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Ready to get Dopey?

5 Jan


Well, it’s finally here!! Almost!

And, as you can imagine, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about packing 🙂 I’ve also been working on one of the most important aspects of any runDisney event – “What am I going to WEAR??”

4 races means 4 outfits, possibly even costumes! There are always a few things I keep in mind – most important is comfort, especially for longer runs (that would be the half and full on Saturday and Sunday!). In Florida, the weather is also a big consideration so eyes are on the forecast as early as possible – though, in Florida, the weather can change overnight!


Forecast the evening of Jan 3



Forecast the morning of Jan 4

And, when I’m in Florida, I’m all about the sun so I also try to avoid getting a farmer’s tan since I know I’m going to be out there in the middle of the day (thank you Corral O)

5K is pretty easy since it’s not so much a costume run for me, but wearing my team skirt. Also, since it’s early I don’t have the above mentioned tanning issue and can wear really any top I want – I might even be wearing a jacket this year since it’ll be “chilly” on Thursday and we won’t be out long enough for warming up much!


Racing The Dream “Melty Hearts” plus Blue


10K looks to be a little chilly as well, so I am bringing two options for tops – my wonderful friend Angela is making the letters for my shirt – so this is an incomplete, more of a Disney Bound costume, and I may wear the cami or I may wear the tshirt. But I am definitely wearing the wig!!

pink girls


Looking at this now, I might switch to a purple skirt…


For the half, I’ll be dressed as my favorite bear!


And the Full. This is quite possibly my most ambitious costume attempt to date!  I decided long ago that I wanted to do a race as Jessie.

running jessie

Initially I tried to find a top online – by the time I justified the cost to myself (it was a LOT!) the seller was taking a break. So I figured “How hard can it be to just paint a shirt myself?” Well…so far so good. Ish.

Then when I was at the store buying my crafting supplies I saw that yarn was on my brain said “How hard can it be to make a yarn braid?” The answer to that is “No too hard, so far, but how are you going to attach it to your head?”…So, we’ll see! And of course I have to have her cuffs right? Again “How hard can that be?” We don’t know…yet!

Hopefully I’ll have this finished in time to pack it Tuesday night — or maybe as I’m rushing out the door Wednesday morning 🙂

I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!! If nothing else, it’s been fun!

Time for you to share your running costume ideas with me!!  And hey, now that you know what I’ll be wearing, if you’re on the course(s) or cheering on the sidelines, give me a shout!! 


Training Update and Corral Woes

19 Dec

So, last night while I was out doing leg 1 of the Hal Higdon Mini-Dopey weekend (2.5 miles), I realized that in THREE WEEKS I will be in the midst of the real thing.

And…man oh man… let me tell you!

Over Thanksgiving, I – as well as many other people across the country – did a Turkey Trot. 10K of holiday goodness, for a good cause (short recap coming! really!!). Around mile 4 my left calf tightened up. Like, painful, felt like if I kept running I’d rip my hamstring right out of my leg, tight. But I found that if I adjusted my ‘style’ a bit, I could run on it and finished. But the next day (and a few of the next ones) my leg would not loosen up. And at this point in the process, I’m more concerned with staying relatively injury-free than anything else.

Which leads me to this: I haven’t done a whole lot of running since Thanksgiving. Or, really, a whole lot of anything…

Then the corrals came out. I had figured, based on calculators all over the internet, with my 3:04 half marathon POT, that they’d put me in with the 6-6:30 finishers. Um…no. I’m in the next to the last corral. Apparently there is a “Special”, one might even say “Magical” formula used by the runDisney placers …I have learned that it’s also very “SECRET”.

But back to my lack of training in the last month….yeah….this was not terribly encouraging news given that I’ve trained more for this event than anything I’ve ever done and now I’m gonna have to fight past walkers and, from what I’ve read, a lot of other people who have been mis-corralled. (Be advised: I have *nothing* against walkers! I am, myself, at times, a walker!)

I need(ed) to make a decision – just give up and figure I’d raise the biggest stink EVER if they tried to deny me my #DopeyChallenge medal or keep going and hope for the best.

