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My Holiday Run List and ProCompression Review

9 Dec

Holiday Running Wish List Part 1 – The Clothes

**Disclaimer: I received product from ProCompression for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own**Discount code Below**

Every year, my mom would ask us for a list of what we wanted for Christmas. And some years she knew what the stuff was and we’d get it – other times we’d still get great stuff! So, it’s been awhile since I’ve made a Christmas list, but just in case you were wondering what to get me, I thought I’d give you a couple of hints!!

I’m going to do two lists this year, and they’re going to be focused on things I’d like that will help with my running. Here is my #holidayrunlist of clothing items that will really come in handy!

1. ProCompression Socks or Sleeves: I have been wearing ProCompression socks for a few years now, mostly for runs that are over 6 miles as well as when I am traveling.


#keepingittight before the Roller Coaster Race


Princess Half Weekend 071

#keepingittight at runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend Family 5K



For the purposes of this post, I received a pair of calf sleeves to review.  When our friends at ProCompression say #KeepItTight – they mean it! I will admit to struggling to get the sleeves on (and the socks as well) but once they are on, the only way I know they’re there is that my feet and calves feel much less tired. Even at the end of 26.2 my legs have the energy to carry me through the rest of my day! As far as recovery goes? Love them! And since I just received the sleeves I used them for recovery from my last long run – and the second I put them on, honestly, my legs just felt better.


Feet Up!!! #keepingittight in Recovery Mode!!


So, if you think you might want to get me a pair or two of the sleeves for Christmas this year, you can even save some money by using code PINK2 for 40%off. But hurry! The code is only good until December 15!!

2. UnderArmour Cold Gear: Living in New England means a cold winter. And not having a treadmill (or a gym membership) means running outside. A LOT. In the cold! UA ColdGear is AWESOME for this. Tights and hoodies please – thumbholes much desired but optional!

3. Some kind of water resistant/wind protection outerwear. I haven’t done any research on this yet so, open to suggestions!

4. Cozy hoodies – anything big and soft that I can throw on after my run and ice bath attempts!

5. Headbands – preferably the kind that cover your ears (and mine!). I have a hard time finding things that stay fit on my round head, but like things that are colorful and maybe sparkle a bit!!

But really, the easy (and, less expensive if you use the discount code PINK2 for 40% off!) option is the ProCompression. And you’ll know you’re giving me something that I love and will get a lot of use!!

#FuelYourBetter with VegaSport

27 May

*Product was provided by VegaSport for review purposes, all opinions are my own*

Last month, I got a package of a new Sugar-Free pre-workout energy drink mix from our friends at Vega Sport. As a diabetic, I’m always looking for ways to get my energy supplemented without a ton of extra sugar (yeah, I know – sugar=carbs=energy but there have to be better ways to get them in, right?!!)


I received the Sugar-free Energizer in Acai Berry Flavor. The directions state to mix with 8 oz of water, but since I’m always wary of tasting new things, I made mine with a bit more — probably 16-20 oz of water.


The flavor was pretty good – some reviewers suggested to mix with juice, but since I don’t tend to drink juice that isn’t a workable option for me.  It’s not overly sweetened, which is nice right before heading out, especially now since it’s getting hotter out. I will probably continue to make it with the extra water, just because I prefer more diluted sports beverages no matter what they are.

The one issue I had was that it didn’t seem to dissolve completely – I noticed the first time when I was at the bottom that there were “crumbs” left. The next time I made it I stirred it extra long and there was still some undissolved powder on the top.  I think if I mixed it up in my blender that might resolve that problem!


All in all, I’m happy that I have enough of my review package to get me through the early days of my marathon training! It’s also helpful for those hot weekends when I’m working out in the yard!

There are several options to help you #fuelyourbetter – before, during AND after a workout –  at the Vega Sport website! You can also follow Vega on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about all of their vegan fitness products!


Need a Lift?

23 May

I drink a lot of coffee. I mean, some days I drink A LOT of  coffee. Every now and then I’ll also have a Diet Coke. For the most part though, I’m a huge water drinker above anything else. And now I’ve found a brand new way to get a caffeine fix.

A few days ago, I got a package in the mail. And I LOVE getting packages.

This one was pretty neat — it contained a new form of energy! New LYFT® Energy Stir Sticks.  Now, these are advertised as having a ‘clean’ taste — so I was hopeful! I tend to prefer my beverages with no funky tastes or aftertaste (which is why I am currently having issues with Almond Milk and coconut water!) 


I received 2 stir sticks — and I could definitely see me actually buying these somewhere down the line.

The sticks come with a cover



You simply take it off and stir your drink for 20 seconds or so!





Then enjoy!!

Super portable, super easy to use and, as advertised, there really seems to be no odd taste at all. There’s *something* but it doesn’t interfere with enjoying my water!

Some additional information about the Pure LYFT caffeine sticks:

LYFT Energy Stir Sticks are a cool, new way to get all natural caffeine and stir energy into any beverage you’re drinking. The energy is derived from all natural green coffee bean extract and has vitamins A and B complex.  With 0 calories and a clean taste, it’s a perfect pre-workout boost, gets you over that 3pm slump, and is great during happy hour or to keep your energy up while you’re painting the town red!  

It’s also the perfect alternative to sugary energy drinks and shots. And if you’re ditching soda, LYFT gets the caffeine (equal to one tall coffee) you miss without the chemicals and calories.  You can easily stash it in your gym bag or even a small purse, making it an easy, lightweight, on-the-go option for energy. 

How to: Simply peel down the label completely off the whole stick and remove it. Stir the stick into any beverage for approximately 20 seconds. Toss the stick or keep it in your glass.


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