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Wrapping up 14 —

7 Oct

This one is short and to the point:

I bailed on 2 of my runs this week – and of course it was the 2 longest….

The Higdon plan was:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 6 miles (oh no! we’re stepping things up!!)
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 8 miles

What actually happened was:
Tuesday – 3 miles. Slowish. But got them done
Wednesday – Now, I do love  “weather” but it was chilly and rainy and I wasn’t prepared so “I’ll do this one tomorrow when I get to Florida then do tomorrow’s on Friday”
Thursday – Um. Yeah. Got to Florida where it was hot and sticky and I’d been trapped in a middle seat for 5 hours.
Friday – Guilt kicked in so I got up and did my 3. It was quite nice to run on the flat streets of Celebration Florida. And there were views like this unexpectedly around a corner or two!


Saturday – no miles, but a bit of walking. And standing. Volunteered at the runDisney Tower of Terror 10-miler and was on my feet for many many hours…which means
Sunday – After being out/up til 4 no one woke up until it was already pretty warm out. Or, at least it was very sunny, which was going to lead to very warm…

So, this was possibly my worst training week in this round. That’s why there’s a new one coming up!


But I need to not beat myself up about it and move on to….

The Higdon plan for the week is:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 6 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 5 miles
Sunday – 15 miles

A really full one. An important one. So I should probably get out there and get it done!!

It Just Keeps Getting Bigger!!!

30 Sep

starting line

And no, I’m not talking about my rear view 😉 Note – if you are trying to find a picture of someone’s rear end, google will show you a lot of nekkid ones….

I’m talking about my list of upcoming races – or as I like to call them “events” (since I don’t actually race much other than my own self!). And since I’m doing all this training I thought a good reminder was in order.

So, in Order of Appearance, here we go:

Hartford Half Marathon – I’m actually also doing the new “One Mile Friday” which is, yep, a One mile run in Hartford followed by a beer 🙂 After the half I’ll get this beauty:

hartford half medal

Hershey Half Marathon – I’ll be doing this one with my friends Kathy and Jennifer. And, we will of course be headed to the park on Saturday before for Roller Coastering! And, I think for this one, we don’t know what the medal will be ahead of time so it will be a delicious surprise!!

Marine Corps Marathon – This is the ‘biggie’ for 2014! You know, the one you can show your support of my efforts by donating to the Tug McGraw Foundation! C’mon! It doesn’t hurt!!

runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon – This one we do for “fun” — and the training miles 🙂 And after the miles and before the Food and Wine-ing I’ll get this around my neck (bonus – it spins!!):

2014 Wine Dine Half Marathon Medal

Santa Hustle Half Marathon –  This was a new add (like Hartford) since I’m getting to the point of having some really long weekend runs, I *know* it will be tons easier for me to get them in if I have an event. Not that I don’t love circling my town a few times to get my long runs in…Plus SANTA!!!

TXU Turkey Trot 10K – Everyone should do a Turkey Trot at least once!! This is a nice one – I’ve done the 5K before. And, really, it’s probably best to start the holiday eating season by moving a little!!

Then…after Thanksgiving I’m taking a ‘break’ – from organized events! That is, until I get to the Main Event:

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: Dopey Challenge – 4 Races, 6 Medals (Okay, one of the ‘medals’ is a rubber medallion but still…) 4 Races? 5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, Half Marathon on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday –  I had planned to do the Goofy Challenge this year since it’s an anniversary year and then they went and added that crazy 10K in there!

Aramco Houston Half Marathon  – I deferred this one in 2014 since I was having so many issues even walking! I’ve done this one a few times and it’s a nice course and a really great event! They’ve also added a 5K on the day before so of course I said “What the heck, why not?!

Publix Georgia Half Marathon – So now I’m entering “what was I thinking” territory! This one was registered for when I saw that I could get in for something like 34 or 40 dollars! Really. That’s it. Plus, it’s one I’ve often thought of doing so….there ya go!

The next Biggie — Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris – Another one where I entered a lottery on a whim, et voila! Making this into a fun trip with a friend. She’s even decided to do the Paris Breakfast Run the day before!