Well, I need to keep going and hope for the best! Yeah, I’m at the back of the pack – not unusual for me. I do just hope I have time for a few very important photo stops – I need to get the Genie, Buzz and Woody and hopefully Jessie, and Sully and Mike W.  Anything else I will consider gravy.

If you’ve followed to this point now you know 🙂 1. Not a lot of training 2. Bad corral placement 3. Less than three weeks to wrap up training 4. More determined than ever

The training plan for this weekend is:
Thursday: 2.5 miles  (done!)
Friday: 5 miles (currently finishing coffee and hoping the rain dies down)
Saturday: 10 miles (supposed to be a bright sunny day – had to go buy a short sleeved shirt to run in!)
Sunday: 20 miles (another bright sunny day – bribing myself with a Shipley donut and Mexican food)

And my Dopey plan is to print out some of the online calculators along with my POT and talk to runners relations at the Expo and hopefully get a little more photo op cushion (even one corral would be nice!).

No matter what though, I plan to have an absolutely AMAZINGLY fun time!!!


It Just Keeps Getting Bigger!!!

30 Sep

starting line

And no, I’m not talking about my rear view 😉 Note – if you are trying to find a picture of someone’s rear end, google will show you a lot of nekkid ones….

I’m talking about my list of upcoming races – or as I like to call them “events” (since I don’t actually race much other than my own self!). And since I’m doing all this training I thought a good reminder was in order.

So, in Order of Appearance, here we go:

Hartford Half Marathon – I’m actually also doing the new “One Mile Friday” which is, yep, a One mile run in Hartford followed by a beer 🙂 After the half I’ll get this beauty:

hartford half medal

Hershey Half Marathon – I’ll be doing this one with my friends Kathy and Jennifer. And, we will of course be headed to the park on Saturday before for Roller Coastering! And, I think for this one, we don’t know what the medal will be ahead of time so it will be a delicious surprise!!

Marine Corps Marathon – This is the ‘biggie’ for 2014! You know, the one you can show your support of my efforts by donating to the Tug McGraw Foundation! C’mon! It doesn’t hurt!!

runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon – This one we do for “fun” — and the training miles 🙂 And after the miles and before the Food and Wine-ing I’ll get this around my neck (bonus – it spins!!):

2014 Wine Dine Half Marathon Medal

Santa Hustle Half Marathon –  This was a new add (like Hartford) since I’m getting to the point of having some really long weekend runs, I *know* it will be tons easier for me to get them in if I have an event. Not that I don’t love circling my town a few times to get my long runs in…Plus SANTA!!!

TXU Turkey Trot 10K – Everyone should do a Turkey Trot at least once!! This is a nice one – I’ve done the 5K before. And, really, it’s probably best to start the holiday eating season by moving a little!!

Then…after Thanksgiving I’m taking a ‘break’ – from organized events! That is, until I get to the Main Event:

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: Dopey Challenge – 4 Races, 6 Medals (Okay, one of the ‘medals’ is a rubber medallion but still…) 4 Races? 5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, Half Marathon on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday –  I had planned to do the Goofy Challenge this year since it’s an anniversary year and then they went and added that crazy 10K in there!

Aramco Houston Half Marathon  – I deferred this one in 2014 since I was having so many issues even walking! I’ve done this one a few times and it’s a nice course and a really great event! They’ve also added a 5K on the day before so of course I said “What the heck, why not?!

Publix Georgia Half Marathon – So now I’m entering “what was I thinking” territory! This one was registered for when I saw that I could get in for something like 34 or 40 dollars! Really. That’s it. Plus, it’s one I’ve often thought of doing so….there ya go!

The next Biggie — Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris – Another one where I entered a lottery on a whim, et voila! Making this into a fun trip with a friend. She’s even decided to do the Paris Breakfast Run the day before!

And then, my pal Jackie applied appropriate pressure to get me to sign up for the Brand New! runDisney Pixie Dust Challenge! So new it isn’t even up on the runDisney page yet!!

