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4 Aug

So….this happened 🙂

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Now, I have nothing against rhododendrons, but I really don’t think they’re good “foundation” plants…unless I can keep them bushy and short…which I can’t. But, I am not as anti-rhodo as I am anti-forsythia! The LEAVES!! Oh my gosh! So…that’s next week.

Also this weekend? 15 miles thankyouverymuch. Yeah. I’m tired tonight, possibly a little sore/achy…but overall I feel pretty darn good! Glad I got it done, feeling more motivated and really appreciating the run.

Beautiful 10 miles today for sure! And, for someone who really just does not enjoy the hills? I moved to the wrong place…it seems I went uphill WAY more than I went downhill! Or even flat!! But I went. I covered the distance.

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I think I have figured out my 10K costume for the runDisney #DumboDoubleDare. And it’s not even a Disney character so I might save it for my visit to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in October…but I am in need so…

Interesting week ahead – lunch tomorrow with my recruiter/agency. This will be a good one since I just told them I don’t want to stay where I am anymore. Appointment with my GYN on Tuesday to discuss old lady stuff…life is full of surprises when you get to “a certain age” and believe it or not – they are not all balloons and cake!! Friday I have an interview that I’m really looking forward to. I think this might be the role I’ve been looking for.

Oh yeah…and there’s miles to get in and some hot room to be sweated in. And…gonna try to eat like an adult this week – but my prep for that is a little lacking…and so it might be a tuna+cottage cheese week…

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is really ready for the week!


A quickie!

20 Jul

You know it’s been too long when I have to sign back in to WordPress!!   Things got so busy again! Or I got less motivated, something like that 🙂

I went away for a couple of days and left my laptop at home – and typing on my tablet makes me just a wee bit crazy so…

Spent a couple of evenings near our nation’s capital, and an afternoon by a pool. I must say I do enjoy working poolside!! Could there be anything better?

Things might be shaping up in the work arena – had a couple of good talks with my agency and they’re going to see about getting me more money. Cause I’m starting to get calls and I will leave for the same role that pays more! I’m not THAT stupid!! Not to mention my responsibilities at my current place keep expanding. If you know me, you know I don’t mind doing the work. What I do mind is feeling like I’m being taken advantage of.

Bikram was good this week, on the days I managed to make it! I really feel so much better when I go I need to stop talking myself out of it after work! And got my miles in, eventually. Couple of race recaps coming up.

And, is it hot enough for ya?! Heat wave breaking overnight tonight, supposedly.

So, coming up – race recaps, a new “group” I’ve joined, countdown to Dumbo Double Dare and heading to the Second Happiest Place on Earth!!

Thank God it’s Friiiiiday!

17 May

If you now have that song in your head A. you’re old, dude! and 2. My work here is done!!

Happy it’s Friday – but I would be even if I wasn’t working. The dude is coming back home this weekend (and he will hate that he’s mentioned here so mentions will be VERY limited – unless he does something absolutely worthy of mountain-top shouting!) which is always a good Friday!

Now,  I’m sure we are all very happy I made it through week one of my new job without stomping off like a big baby cause I have nothing to do!! The people I sit with (in some funky, four desk configuration that has me staring at three people all day!) are nice. One is only a week ‘older’ than me at this company. My boss is nice and has great plans for piling my work on….eventually. Suffice to say, nothing is being piled on the first week. It never is! (Note to people who hire me: I’ve been working for a BAZILLION years…I pick up on things pretty quick so I can handle running some Excel Macros…)

People-wise things are good. My Big Boss is pretty laid back and the fact that she looks like my best, oldest friend helps. Like, she REALLY looks like Eydie so it will be tough for me to not think she’s Eydie! The other two guys I work most closely with are, I think, being careful to not overwhelm me with my tasks. I sit with three other people, all contractors like me (though I think one might be an intern). One of the gals is only here til/through June I think. The other just started last week. And then there’s the “intern”.

One of my “office” mates and I have decided to take a long walk every day which is going to be nice. It’s good to get out and see the city. She’s done counseling in the city for the last 10 years so a lot of the homeless people we walk past actually know her and they all seem to love her!! I’m learning about lots of cool things that go on in the city – free stuff to do!

So, while I’m not making the money I was making before I am, so far, liking things…we’ll have to see how long this lasts! As long as they keep giving me more to do I’ll be fine. But, sitting in an office getting paid to do nothing is NOT the cake job people think it would be 🙂

Plus…loads of free coffee and hot chocolate! And, have I mentioned Dunkin Donuts in the lobby??

Have a super Friday night!! Get out there and Boogie!


And So This is Monday….

13 May


Well here it is! My first day at a new job.

I’ve had lots of these – especially since I started working as a consultant. They all tend to be kind of the same: Meet new boss, find new desk, either cry or rejoice at location/size of new cubicle, figure out where the bathrooms are, find the kitchen, find the water fountains, decide if there’s a fridge for my lunch/yoga water, find a good parking spot. And sometimes, get a computer and get to work!

I’m kind of excited about working downtown…will give me options for lunch. And for Happy Hour on Friday. I’m happy to have the chance to make more than 500 dollars a week (my UI payment). I’m really excited to learn something new in a new company. I’m thrilled to have a reason to get out of bed! On account of my dog is one of those rare ones who won’t get out of bed until I do!!

And, I like getting dressed up.  😉 So there’s that!

Not terribly excited about the driving or the parking. Or,to be honest, the low rate I’m being paid on this one. Always keeping my eyes open for a better opportunity.

But maybe I’ll like this place! Who knows?! If nothing else, I know there’s a Dunkin Donuts in the lobby and that can’t be too bad!

And really, I just don’t want to be one of those people who dread Monday. I mean, every day is a gift right? Even those that start with an M


Every Day has been Friday around here!

10 May

It’s Friday here around the homefront — well, it’s actually Friday in a lot of places!

This Friday is significant because it’s my last unemployed Friday for awhile – at least let’s hope so! I’ve been out of work since the end of last year when my contract wasn’t extended. Being unemployed came in handy during the big storm this winter since it took 3 days for the city to come plow the street – which I, of course, loved!

Snow Caves

Some deep deep snow! Dogs love this stuff!

This was my second longer stint of unemployment and I swore that I would not repeat my last performance – sitting around watching tv and thinking of all the things I was going to do!! And, now at the end of 4 months…I did get *some* things done. And hey! I still have 3 days!!

I’ve been practicing waking up early. In normal circumstances I’m an early EARLY riser so I am just trying to get back to that point. And once I know what sort of hours I’ll be expected to have (can I flex my time or do I have to be there 9-5 every day?) I’ll be able to plan my day to fit in some running and some Bikram and the occasional workout DVD. And, the most important question – will I ever be able to work from home? Or from a home-away-from-home? Or a beach in the Caribbean!

I liked the people I met in the interview so hopefully more people are like them – we managed to laugh about a few things which was important (for me! I cannot work with humorless peoples!) I’m not looking forward to the drive, at least at first. This will be my first time working downtown and I am going to have to find parking. And PAY for parking!! What the What?! I can expense my parking though so…Phew!

And I do enjoy getting dressed up in the morning – I’m definitely a dress girl! So there’s a plus. It should help me keep on my ironing too, right?

So before too much time gets away from me today it’s time to do 4 months worth of stuff!

Have a fantastic Friday and hope your outside is as gorgeous as mine is today!!

This is NOT what it looks like outside my window today!

This is NOT what it looks like outside my window today!

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