And then, my pal Jackie applied appropriate pressure to get me to sign up for the Brand New! runDisney Pixie Dust Challenge! So new it isn’t even up on the runDisney page yet!!

So there you have it. And all I can say is WHOA! If nothing else, I am definitely feeling way more motivated to train than I normally am. Which is to say, I am feeling motivated to train 🙂



Lucky 13?

29 Sep


There was a half marathon this week.  It was not pretty. I mean, the course was gorgeous, my results, not so much.

So let’s get to the training wrap-up:

The Higdon plan was:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 14 miles

What Anne managed to do is:
Tuesday – 3.5 miles ( had to circle my cul de sac a few times to even things up!)
Wednesday – 5.08 miles – I decided to take the time in the middle of the day to get it in since I also had to get the lawn mowed and my hair cut Wednesday night!
Thursday – walked about 2.5. Not really counting this as “done” since…well, it wasn’t 3 and I walked 🙂 But I got out there!! In the rain.
Saturday – Hogsback Half Marathon. Map My Run says I did 15.7 miles but…it was probably closer  to 13.1 😉
Sunday – decided to baby my foot (see yesterday’s recap) and did not do my 4 miles. I’m not beating myself up over that. Too much. 🙂

Now, on to this coming week! It’s a biggie since I’m heading down to Orlando to cheer on my friends in runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler!  That’s right, a trip to Disney and I’m *NOT* running!! Well…I’ll run…but no bling for me!! 😉

The Higdon plan for the week is:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 6 miles (oh no! we’re stepping things up!!)
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 8 miles

The mileage is just going to keep going up until December or so…

just run


This week I will also stop by Middletown Bikram to sign up for a year or two – and start back up when I’m back in town!!  Can’t wait!!

Is there a workout that you really look forward to? Bikram is that workout for me!!

Happy Autumn!!!

24 Sep

happy fall yall

Yes yes, I know you’re surprised that I’m a day late with my Welcome to Autumn post! 😉


I know there are a lot of folks who are sad to see summer end…I mean, I am too. But…ya know, not terribly so! I love summer. I also love autumn. And winter. And spring!! I LOVE seasons – which is why I had to move out of Southern California! No offense intended at all, but…buying a Christmas tree wearing shorts, flipflops and a t-shirt does not scream “Happy Holidays” to me 🙂

Anyway, I digress!


After all my whining on Sunday about my own inability to follow through on my training plan, I figure Autumn is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf! (See what I did there?!)

So yesterday after work I headed out for the scheduled 3 miles — and managed to put up 3.5. Granted, that last .2 or so were run in circles in front of my house (even numbers and all!). I’m glad I got out there for sure! I’m discovering that my first half mile is the toughest so once I power through that it’s all good. Plus, there’s this…


And this….


And it’s only going to get better!! In fact, I’m actually getting pretty excited about my upcoming long runs since they’ll really take me out in the “country”!!

So — Happy Fall Ya’ll! Get out and enjoy the beauty this season brings!!

Oh, and about all the Pumpkin? I have to say I do enjoy a tasty pumpkin pie (slice! A slice!) and my mom’s Pumpkin cookies? (Definitely more than one!) but I don’t get all the excitement about pumpkin *EVERYTHING*!! Then I tried this for breakfast today ….


And, while I’m not gonna go out now and go Pumpkin Latte crazy, a little pumpkin Noosa makes for a nice occasional treat!


Dirty Dozen!

21 Sep


And, I’m ending week 12 on a low note 😦 So let’s make this fast, short and sweet (ish)

This week’s Higdon plan was:
Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 5 mile run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Saturday – 7 mile run
Sunday – cross-train

And let me tell you, things started out pretty darn good!  Well, except for my runs got pushed back a day unexpectedly. No biggie! I had plans to go to NYC on Saturday so would still get my rest day in with no problem!   (3.12, 5.75, 3.02)

So what ended up happening was:
Wednesday – 3.12
Thursday – 5.75 – hah! I thought I was shortening last week’s 5.5 but I did not. And, actually had a pretty decent pace!
Friday – 3.02

