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You Should Try Other Distances

18 May

The Greater Hartford Quarter Marathon – April 1

No foolin’! This is a quarter marathon route — about 6.55 miles – – a double loop around the West Hartford Reservoir. It’s a gorgeous course that I’ve run as a 5K and for this event.

Put on by the same folks who bring us one of my absolute favorite half marathons – Sonic Endurance. All of their races have a real family feel and this one is no exception.

The weather for April 1 can be unpredictable in New England and we were on weather watch for this one for sure! Friday afternoon packet pickup was held in Glastonbury so I headed over after work. Grabbed my bib and tshirt and came home to get ready.

Event Shirt back and medal – my ribbon fell off but it’s still pretty!!

Rain was in the forecast. Or snow. But there was definitely going to be precipitation. Because of this the post race festivities were being cancelled so the awesome volunteers wouldn’t have to hang around in the rain.

It looked like I was going to have to pull out my Toasty Tights again, but forecasts said it would be less cold than my St. Patricks Day races had been so I went with some Go The Distance tights, my Toasty Girl Vest (Skirt Sports saves the day again!!), and a plastic rain poncho! When I left the house, it was rainy/drizzly

When I woke up on April Fool’s Day — the weather was….still pretty unpredictable.

On the drive up to the race, I went through some rain. And some sleet. And, was that a little bit of snow? When I got to the West Hartford Reservoir I found a good parking spot and settled in. And watched the icy rain/snow slide down the windshield.

Start time approached so I pulled on my plastic raincoat and headed to the start line – it was a bit drizzly and quite windy and chilly! Someone asked if I planned to wear the plastic the whole time and really I had no idea!

Spoiler: I did keep the poncho on the whole time – which was good since the weather changed every couple of miles!

There was a small section of mud running which I do NOT like – I’m clumsy enough as it is and feared falling in the cold mud so walked that bit both times I went through! Otherwise I managed to keep to my intervals pretty good and while I didn’t set any records I had a good time!

Post Race — one day I will not make dumb faces in selfies!!

Post race I grabbed a cupcake and headed home to shower and warm up!

My next race was coming up the next week – my first time running the Hershey 10K!

**This post contains affiliate links. As a Skirt Sports Ambassador I receive my awesome running clothes at a discount – and so can you!! Just use code SPRINGCPT20 when you shop at Skirt Sports – either online or at the Boulder store!**

How YOU Doin’?

10 Jan

how you doin

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel the need to share an update on one of my resolutions. Made such a short time ago…

Specifically I’m talking about this little gem:  “I will also work as hard as I can to be less road rage-y and angry when I’m driving!”

One work week later… Well. There’s a lot of work to be done on this one!! I’m getting better though, since I have accepted that all those other drivers have somewhere super important to be 😀


Seriously dude in my rear view…if I *could* move faster, or around, you know I would…

Frankly though,  there is a lot of work to be done on 99% of my resolutions … I’ve had a slow start to the year!! I could insert the list of excuses here but I won’t. 🙂

excuses everywhere

On the plus side, my bed is being made every morning!!


Yes, I am in fact a grown woman with stuffed items on my bed…

This gloomy morning in New England, I’m watching social media closely tracking my friends who are running the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon – a LOT of them for the first time. So proud and wishing I could be there with them instead of chEARing from my couch!!

Plenty of excitement heading my way this week though – The new Skirt Sports line comes out. Which means I should probably jump on that whole Powerball bandwagon!!  New prints and some other fun stuff that I can’t wait to share with you!!

I also head back down to Houston for the Aramco Half Marathon – I dropped down from the full after my disastrous Marine Corps Marathon performance. Looking forward to setting my baseline for the year next Sunday. And hanging with my Dad. Who went back into the hospital this week to get a broken hip repaired. He fell off of his exercise bike – it was a short fall but …. repair has been done and he started physical therapy the morning after surgery. Predicted recovery time is 3 months which makes me wish I was able to work from his house, at least a bit. But I can’t so…we’ll see how things go from a distance. Luckily my siblings are close by!

I hope you’ve gotten the year off on the right foot and if not, join me in “Resolution 2016, ReBoot” 🙂



Happy Birthday!!

3 Jun


This is kind of what it looked like outside yesterday morning. Which made me happy that we went to the beach the day before 🙂

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a day filled with rain and thunder and lightning but I know a lot of people aren’t thrilled. And the dogs were really not impressed


But the really big news is that yesterday we celebrated my nephew’s birthday — I can’t believe he’s 14 already!! I remember the day he was born!

Conor 2 months

Technically, he’s 2 months old here…

Cute huh?! Now he’s kind of a sullen teenager, but I think that’s just an act! He’s a good kid. Smart as heck! Going to be working on his Eagle Scout project soon and plans to go to the Air Force Academy!  Maybe he’s so smart because he was trained, um, I mean, raised right?

Time Out!

That look still shows up fairly often!!

Seriously though, he’s a good kid — and I’m not biased at all!!

To Do Lists

25 May


I am not the most organized person in the world. I *have* to be organized at work but at home it all falls apart! So, I started putting my to-dos on Post-Its and things got a bit better. I even color code them by day so it’s very easy to see when I fall behind on things!

Since today is a cold rainy day, it’s time to throw some Post-It’s on the microwave and get to it!

Phred also puts together a list of his own — of course his workload isn’t too varied.   292228_3998577009108_1056198169_n

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