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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

17 Mar

st patrick

40 Days to a Better Me

18 Feb


Well, my friends,  Lent is upon us and while I do realize that the intent is to prepare for the miracle of Easter Sunday, this year I am going to use the 40 days as a little nudge to take care of some “me” things that I tend to neglect. I don’t think Jesus will mind too much.

Generally, I tend to go more in the “be a better person” direction than the “give up the things I love” direction (since, let’s face it, I had to give up a lot of things I love 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with Diabetes!). And, I am always a work in progress so…The biggies for Lent this year are to be less road rage-y. I lasted almost 10 minutes on that one a couple of years ago! This will come in handy should I get a job in the next 40 days since I’ll be back on the highways with some other less than attentive drivers 🙂 Also, to be sure that I don’t commit to something that I can’t follow through on. This one will be pretty easy since I tend to do that anyway – perhaps it needs to be rephrased to only commit to things after sleeping on them for a night! And just to generally be nice to people.

As far as giving things up, in addition to doing the Cleanse I’m going to talk about later this week, I’ll most likely give up the potato chips I’ve gotten addicted to lately 🙂 I’m also giving up a thing/action or two that I won’t post about but I do guarantee that I will be a happier, more content human as a result.

I also plan to work on the organization part of my New Year’s Resolution — clearing out the gunk that has accumulated in my life. This is going to be hard. Really hard. Since obviously it didn’t come into my life as crap/junk/gunk. I would say that at some point in my life, 90% of what I currently have in my house is something that was a gift (mostly from my mom/parents) or something that I worked hard to get. Or that I loved at the time I got it!


But now it’s too much. And I need to be ruthless! When my basement flooded 3 or so years ago, I was forced to get rid of a lot of things. And honestly it wasn’t too difficult – I admit there are a few things that I regret getting rid of so quickly (I’m looking at  YOU old books I loved) but…whatchagonnado right? Generally everything goes to charity so I feel good there. And, it’s not like THINGS matter so much as the memories. And that’s the attitude I have to keep.

It’s going to be a full on declutter — if something isn’t adding to my life, or doesn’t bring a smile to my heart, it is gone. Outta here! And on to a better home.

So whether you participate in Lent (or any Christian activities for that matter!) or not, I hope the next 40 days will bring you clarity, happiness and peace of mind.


Hustlin’ Hustlin’!!

19 Dec

In my quest to catch up on race recaps — I bring you the Santa Hustle – New England version!

One thing I’ve discovered in this #Dopey15 training cycle is that I need extra motivation to get the long runs in. So I registered for this half marathon to help cover part of my mileage for the weekend.

Initially I was going to drive up to Maine on Saturday and stay over but with not having a job I didn’t want to spend the extra money so I woke up super early one Sunday morning to drive to Maine! I arrived at the starting line with plenty of time to spare! Which was lucky since I needed to pick up my race packet – which included a Santa hat and beard along with the dri-fit sweatshirt.

There was a small problem with the shirts though 😦 Due to sizing issues, all of the larger sizes were gone. So, the race directors would be mailing them out shortly after the race. We were given green elf t-shirts instead (which I loved!) I had been planning to wear my sweatshirt for the wintery race in Maine.

Turns out I lucked out not getting one since it turned out to be pretty a pretty toasty day – not at all wintery!

There were actual reindeer at the start for petting purposes. And picture purposes.


Time for breakfast!!



We ended up waiting a bit for the race to start, they wanted to get us “LIVE” on the morning news!


Lots of red at this one!!!


Once we took off I decided to keep to my intervals as best as I could. But as you know, I tend to walk up hills…and this was a pretty hilly course! There were a lot of out and back sections – some really pretty areas and some not so great ones.

Along the course there were candy stations and cookie stations! Mini-M&M’s and chocolate chip cookies! The cookies were very helpful the last few miles for me!! And I managed to chop a minute or so off of my time which is always awesome!

And, a medal is nice too!

santa hustle medal

I got one of these!!


There was an after party mentioned both on the website and at the event itself, but when I went over there didn’t seem to be any “perks” for the runners. So I headed back south and stopped for a burger on my way home (free Birthday burger from Red Robin!!

I would definitely consider doing this one again — cause I love anything Santa related!! I’ll just have to see where my year takes me in 2015




Goodbye April…

30 Apr

sugarandspiceandeverythingnice dot com

You brought us some freakishly un-Springlike weather (though, not so freakish for New England I guess!) and you’re going out with a rainy/drizzly fizzle up here and some pretty serious storms in other parts of the country.

You brought us the Easter bunny and all those goodies he brings to the little kids!


You also reminded us of the true meaning of Easter.


ministrygreetings dot com

And, April, you got me back on the road. This was a big month of race registrations for me! After hitting up the Marine Corps Marathon and the Georgia Half Marathon in March I was super excited for registration to open up for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend — this was the biggie and I’ve been looking forward to it now for over a year!

When I ran the Goofy Challenge in 2013 I decided I wanted to do it again in 2015 for the 10th Anniversary.


Me and our host back in 2013

Then runDisney went and did something CRAZY!!! They created a new challenge – called, probably pretty appropriately, the Dopey Challenge (5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, Half Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday for a total of 48.6 miles!) so of course….I got registered for that!

In April I also entered a lottery to get the opportunity to register for the Paris Marathon (that’s Paris France ya’ll…not one of the imposter Parises) and I got in! So *next* April I plan to travel to the City of Lights and take a 26.2 mile tour!

All this means that April was also the start of some SERIOUS training – and I am counting on you all to help keep me accountable! Cause….lots of miles people!!

So…let’s bid Adieu to April (see, workin’ on that French thing already!) and start getting excited about what May has in store!!

emzsnow dot com




Happy Easter!

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