Then the rails came off — I went to NYC on Saturday! and had fun just wandering around! Came home and  watched some Breaking Bad, since I’m a late adopter and all that I am now having mini-BB Binges 🙂 I went to bed early, planning to get up and get in my 7 and then get to Bikram. I had a little low blood sugar problem in the middle of the night and was also feeling…well, not so great otherwise. This led to me over sleeping and still feeling crappy when I got up. I dressed to run and then went out and trimmed trees – didn’t realize we were also going to have thunderstorms today…

So, long story short,


And I’m kind of pissed off at myself about it…I’d like to get through ONE week where I don’t miss any of my runs. And, it’s all up to me really. I wish I didn’t know that I could finish the distance with inadequate training – but I want to finish a lot stronger than I usually do! I think the real test will be next Saturday’s Hogsback Half Marathon — I’m hoping to see some improvement (even with my missed runs) and have a new time to submit to runDisney for #Dopey15. I’m definitely feeling and seeing improvements in my mid-week runs so we shall see!!

Next week’s Higdon plan is:
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 14 miles
My plan is to, obviously, do 13 on Saturday and then 5 on Sunday to get the mileage covered. And I will reward myself with a massage on Sunday afternoon.

Feel free to provide any motivation you can think of!! It’s probably much better than me beating myself up about things – Right??


Wrappin’ Up 11!

14 Sep


Or, is it 1?!?!

Started a new plan this week – so week 11 of #Dopey15 training and week 1 of Higdon training

This week’s Higdon plan was:

Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 5.5 mile run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Saturday – 3 mile run
Sunday – 13 mile run

And. I kind of rocked it!!  Here’s what happened —

Tuesday – 3.02 baby!!
Wednesday – I don’t know why I thought it was 5.5…it was 5. But who did 5.5 — yeah..This Girl!
Thursday – 3 Miles! (yeah…3 in a row!! probably a record of some kind for me!!)
Saturday – Woke up feeling kind of punky with a little digestive distress and by the time I was feeling better it was raining. So did not get this 3 in…Maybe I’ll feel some motivation tomorrow and throw it in there!
Sunday – 13.29. And, made pretty decent time even though there were a couple miles that I walked completely – since they were ALL. UP. HILL. And, I had mapmyrun create the route this weekend but I got lost at one point…BUT, it is an absolutely gorgeous day here in New England today so it wasn’t bad at all!!


I feel pretty good about my week, even with missing yesterday’s 3 miles. I’m thinking that it was easier for me to do the 3 in a row, than taking that all important rest day on Friday…but the rest days are key too, right?!

Coming up this week, I have a 1 run weekend – with the second day set aside for Cross-Training. This is where I sometimes run into problems 🙂 This is also where I plan to go back to Bikram – it’s strength, stretching and a bit of cardio all in one!

I hope everyone is ready for another great week…the last week of summer!




Wrapping Up Week 9!

1 Sep

Wait?!! Week NINE?? How is that even possible!!?

Anyway…let’s make this quick, I’ve got some ribs to get to (after a short run of course!)

The Galloway plan for the week called for

Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 3 miles

And here’s what happened:

Tuesday – Of course I headed out on Wed. A bit more than 45 minutes, 3.75 miles.
Thursday –  I was travelling on Thursday and it was HOT when I landed so my plan to get out before bed didn’t happen. Friday morning it happened. It was still hot, I got a late-ish start and was worried about getting to work on time (even on ‘vacation’ people!!) so only did about a half hour and 2.5 miles
Saturday – Um….see up there where I mention a short run this morning…that would be this 🙂

So, while I *am* missing some runs along the way, I am being much more consistent than usual in my training. I think the proof of the pudding (mmmm…pudding) will be at the end of this month when I run the Hogsback Half Marathon for the second time.

And, very much unlike last year when I had started feeling some pretty decent pain in my legs – at least I think it started around this time – I am not having ANY of those sort of issues this time around! I was diagnosed several years ago with minor arthritis in my lower back but as long as I keep moving even that doesn’t bother me much (sleeping in a strange bed however?…)

I hope everyone who gets a day off today gets to enjoy it! We’ll be going to my brother’s house where my youngest nephew is cooking ribs. For the first time. Adventure awaits!!!

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