearly Every. Thing on the site (or in the store!) – use code 1SSCAPT20. This won’t work on clearance items, and it will expire on March 31 or sooner if we get personal codes before then! But, you will always get a new code!!

And, as an affiliate, if you click a Skirt Sports link in my blog, I get a few pennies from your purchase. If you don’t buy, I don’t get the pennies.

But, really. If you want to find some comfy clothes, either for running or hiking or some crazy Ultra running or triathlon thing, you should have a look! Give it a try…you’e got nothing to lose and an awesome tribe to gain!!




OMG!!! Please Come Back!!!

22 Sep

I promise to be better. Really I do!!!

A couple of quick things I want to shoot out to ya’ll now with something bigger coming soon. Seriously.  **NOTE: This post contains Affiliate Links!! **

The fabulous ladies over at Skirt Sports have opened up their Sewing Room – this means if you have an idea for a new skirt-item you’ll be given the chance to post it and maybe have it made.

Round one is in the ‘funding’ stage – designs that meet the funding goal by October 4 will be produced and you can own it! IF, you help fund it!

The top 2 designs are the High Waist Happy Girl Skirt in black – the Original Happy Girl is a longer version skirt that I know a lot of ladies wear to work! How convenient right? Now a higher waist means less chance for “muffin top”, for those of us who are susceptible to such…


And, I know I have a lot of tri-friends who would love the biking skirt, right?! After all, Nicole DeBoom herself won her triathlon wearing a skirt! So go here to fund the Cruiser Bike Girl – this is a re-working of an older skirt, making a comeback!!

So if you want either one of these skirts, click those links and make it happen! All fully funded skirts are expected to ship next May! Good luck!!


I did it!!!!

Second, remember that Step Bet thing I told you about last month? Well, of course since I’ve actually been running lately (what?!?! Training? Crazy!) I ended up winning that first one…and was so full of myself, I joined another right away. I’m nearing the end of week 3 and still going strong-ish! Goals are a little higher, but so far so good!!

So, anyway ya’ll…I do plan to get back to some more regularly scheduled posting, now that I have some more regularly scheduled stuff going on!! And even when I don’t have stuff going on, I’m sure I can find something to say

Thanks for hanging in there!!! And keep coming back — bring your friends too!!!

Social Media Giveaway AND Semi-Annual Sale!!!!

1 Jul

Like I mentioned yesterday, Skirt Sports is clearing out their closets to make room for some new great skirts (and MORE!)

Sizes and styles may be limited and no discount code can be used on sale merchandise!!

Click on the banner above – affiliate link ya’ll!!

31 days

We’re also hosting a great Instagram and Social Media giveaway for July — #31DaysofSkirt! We did this last year and it was a lot of fun – and the more people who play the more fun we’ll all have!

Here are the giveaway/posting details:
1- Post on Instagram each day in July with something Skirt Sports! Use hashtags ‪#‎31daysofSkirtSports‬ ‪#‎skirtsports‬ and ‪#‎REALwomenmove‬
2- each week random winner will win $100 gift cert
3- end of July we’ll choose one lucky winner to win a $400 gift cert!

Be creative with the daily posting themes and have fun!

And if you don’t have enough skirt (how is that even possible?!!) See above 🙂

Happy Friday and Welcome to July!!!


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