So there you have it. And all I can say is WHOA! If nothing else, I am definitely feeling way more motivated to train than I normally am. Which is to say, I am feeling motivated to train 🙂



Week 10 WrapUp

8 Sep


Alrighty! Let’s just jump right in to last week’s #Dopey15 training! 10 Weeks – Done!!

The Galloway plan for the week called for

Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 11 miles

And here’s what happened:

Tuesday – was all full of myself when I got out on MONDAY and did 3.25. So, Booyah!!
Thursday – As luck would have it, I was travelling again on Thursday and the plan was to get up and beat the heat so I could shower and finish packing before work. This did not exactly happen.
Saturday – There’s a race recap coming up REALLY soon that will show I did not manage 11 miles on Saturday (or Sunday for that matter!)

And, I know you’re saying to yourself right about now “Man…what a slacker! She’ll NEVER make it”! Oh ye of little faith…just you wait!!

Starting this week, I’m going to switch over to the Hal Higdon Dopey plan – It feels like a lot more running and I need my butt kicked so there. I will still be using my Galloway intervals though, let’s not get all crazy now! So now I’ll have 3 week days of running and alternating 2 run weekends.

Also starting *next* week, I get back to Bikram — was planning to head back today but woke up with either serious allergies or a cold and just…can’t face the hot room til I’m past it!!

Just for an introduction, my Higdon Plan for this week is:

Tuesday – 3 mile run
Wednesday – 5.5 mile run
Thursday – 3 mile run
Saturday – 3 mile run
Sunday – 13 mile run

And Monday’s are to be used for strength and stretching (which is where I will be happily adding Bikram to my plan). Alternate weekends is a Cross-training weekend on one of the days which, also, Bikram. Friday’s are rest days. Which will either be used for rest or…yeah. Bikram

So wish me luck!! And feel free to get those motivational messages lined up …I think I’m gonna need ’em!


Week 8…We Knew Ye Well

24 Aug

So, summer is flying by right?

summer end

Which means that fall race season is rapidly approaching!!  And after fall race season — yeah, you know it!!! #Dopey15 (seriously this needs to catch on, ya’ll help a girl out!!)


So, on with the recap — it’s gonna be short so we can all get to bed! I think a lot of parents have kids starting school tomorrow or later this week. And a lot of people have to go to work!!

The Galloway plan for the week called for

Tuesday 45 minute run/walk
Thursday 45 minute run/walk
Saturday 9 miles

Yeah. 9!! That means we’re 2 weeks from double digits ya’ll!!

So here’s what happened:

Tuesday: Yeah. I did it! 3.2 miles cause I ended up walking the first 10 minutes but it got done!
Thursday: What?! Yes. 45 minutes and 3.5 miles. Though I’m annoyed at myself because when I got in from my run I realized I had missed out on the final Hartford Marathon Foundation Xtreme Scramble of the summer <sad face>
Saturday: I was heading out to my run and got a message from a friend that she was going to need a lift to a golf tournament we were going to so I headed in and got dressed, knowing that I’d be doing a 10K Sunday. Got home around 11:30 and as usual didn’t get to sleep til around 1 and naturally didn’t set my alarm. Which means my second missed run of the week. BUUUUT…that meant I could do my full 9! Or, could I? Poor planning, bad hydration and nutrition and starting mid-day led me to cutting my run short. So. 8 in today. PS Middletown CT – where you can run uphill for 3 miles and never head downhill…what’s up with that!!

Rewarded myself with a cool bath and an Italian ice after rehydrating and getting some protein in my system.

Looking forward to this week — plan to really hit it!! And heading to my dad’s on Thursday which means a hot humid 3 on Saturday!! It’s just part of the “training to run in Orlando” plan!!

So have a great Sunday evening and hopefully everyone is ready for the excitement of going back to school!!

PS — I know lots of folks are getting all wet and all for ALS (and donating too–don’t forget that!!) but if your heart leans in another direction have a look here and maybe drop me a couple of bucks!! 😉

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