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It’s Tuesday. Not Friday.

27 Aug

You want the truth? You want the TRUTH? Okay…I think you CAN handle the truth!

It’s Tuesday. It’s not Friday. That’s the truth.

Truth also is that I am STILL not packed for Disneyland.


I have clothes on the bed, I have clothes hanging to dry and at least I finished my Mouseketeer shirt for the Half Marathon.


The front of my Mouseketeer shirt for the Disneyland Half Marathon


Back of my Mouseketeer shirt

But I am not packed!

Which means, tonight is packing night. Full on, close the suitcase packing night.

Guess. What. Day. It. Is

21 Aug

geico hump day

That’s right. It’s “What Up Wednesday?!”! No. Just…no 🙂


What Up!!??

Okay…so what’s up here is that I have some really big goals that I want to accomplish before I head out for #DumboDoubleDate and I am making close to zero progress. ZEE. ROW. None!

I really am hoping that before I hop on that plane next Thursday that my kitchen will be spotless, my living room fresh and dust-free, my dining room clutterless, my bathroom sparkling…you get the picture. PLUS there’s that whole “training” thing, and my Bikram “thing” (which I REALLY do need these days!) and my super busy social life. Okay, so my social life isn’t usually busy, it just happens to be so the next few days!

Unfortunately, what happens is that the fitness stuff falls to the wayside and I slog through the housework-y things. Like tonight, for instance 🙂 The goal is to get that bathroom done (mainly cause I have company coming tomorrow!) and get the living room dusted!

And, chances are good that when I lock the door next Thursday things won’t be quite as sparkling as I am hoping! But it’ll be closer! And I’ll be on my way to Disneyland – so not much better than that!!


The Countdown Begins!

19 Aug

monday shadow

And a huge old Happy Monday to you! (Like they say, if you don’t really believe it, Fake it til you make it!!)

Busy week ahead. And I’m starting off on my runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend countdown! Today is T-10 days til I hop on the plane for LA! Which means it is time to start making some lists!


So, T-10 Day List is :Make a List!

The plan is to get my Bikram on at least 3 nights this week. Thursday I have the third, and final, Hartford Marathon X-Treme Scramble which means a post-work 5K followed by hot dogs, Harpoon Beer and Moe’s Burrito. And Disco. This month’s theme is Disco! No better way to kick off the weekend!!

Friday after work I’ll head over to Rhode Island to stay at Kathy’s since Saturday is the super popular Ray Lang Memorial Golf Tournament to honor my friend Pete Lang’s dad Ray and to support the Tug McGraw Foundation – it’s a great day with some really great people. And I get to hang out in a golf cart which is never a bad time!Sunday is my last big run before #DumboDoubleDate — a 10K in Wethersfield and then the usual Sunday activities – plus the whole packing and getting ready for a BIG trip stuff!

Sunday, Sunday

18 Aug

sunday clouds

I love Sunday. Not really because it’s Monday-Eve so much, but just all by itself!

Most of the time, it’s a day to do things around the house – for me that usually means it’s a day to mow the lawn! Which I love doing, so that’s not bad at all!


Today is really no different. I have an 11 mile training run to get in first thing though, before doing anything else.

And, there’s the grocery shopping and the meal and workout planning for the week and the ironing for the week and the general overall getting ready for the week.

And when it’s all over there’s the hot shower, the clean jammies and maybe a glass of wine before bed.

In two weeks, I’ll be working my way through the #DumboDoubleDare (or, as I’ve grown to love calling it the #DumboDoubleDate – thank you typos!) The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend this year introduces a 10 K on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday! I’m starting to hit the peak of anticipatory excitement – this week will be spent beginning to pack and I can’t wait!


But first — I have some grass to cut and some miles to cover!!

happy sunday

Happy Sunday!! Make it a great one!


10 Aug

This is a time of GREAT anticipation for me! And I’m not talkin’ about ketchup (catsup? That’s a debate for another day!) On top of waiting to find a new job I have a BIG BIG trip coming up in just a couple of weeks!

Heading to California for the runDisney #DumboDoubleDare which I expect to be massive amounts of fun! But for me, a big part of the fun of any trip is the anticipation – I stalk my airline website to see how long the seat next to me stays empty – especially since this time I’m going non-stop which means about 6 hours on the plane! If going to a race, I read and re-read other runners’ costume ideas. I start packing a few weeks out. If I’m going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World I start planning my park time, taking as much advantage of the late openings and Extra Magic Hours. I even start planning out my traveling outfit!


So in 20 days I’m hopping on a plane and flying into the sunset…or something like that! And I will be adding 19.3 Magical Miles making my grand total so far this year 97.1! And adding some more wonderful runDisney Bling to my 2013 collection!

And I really can’t wait!!!

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